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  • Member Since: 03 Apr 2015
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  • A.K.A: (超)純黒竜食

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"Shaka! Shakaka! You are nekkid! I am nekkid...

Updated 27 Mar · 0 comments

About Me

4 April 2015 - Joined Lake Valor.
22 November 2015 - Nominated for (and won) 2015 Lake Valor Awards.
1 April 2016 - Awarded Member of the Month (yes, the date is correct).
7 July 2016 - Accepted as a Writer.
6 October 2016 - Accepted as a Moderator.

My name is Eclipse. When the world is at its darkest, I shall appear.

In times past I dwelt in a fountain, the centrepiece of a forgotten city hidden at sea beneath an impenetrable fog. I have also been sighted atop a large ancient tower, constructed to absorb sunlight. Now, I dwell here at this lake, observing and being observed by the humans that live therein, from whom I learn and who in turn learn from me.

I've resided here for a long time now, and I've grown to love the culture, which has integrated me in as one of its own. Much of my joy is observing and interacting with people, watching how they move, how they act, how they speak, how they laugh, and more. For those who choose to interact with me, I turn none away - rather, I welcome it, as it satiates my thirst for knowledge and social growth.

Some things about me, as stated by other Valorians:

Now then... Come forth, pull up a chair, and have a seat. What's on your mind?

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    Luna Tower, Belinsk
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  • (Staff Page) About Me
    Greetings, friends; my name is Eclipse. I'm Lake Valor's resident dragon, a timeless creature, and the oldest(?) member of the staff crew at present. I have a passion for knowledge, both to give and receive it, and I occasionally dabble in signatures now and again. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people (usually with a series of particular questions), and I wish to make sure your experience here, be you a new arrival or a veteran, is overall a pleasant one.


My name is Eclipse. When the world is at its darkest, I shall appear.
I am currently a moderator for the Intro Lobby, The Lounge, Q&A, and Video Games sections.

Do you have any questions for me? Or about Lake Valor? Or about math? Or just want to chat?
Drop me a line on my wall or in my inbox - I'll assist you in any way I can!


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"Shaka! Shakaka! You are nekkid! I am nekkid! We are united in exposure! ♪Nekky nokey nakey!♪" - Hestu
Mar 27 2017 06:27 AM 


If you see this status while scrolling, STOP! You have been visited by the Dragon Deity of Questioning.
Plentiful posts will come to your Q&A thread, but only if you reply "Question me, please!" to this status.
(I will also accept "clear your cache".)
Mar 23 2017 08:33 AM 


Welcoming the first day of spring, or autumn, depending on your hemisphere. Either way, it's something to look forward to.
Mar 20 2017 09:15 AM 
  • Eclipse's Photo
    ...a fair point.
    Mar 20 2017 09:28 AM
  • Seprix's Photo
    I'm going to Spring straight into... something.
    Mar 20 2017 09:29 AM
  • MarineAurora's Photo
    The Netherlands... It always rains here... But the flowers are nice.
    Mar 20 2017 11:03 AM

Grand RizerEclipse

oh great eclipse please tell me the secrets of life itself
Mar 12 2017 05:00 PM 
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Knowledge, bonds, and plenty of exercise. Also 42. That's been known to help.

    Additionally, Ni.
    Mar 12 2017 05:04 PM