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The Mind of Eclipse - Math Tutor Hub

Posted by Eclipse, 27 May 2015 · 377 views

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Posted Image

My name is Eclipse, and I like reading Pearls Before Swine.

Just to save any potential students who suffer at math and would rather avoid working at a car wash, I, Eclipse, shall use this blog post as a pivot for tutoring math.

This is my tentative plan:
  • I offer assistance here in two main forms: either via an individual, one-on-one basis; or via a broader approach writing tutorials.
  • If you have individual specific questions, the best way to get help on that is via private message to me directly. This keeps questions solved with minimal clutter on other parts of the forum. (If you plan to have multiple questions, in both present and future, use the private message method.)
  • If, instead, you want to know exactly how a certain kind of problem is solved, in a way that will cover most problems of that type, go to my topic in the Tutorials section instead. All you need do is request a particular area of a subject, and I will write up an in-depth tutorial on how it's done. (The Tutorials topic has a list of examples.)
  • The areas of math I am most proficient in are algebra, calculus, and statistics. This may change in the future if I increase my studies, but for now, don't expect help in subjects such as geometry or physics. I also cannot help with vector calculus. I may also expand this to include chemistry in the future, as I am fairly skilled at that, albeit out of practice.
  • If you have a specific request on what Tutorial you want to see next, leave me a request, either as a comment here, a post in the Tutorial topic, or even a private message.
  • My tutoring is free; I will not charge for my services here. If, at any point, you are dissatisfied with my help, you are free to cease contact at any time. I do not keep a blacklist.
I understand that many here are either finishing up with school or have little to do with math at the time I post this, but I intend for this to be a fairly permanent service. However, if at any time you feel you are struggling with math, or simply wish to just double-check your work, I am your dragon.

However, no matter how smart you are, I highly advise against doing this:

Posted Image

Even if you do know pi to 80 places, I do not believe that is a good tactic to impress dates.
(Both comics are of Pearls before Swine, drawn by Stephan Pastis.)

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