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Strytho: My Life with Tourrette's


This blog shall be TERMINATED!

Posted by Strytho, 16 January 2017 · 3 views

Well guys, this is the end. I would like to thank everyone for reading and giving me feedback. The blogs are going away on LV, so I am archiving my blog to repost in forums form at a future date. As of friday, january 20, 2017 or so this entire blog will be terminated. I would like to thank LV, sanctuary, eclipse, and everyone else who motivated me to...


Getting to the end.

Posted by Strytho, 14 January 2017 · 17 views

Well, we are getting towards the end of the blog. Most of this has been day to day stuff and there isn't much left to talk about other than how stress is affecting me. For the most part this has been great and fun but this blog will be ending at the end of the month. I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten and I hope that everyone has learned a little...


Another update

Posted by Strytho, 11 January 2017 · 20 views

I know what you all are thinking, Why am I not in bed right now? To be honest, I have a lot on my mind right now and I need to dump what's in my head. Here goes nothing...  So there are now only 2 people on the maintenance team currently. Toni got fired and it's hard to pin down the reasons but now the other good worker is gone. Less than a week...



Posted by Strytho, 29 December 2016 · 40 views

So I have couple things to talk about today. Work has been getting really busy so I haven't had as much time for my blog because my coworkers are slacking and I'm being left to pick up the work. My bosses are now getting really mad at them because they aren't doing their jobs and I can't do it all by myself. I am overworking and they have noticed. ...


My silence is broken...

Posted by Strytho, 19 December 2016 · 37 views

Well long time no see guys. It has been a horrible month for me. Let's get this one out of the way. My phone has been replaced but I just got internet back in my house last night after losing it around the 4th. I had to conserve data and not touch LV in case of emergencies. Fortunately, nothing like that happened. I finally got a hold of the police...


And then it hit me... LITERALLY!

Posted by Strytho, 02 December 2016 · 44 views

So my day today has been the worst I have had in quite awhile.  Got up and got ready, my mother was out again so I had to walk to work. I get there on time and clock in only to find out that I'm the only maintenance person there because the other one walked in and quit today. Wasn't losing much but I still needed the help. I get there, fill up all...


And my week just keeps sucking

Posted by Strytho, 01 December 2016 · 51 views

This is my theme song right now because it is kinda where my mind and mood are at at this current time. For the first time all day the torrent of thoughts and emotions inside me is finally calm. I am not quite at peace yet but I will be soon when I go to sleep. I have had a rough week between my coworkers...


At a loss for words

Posted by Strytho, 30 November 2016 · 66 views

This is the reason for this entry and before we get started, no it is not because of the nomination. 
Megarai, you have turned two days of possible he'll upside down with the...


well, just great!

Posted by Strytho, 29 November 2016 · 47 views

So to start things off I have been sick the past couple of days so please forgive me for not updating sooner.   Next, one of our maintenance people is leaving us because management has serious issues with her and now I can finally breathe a lot easier. I won't have the help I need but truth be told she wasn't that great to begin with and now I have...


mini entry: hyped

Posted by Strytho, 20 November 2016 · 24 views

Finally got sun and moon on the 18th and I've been playing it a bit. Between that, home, and work my schedule has been a full one. So I am hyped for 2 reasons. The first is the above reason and the second is work. First off, I have thanksgiving off so I can spend it with my family. Second, I'm getting overtime along with a bonus on my next paycheck so...

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