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  • Member Since: 08 Dec 2014
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  • A.K.A: Vain, Silver, Professor

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There was just a weird coding warning of sorts above my profil...

Updated 14 Feb · 3 comments

About Me

Salutations, I'm Lord Vain, a benevolent being whom has been known as the Digital God of Peace and Self-Destruction within various corners of cyber space. Overall I'm a rather laid back man for the most part, and "Vain" itself is a self-given nickname of mine which stands for "insignificance". I've traveled to quite a few sites, and have helped many of the people I've come by, all because I wish to help those who struggle better understand their value. I of course eventually learned that I wasn't insignificant either years ago now, but still, I like to go around helping people with their personal troubles and such. I aim to spread peace and ward off destruction of any kind, though self-destruction especially, heheh.

Hmmm, and in addition to that, I'm an Empath as well, which means that I can sense and feel the emotions and pains of others. It's honestly a double-edged sword kind of ability, but comes in handy at times nonetheless. Overall as far as interests go I enjoy playing video games, watching anime and various television shows, reading manga, drawing, writing, and so on so forth.

Oh yes, and it's likely a good idea to mention that I have formerly been known as Professor Silva here at the Lake, so due to this fact if anybody would like to continue to refer to me as "Silver", "Silva" or "Professor" I won't have any issue with it. "Lord Vain" is just the user name I'm used to using online, so I figured it was time to use it here as well, that's all. Anyways, I suppose that's enough about me, I hope you can enjoy the rest of your day or night now.

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    Dream Yard
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    Darkrai and Ho-Oh
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    Vain, Silver, Professor

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  2836-0190-2957

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Lord VainAzurAurora

Well, I got a notification saying you replied to my previous message, but it's nowhere to be found...think you may have accidentally deleted it or just didn't approve it as well and that's why I can't see it. :s
Yesterday, 07:11 AM 
  • AzurAurora's Photo
    I am not sure what happened, but it seems to be fine now! But yeah, I am super hyped for BotW and can't wait until it gets here.
    Yesterday, 09:21 AM
  • Lord Vain's Photo
    Lord Vain
    Eh, c'est la vie. lol As my newest set suggests, I'm all aboard too and have been for awhile, even discussed timeline placement theories for awhile at the Zelda forum I'm at. Gonna be spending a mini fortune on Zelda and Switch stuff, but you know...it'll be good to have everything I want from the start. ;w;
    Yesterday, 09:54 AM
  • Lord Vain's Photo
    Lord Vain
    Oh, and I just noticed that we both have "Silver" listed on our "A.K.A" things, neat. lol
    Yesterday, 09:58 AM

Lord VainAzurAurora

Breath of the Wild hype, woot. lol
Feb 25 2017 06:47 PM 
  • AzurAurora's Photo
    Oh, yes. The hype is real!
    Yesterday, 04:40 AM

Lord VainClefairyKid

Legendary Collector meets Obsessive Collector, I wonder if there's much of a difference between the two really, heheh. Hmmm, but when you may greet the day, how are you faring, young lady? Getting in some rest would usually help me when I found myself feeling down, so perhaps sleeping could've done a bit of good for you too, just maybe.
Feb 21 2017 10:50 AM 

Lord Vain

There was just a weird coding warning of sorts above my profile for a bit there, was even gonna ask about it...but suddenly it's gone now, so I guess it worked itself out somehow. lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feb 14 2017 10:21 PM 
  • Achromatic's Photo
    crazy how code do dat
    Feb 14 2017 10:48 PM
  • ClefairyKid's Photo
    i got that as well but it went away haha
    Feb 14 2017 11:35 PM
  • Lord Vain's Photo
    Lord Vain
    The internet can be a strange place, indeed. :b
    Feb 15 2017 08:41 AM

Lord VainMegarai111

Ehhh, is that you, Kunikida-kun? You won't believe it, but there's another me on this site! It's crazy!
Jan 09 2017 09:52 PM 
  • Lord Vain's Photo
    Lord Vain
    Ah, well that's good then, I've just been referring to the dazaiscans Tumblr myself. They've been pretty reliable overall, but I've noticed that some of the scans made by others are translated better when compared to a few of the ones they have up, so eh. lol Yeah, and that's true, time will tell how much longer things shall actually be and I expect them to end things off well regardless.
    Jan 15 2017 08:06 AM
  • Megarai111's Photo
    And when it ends, you, me and Shiro will be there to yell about the ending, whatever it might be. Let's see how this goes.
    Jan 15 2017 02:54 PM
  • Lord Vain's Photo
    Lord Vain
    Yeah...yell and maybe even tear up a bit. lol ;-;
    Jan 15 2017 02:58 PM