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Shovel Knight

Posted by Endrew Swiftwind, 29 November 2016 · 50 views

I have heard a lot of good things about this game. Before today, I'd played about an hour of it. I know that I found it extremely difficult, especially with B being Jump, and A being attack. I started today and realized, "Hey, I can change that."


First Non-Flustered Thoughts:
The combat system is fairly interesting. After figuring out the movement stuff, I died less from the map and I could make progress (I've died at least 10 times, 1 from spikes, the rest from falling to death).


I made it past King Knight, and it is still interesting. There isn't really much plot that I've seen. For the most part, it isn't too silly. Though I regret filling the chalice at the pond. Took way to long and wasn't a funny kind of silly. As far as I've seen, there is not much at all for character interaction.


In summary, I'm enjoying the gameplay, but I'm not enthralled by it. I prefer to play games with a plot, and with plenty of character interaction, especially when the two intertwine. I'll keep playing, and preferably beat it before I finish my review. It IS a fun game, but not the kind I'd recommend or rave about.


Thoughts halfway through:
So I just got the halfway medal. I am enjoying the game still. Still not loving it. I'm getting a lot better though. I gotta say, I like the side bosses. I think they are more interesting than the main bosses. I am enjoying my new suit of armor, as I like to bounce around on top of my enemie as much as possible. So having armor that gives me a nice attack for something I already do is great.


Close to the end thoughts:
I am starting to get into it a bit more. I'm getting better at it, and am noticing that I have reached half the save points, when going based on time, I'd still be struggling to reach the second or third. I really liked how they did the water level (running it like more of a space level with the mechanics, which makes sense considering how astronauts train). While this game still isn't my type, it is still pretty enjoyable. So that is actually a really good sign for the quality. Completing things is still satisfying, despite the fact that I'm not struggling as badly. I do like the large variety of magic items, and I don't think I'd have made it this far without the fire wand. I've almost maxed out my stats too. This is only my second day of playing btw.


Final thoughts:
So I beat it as Shovel Knight. I'd forgotten that you get Plague Knight (and maybe more, don't know). I will not be reviewing more of it. I died 123
times total iirc. It was quite a bit of fun. I don't really have much to add. I do like the ending, though not as much as some games.


Hopefully this review was somewhat decent. Any suggestions/ constructive criticisms are appreciated. If you enjoyed this, and haven't voted yet, go to the last entry and vote.

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