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LV Shop

List of Pokémon Treasures

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#1 Posted 10 January 2017 - 01:22 PM


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★ What are Pokémon Treasures?
gPP48J8.png BrSS9TP.png quo9gCU.png aodosdG.png MzA1yJ4.png
Fun and often rare little Pokémon collectibles which display on your post-bit by all of your posts and the LV Shop tab on your profile. Purchase them whilst stocks last and try to collect them all! In the future you will be able to trade and sell your treasures for a higher value due to their rarity, so keep that in mind if you're looking to make a pretty penny or get an item you really want!
Each month the LV Shop will be updated with new collectibles and we'll make an announcement about it. Buy them whilst stocks last!
You can use this thread for any questions about Pokémon Treasures, or discussion too! test


★ Pokémon Treasures List





★ What do the Star symbols mean?
They’re ratings! The amount of stars represents the rarity of the item.
One Star ★ - Very Common
Two Stars ★★ - Common
Three Stars ★★★ - Uncommon
Four Stars ★★★★ - Rare
Five Stars ★★★★★ - Extremely Rare
If you manage to get your hands on a four or five star item, you’ve gotten very lucky! Go out there and hunt all types of items to see how many you can collect.

Shiny Totodile Adoptable Jirachi Adoptable Shiny Gliscor Adoptable Shiny Sylveon Adoptable Shiny Rowlet Adoptable Shiny Litten Adoptable

Wimpod is cute.

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