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My favorite pokémon is Eevee!


#LeButterBird <3

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Normally I'd put my FC here, but it's underneath my profile pic  :D

For all the HA Pokemon that I have, go here. First Sheet for what I have (all, so...), and Second for what I have classified by ball.



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Have you guys ever felt like people are purposely choosing the wrong moments to give you Constructive Advice? Cause I do.
Sep 07 2014 01:36 PM 
  • Kaeda_Yoshii123's Photo
    I get that sometimes, when I do something like make a really good drawing and feel proud about it and someone just have to come and give their two cents on it.
    Sep 07 2014 03:58 PM
  • shinygiratinaz's Photo
    As a reviewer myself, I have to say that most of us reviewers don't mean it like that at all. We only review in the first place out of a want to help others improve (or at least the good ones do, if not they're just jerks and not actual reviewers :/), so try to take criticism as a bit of tough love. We wouldn't take the time to comment if we didn't care about you, please don't get down because of it. :)
    Sep 07 2014 04:53 PM
  • 8542Madness's Photo
    Here is some of my constructive advice: Learn to take constructive advice better.
    Sep 09 2014 08:20 PM


Paired with Pariah, at 11:11 PM EST 09/06/2014 <3
Sep 06 2014 07:29 PM 


Welcome to the forums Eevee918! If you're confused about how Lake Valor works, please refer to this guide: http://lakevalor.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1299-a-guide-to-lake-valor/ If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to ask an administrator!
Aug 29 2014 08:46 AM