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Yo, were our PokéPoints reset or something?

Updated 12 Jan · 5 comments

About Me

Hi, my name is Rafael! I'm currently taking up Mathematics in college. I tutor high school students in Math to buy my own games and gadgets. Sometimes, I also build websites (thanks to Sanc's Celestial Coding for getting me interested in web development).


When I was 8 years old, my parents got me a Gameboy Advance SP where I played my first Pokémon games, Gold and Crystal (yeah it wasn't a Gen 3 game lol). Since then, I've played every other mainstream Pokémon game in every new generation, as well as Red and Yellow. These days, I tend to focus on Pokémon breeding and battling.


I'm also huge K-pop fan, by the way, so let me know if you are too (I need K-pop friends haha).


I own a Pokémon shop here on Lake Valor for game-related Pokémon services. Just click the pic above.

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  5000-2326-0875
  • DeviantArt DeviantArt  RafaelNH
  • Facebook Facebook  rnh951998
  • Instagram Instagram  arnhernandez
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Ask Me | DeviantArt | Portfolio | Rafael's Pokémon Shop | Twitter

Check out my Pokémon shop for lots of useful services for your Pokémon game!

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Yo, were our PokéPoints reset or something?
Jan 12 2017 02:20 AM 
  • Dusty's Photo
    The entire economy and all assets have been seized in light of discovered Sataxes fraud :^)

    Jan 12 2017 06:33 AM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Dammit Dusty that made me laugh more than it should have.
    Jan 12 2017 08:16 AM
  • Achromatic's Photo
    Bug, noted
    Jan 12 2017 11:03 AM


Yo guys I turned on my Gameboy Advance SP, which I haven't turned on in at least 5 years, and the battery is still green. :o
Jan 10 2017 02:09 AM 
  • Phazon's Photo
    Awesome! I only have a Gameboy Micro to play GBA games on.
    Jan 10 2017 02:47 AM
  • Endrew Swiftwind's Photo
    Endrew Swiftwind
    I turned on my origonal DS's mid-last year, And they were green. I hadn't used them since I got my 3DS Christmas of 2013
    Jan 10 2017 04:08 AM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Nintendo handheld batteries are very resilient, I've found; even after years of non-use they still barely need any charge beyond what they needed before.
    Jan 10 2017 10:02 AM


Hey guys, my shop is up again :)
Jan 09 2017 08:06 AM 


I decided to watch an episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I think it will take some time to get used to Ash's new face...
Jan 04 2017 10:06 AM 
  • Phazon's Photo
    I agree, but I think the show is pretty ok so far.
    Jan 10 2017 02:46 AM


Life would have been so much better if you could get all the Eeveelutions using stones....
Dec 19 2016 11:31 PM