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Announcement: Earning PokePoints - PokePoint Values

Posted by Sanctuary



  • Developer

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Earning PokéPoints


As most of you already know, PokéPoints are Lake Valor's virtual currency that allows you to buy/trade/sell certain items on our website.
You can earn PokéPoints by creating threads, posts, shops, and entering in events. The amount you earn from creating a shop (such as a signature/avatar graphics shop or a Pokémon breeding shop, for example) or an entering an event will vary per shop item/event prize amounts. However, the amount you earn from creating posts and threads are the same around the entire site.


The amount of PokéPoints you earn from creating threads is 1.35 PokéPoints per thread, and the amount you earn from making posts is 0.65 PokéPoints per post. Note: You do NOT earn PokéPoints from making posts in areas where your post count does not increase. This includes, but is not limited to, the Game Corner, Spambox, and Donators forum.


If you have any further questions or concerns about PokéPoints, please feel free to PM an Admin or Developer!