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Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Achromatic


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:may: Frequently Asked Questions :brendan:

There are some questions that asked so often that they deserve their own announcement! Here, you find a list of questions that already have a definite answer, so please avoid asking them on the forums! This should answer all of your questions.


Q: How do I post?

A: Posting in sections and forums is the main purpose of Lake Valor, when you make a post or a thread, you can contribute and start up discussions on the forum. Posting is easy and simple.


To make a new thread all you need to do is click on one of the categories on the index page. For example, the Members' Lobby. Here in the Members' Lobby, you can introduce yourself so everyone knows who you are. Click the Start Topic button to make a new thread. Once you have clicked it, you will be able to fill in the text you want to put for your thread.


To make a new post, go to that category and click on one of the existing threads, make sure to read the thread so you know what it is about so that you can reply properly. You can make posts or threads anywhere, except in locked threads. Before making a thread in sections like the Pokémon General chat, make sure that your thread idea doesn't already exist. If your thread idea already exists, simply reply to that one instead of making a new. You can search up the top to see if your thread idea exists or not.


Q: How do I use pictures in my post?

A: I'm gonna go the cheap way and say; here is a detailed guide on how to do it! Click here.


Q: How do I delete my posts?

A: Members can't delete their posts, but if you wish for them to be deleted and need help, ask a member of staff!


Q: How do I send a message to some one?

A: It's as simple as going to their profile and clicking the envelope icon! It can be found to the right of their avatar on their profile.


We have a huge guide called "A guide to Lake Valor" which I highly recommend every single user checks out before asking questions. Thank you very much!