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Finally got my copy of Moon!

Updated 22 Nov · 3 comments

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I will edit this when I get the time, so be patient please.

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can i be your child too? pweeease? i promise to be good :)
Mar 21 2017 05:24 AM 


Ahh thanks for adding me as a friend <3
Mar 08 2017 01:48 PM 
  • Sugar's Photo
    No problem! You seem like a fun person. :P
    Mar 08 2017 01:50 PM
  • Vespy89's Photo
    oh sorry :(
    Feb 21 2017 07:35 PM
  • Sugar's Photo
    Don't be sad. You could be a Delibird. It has Vital Spirit and Insomnia.
    Feb 21 2017 07:48 PM
  • Vespy89's Photo
    i followed you on twitter
    Feb 21 2017 07:49 PM
  • Sugar's Photo
    Thank you!
    Jan 24 2017 01:07 PM


So I took up your offer about talking about sports so why not? MLB Hall of Fame Voting results got these three in: Jeff Bagwell (86.2%), Tim Raines (86%), Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez (76%). Trevor Hoffman just on the outside at 74%. I'm actually upset at that T_T. I'm a Yankee fan and he was the best closer for the longest time.
Jan 18 2017 05:02 PM 
  • Writer4fun's Photo
    I was a intramural referee at my college for 4 years and that gave me even more knowledge about sports in general because you get the referee's perspective and I shook my head at how many players mismanaged games. Football is my bread & butter because my dad's been refereeing high school for 29 years and passes the knowledge to me, 15 years as an umpire too, but I try to understand basketball the most because it's my favorite... at least NCAA. The NBA is meh for me unless it's playoffs.
    Jan 18 2017 07:01 PM
  • Sugar's Photo
    Oh wow, kudos to you on that. March Madness is right around the corner too, so I'll get to watch as many games as possible. If 'Cuse or Georgetown aren't in the big dance, I'll probably root for an Ivy League underdog or a #3 / #4 seed cause I love seeing higher seeds winning.
    Jan 18 2017 07:44 PM
  • Vigilance's Photo
    We're neck deep in Madness now XD
    Mar 20 2017 07:05 PM