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And then it hit me... LITERALLY!

Posted by Strytho, 02 December 2016 · 44 views

So my day today has been the worst I have had in quite awhile.


Got up and got ready, my mother was out again so I had to walk to work. I get there on time and clock in only to find out that I'm the only maintenance person there because the other one walked in and quit today. Wasn't losing much but I still needed the help. I get there, fill up all the paper towels, toilet paper, and soaps in the restrooms then move about 3 pallets worth of supplies to the maintenance area to put away. I then have to clean the maintenance cart and fix the closet because everything is messed up. I take out some trash that was left in our rolling bins and then go to my first break an hour late. I then clean a few spills including a blood spill, try to clean a bathroom but then get kicked out, put away even more supplies, and then go to lunch two hours late. The store is so packed I can't buy a lunch because the lines are too long. So I go across the street to arby's. I'm almost there and them BAM! I am hit full force at 15 miles per hour by a CAR!!! My cell phone has a broken screen and despite bouncing and rolling, I come out with nothing but bruises. I was chcked out by an EMT AND an ambulance and they say that I'm fine for the most part. I have no broken bones, I'm just going to be sore for a few days. I get my phone collected and I head back to work where I end up going home and now I have my day off tomorrow instead of sunday. All and all I'm one lucky guy because I am in some pain but it's not bad AND I can still move around. If you need me I'll be around but I won't be able to voice chat on discord for awhile until I get a new phone.

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