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  • A.K.A: Jacob, Red, Mom, Alma

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I've recently started a Lego project: creating my very own...

Updated 26 Dec · 2 comments

About Me

Welcome to my Profile!



If you were wanting to know a bit more about me you've come to the right place! Course, my Q&A is always open and hungry for questioning, so if you need to know a little more then head there!

Name's OfficialRedG, but you can call me RedG, Red, Jake, whatever boats your float! I'm into a whole buncha things, so to condense: gaming, anime, art and noodles (it deserves its own category)


My Gaming Interests
I'm big into indie games mainly: Risk of Rain, Nuclear Throne and Shovel Knight just to name a few. I'm also a fan of Pokémon wow really, on a Pokémon forum, Monster Hunter, Undertale and FTL: Faster Than Light. I'm always willing to try out new things with gaming too, as I love seeing what people do with them!


And if you were curious on my favourite Pokémon, they'd have to be Goodra, Lapras and Paras without a doubt. not that that's hard to tell really I go on about them all the time
















My Anime Interests
If you couldn't guess by the gif at the top, I'm big into Pani Poni Dash! Not only that, but I'm currently into One Piece and Naruto, and love looking to see what else there is to watch. If you have suggestions, give me a shout!
















My Art Interests
I'm mainly into Pixel Art, it's my main forte, but I love seeing what other people do and how they design things. Whether its Pokémon or something else, looking at other peoples work is part of what gives me life.


Noodles. Just, Noodles.
Always noodles.














I'm so touched by this Megarai111 I don't know what to say! It shall be imortalized here on my profile till the end of days!

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    Jacob, Red, Mom, Alma

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  • (Staff Page) About Me
    Hii~ my username's Almandine-G, but I go by a few aliases now, namely Alma, Red, Jake, Jacob, Mom: really whatever takes your fancy will do! I'm an 18 year old (in denial) nerd weeb geek gamer that loves all things kawaii and all things noodle. When I'm not being silly I'm usually pixelling more thingus in the hopes of getting better. Should you ever want to chat, my message box is always open! I look forward to it~




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I've recently started a Lego project: creating my very own Star Wars Hammerhead Corvette. So far I only have the front done but here's hoping it'll turn out good!
Dec 26 2016 08:59 AM 
  • Karzarill's Photo
    Oh nice, will you post pictures when is done?
    Dec 26 2016 01:46 PM
  • DrGetus's Photo
    Well I'm proud and hate you for that link, so well done. But looking forward to seeing it >_>
    Dec 26 2016 01:47 PM


Super excited for tomorrow: gonna by Sun so I can replay the game with a new team. This is the first time I've ever actually felt compelled to buy the alternate version. Kinda says a bit about how much I loved Moon doesn't it haha
Dec 07 2016 04:46 AM 
  • Karzarill's Photo
    I just opened Moon today. I might Nuzlocke it but I'm still not sure.
    Dec 07 2016 05:51 AM
  • Nate's Photo
    I think I'm gonna start a Moon nuzlocke
    Dec 07 2016 06:57 AM


Salazzle may have been a bit of a bad choice to start shiny breeding for but darn it I'm gonna get that shiny female Salandit if it kills me. I will fight the rng till I get my shiny Salazzle!
Dec 02 2016 04:57 PM 
  • DrGetus's Photo
    I'm avoiding shiny's for now, but if I had to choose... Araquanid for sure. Loving that little spider water thing, ironic considering my arachnophobia no?
    Dec 02 2016 05:15 PM
  • Orangesyum88's Photo
    Good luck on your Shiny Salazzle.
    Dec 02 2016 11:37 PM
  • Karzarill's Photo
    Dang Red, good luck.
    Dec 03 2016 12:47 PM


Phish food flavour Ben and Jerry's ice cream mightn't be the most sensible thing to start the day with but screw it I'm gonna eat my phish food!
Nov 30 2016 02:20 AM 
  • DrGetus's Photo
    If you have a cookie dough flavour I'll be coming for a visit
    Nov 30 2016 08:33 AM


What are you talking about? Of course it's sensible to name "Black Refractor" Fluffle Puff and then max his affection on Refresh. I'm sure he loves it
Nov 27 2016 03:02 PM 
  • brsajo's Photo
    Nov 28 2016 01:34 AM
  • 8542Madness's Photo
    Fluffle Puff is really the best name you could have given it
    Nov 28 2016 05:11 AM