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At a loss for words

Posted by Strytho, 30 November 2016 · 66 views



This is the reason for this entry and before we get started, no it is not because of the nomination.


Megarai, you have turned two days of possible he'll upside down with the nice thing you said about me.


I was debating about doing this since I saw it last night but I decided to go ahead and make this post.


First off, the holidays are rough on everyone and there are no exceptions. Due to my ts they are rough on me and even brought out a new tic so that makes it even worse. I've been sick and dealing with lowsy coworkers so that makes it worse. I have been down, I have been in a bad mood, I've been very negative. I was bullied heavily for most of my life and am very negative by nature because of that. Some days it's hard to be positive because of the living ever waking he'll I went through and I have serious doubts because I always have to worry about what people aren't saying or are saying behind my back. People tell me things so often that I wonder if they're being fake. And to top it all off most of my family can be rough on me because they don't have ts. And then late last night I pop onto lv to check my post count and I see the above comment.


Megarai, you brought a genuine tear to my eye because no one has ever said that, has ever called me irreplaceable! To read that part of the post when I was feeling low... you have no idea how wonderful that felt and just how much I needed that. I must have reread that 20 times today just to let it sink in and to lift my spirits. Aww man I'm tearing up typing this. Megarai, thank you so much for such kind words. I am truly at a loss for words.

It's no problem at all! You have contributed greatly to LV, just like many others. Those contributions everyone delivers are what makes this place so great! Without you, or without the other members, LV wouldn't be the same. You deliver your contributions to this wonderful website, and as such, you're truly irreplacible! We're here for you, so you can think of this place as a ray of light in your life, ready to guide you through the darkness you might be in sometimes, especially in times like these, if you say these are what make you suffer the most. You're awesome. Others who are mean to you simply don't realize that, but that's their fault. Everyone on LV thinks that way, no one thinks you're less because of your Tourette's. I like the Internet for its diversity: people from all over the world go there to meet with others, you interact and learn new things. There are always some nasty exceptions, but in general, the Internet is a very accepting place. For example, you keeping a blog about your life with Tourette's helps many people understand it better, people from all over the world nonetheless. That way, the people who read it understand the world around them a bit better, and every little bit helps with that. Keep writing, and keep being a part of LV! If you're ever feeling down, you can always come here and post your troubles in our vent thread, or you can hop over to our Discord chat for a more direct conversation. Again, no one here thinks you're less than any of us. You are you, and the rest of the world just has to deal with it!

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