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In Topic: What are you playing?

Yesterday, 08:45 PM

Replaying the Zero Escape trilogy again, in order. I haven't replayed them once since 100%-ing each one when I first acquired them, so it'll be fun to go through all the games again.

My memories have Virtue's Last Reward as my favourite, so let's see if a go through the series again will change that. I love all three of them, though.

In Topic: Community Month's Name Game

Yesterday, 08:43 PM

In the PM you sent your character's name

Heh, you're just beating me to all of the questions, aren't you?

In Topic: Community Month's Name Game

Yesterday, 07:24 PM

You ask is XXX's Character XXX(from the list)

Correct; that is the format for the questions you ask. You ask me via the PM chain, and you can ask them either one at a time or all at once.
(I recommend asking them one at a time, because each question can give a good deal of information on its own, and can determine what you ask in future questions.)

In Topic: Let's talk cats...

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

This is for the cat people out there, and also all of the non cat people.

So I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing in this thread. I'm not a cat person. I'm not even a pet person; I've owned a dog once in my life, and it was such a horrendous chore that I can't see how anybody could have the time or patience to raise any pet with more processing power than a rock.

That said, I do remember a friend of mine who owned 3 cats - one fat, one lean, and one that just didn't care, and I'm pretty sure all three were male. The fat one was about as amusing as you'd expect, and when he did move, the other two cats would avoid him. The only thing I remember about that cat is that he once tried to jump on or tackle one of the other cats, and we only noticed because we were watching a movie and heard a sudden "MROWL" on the other end of the room.

I've never forgotten the humping cat, much to my dismay.

As penance for sharing an absolutely terrible story, please accept a video of a woman who is sad that she can't hug every cat.

In Topic: Rabbits

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

I have this extremely vague memory of either my mother or my neighbour owning a rabbit. This memory is over 20 years old, so it's incredibly vague, and all I remember is that it would be kept in a hutch in the backyard, and I'd occasionally see it eating a carrot or some lettuce. One of my friend's siblings also owns a rabbit, kept in a hutch in the backyard, and I'd occasionally see it eating a carrot or some lettuce.

Do I not see very much of rabbits, or are they truly that boring?

Then again, of the rabbits I see out in the wild, I occasionally see one on high alert, but it runs for cover the moment it senses danger. I've never figured out where they live around here, but there are at least a few warrens around.