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In Topic: Ask Eclipse, the Pure-Black Dragon

Yesterday, 10:02 PM

Favourite archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! ? Least favourite?
I retain a special fondness for Morphtronics, because when I got back into the game with Tag Force 4, that was the first archetype I ever properly played, with Blackwings following shortly afterwards. They're both rather simple, easy to understand, and boast a lot of power - and both of them have made scary comebacks in recent times. I also have a special fondness for D/D/D, due to the vast amount of options and interesting control they boast. So if I were to pick a favourite archetype, it would be from among those 3.
My least favourite would probably be out of Kozmo, tellarknights, or Pendulum Magicians. I don't like what any of them have done for the game (hitting Emergency Teleport and ROTA back down to 1, or just a really easy way to get a great field), and their playstyle and effects are just downright rude, being almost lossless for the amount of advantage they generate.

Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! card you own and/or like to play in a duel?
Those are 2 different cards, so I'll answer them both. My favourite card I own (and out of any card, really) is Thousand-Eyes Restrict; I started the game way back when it first began, and I was really drawn to the card and its mystic flair, especially given how I ran a Relinquished deck as a solid steady back in the day. There's an interesting story behind how and why that's my favourite card I own, but that is a story for another day.
As for my favourite card to actually play, it's Naturia Beast. Getting that out on Turn 1 shuts down about 70% of decks, as despite its below-average ATK, the ability to shut your opponent out of any Spell more than makes up for it. (One of these days I'd like to try Naturia Cosmobeet in a deck, just to see how mean I could really be.)

Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum - from these types of Special Summons, which one do you prefer the most and why? Which type do you dislike facing, and if so, why?
Synchros are what I'm most comfortable with overall, and I find it very easy to grasp and get going with that playstyle. I got back into the game in the middle of 5Ds and I really like the concept and idea behind them; it fixed the issue that Fusion and Ritual had with requiring certain cards, and I think their introduction was good for the game. It's forced Fusions to play a bit more catch-up, though they didn't really do so until ARC-V (but they've come around splendidly). Ritual I still don't know; the one time they tried to come back (Nekroz), they did so a little too well.
What I don't like so much are Pendulums, due to their ability to bounce back very quickly even from a deficit and with extremely little effort. I like the portion about Pendulums that lets you use monsters as Spell cards instead, with different effects and in their own Zone - and I think that's a great idea. I just don't like the summon mechanic they brought with them.

Do you collect anything?
Other than 'beautiful pictures I happen to find while surfing the Internet', not really. Granted, that picture folder is steadily growing, but collecting isn't something I actively pursue - probably because of the strain that most collections will put on the wallet.

Are you forgiving?
No I'm not, but, that is only in circumstances when I feel that someone has genuinely and intentionally wronged me. That doesn't happen often, and while I don't hold grudges (or at least try not to), it wouldn't be something I could easily forget and pretend never happened; if I am hurt once, where is the surety I won't be again? If we're talking about occurrences where accidents happen and people are afraid they messed up for or around me, then yes I'm forgiving because I know the person is trying and wasn't out to really do wrong. Simply put, it depends on the intent, and I don't even think I've met anyone who was really out to get me.

In Topic: Nice to meet you!

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

FreezingDreamer? Have you considered using a blanket or two, to capture more heat?

It's okay if you aren't much of a social person - honestly, I'm not either, and it takes me quite a while to warm up to people (no pun intended), even though I know they're friendly and mean well. So take as much time as you need to adapt and get used to people; there's no rush.

Might I ask what sort of things you're looking to get out of Lake Valor? Or what kinds of things interest you? People join forums for a variety of reasons, so it'd be interesting to know what it is that you seek most.

In Topic: Greetings from a distant forum!

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

I found this site because one of your recruiters sent me a message on deviantart. He or she sweet talked me into checking out your forum. Whomever that was thanks for the kind words about my drawings.

Oh dear, someone seduced you after sliding into your DMs? I'm so sorry.

As for the tutorial, are you talking about Guidance of Valor? Sanctuary put that together, and I helped break bug-test it. But it's pretty much all his creation, so do thank him for it. He (and I suppose I, by extension) spent a lot of time on that, so it's good to hear that someone really appreciates that.

For the connection, you have the right idea - the first thing we try to do is make connections with the new members, make them feel welcome, get them introduced to people, that sort of thing. I'm curious, what does GCEA for, and what kind of RPG is it? It seems like it's a sort of large-scale project, and I'm curious to know how much you've worked on it.

In Topic: About me

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

For a moment, I thought I'd met you before, because I actually know a Crystal Pham. Then you stated your age, and realised it wasn't you - the one I know I met through university. Then again, that isn't a large surprise, as Pham is a fairly common last name. But that isn't a bad thing either; Crystal is a rather nice name.

So is Shiro, for that matter, and we do have another one of those here! We also do not enforce a strict one-Shiro limit either, so you're fine. I see you, too, have stumbled in from fanfiction.net. Many of your compatriots have gone ahead of you already, and who knows - you might actually know a few people here already.

Actually, I don't know anything about forums. They are pretty confusing to me in how they work. But, I hope you will help me explore this after all, won't you kind readers?

That's what we're here for. Questions? Comments? Concerns? We can answer them all. Where would you like to start? What do you want to do? We can point you in the right direction.

In Topic: Hello everyone. *waves*

18 January 2017 - 10:46 PM

I uhh...guess that's all for now, Anything else you wanna know about? ^.^

Well, if you're opening up a floor to be asked questions, we actually have a section for that - either to ask or be asked, as you please.

That said, welcome! You have a rather varied selection of interests - I'm pretty sure everything you mentioned you like we have a section for, from video games to anime and other shows to writing stories and everything in between.

Take some time to acclimate and see if you're comfortable - I'm sure you'll enjoy this place, despite how busy it can get. Lots of people, but all of them smiling faces. If you have any other questions about LV in general, just ask one of us and we'll gladly answer!