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#362987 Farewells and Returns

Posted by Eclipse on 28 March 2017 - 06:24 AM

But then everyone will pass you on the Discord ranking board!

...It's okay, I know you have things to do that are important, and you need time to do them. Besides, once they're done, you'll get back and reclaim your rightful spot again. Now go forth and kick ass, and get your assignments done!

#362834 Sign up to Join the Writers!

Posted by Eclipse on 26 March 2017 - 07:44 PM

Yes, you heard me - Lake Valor has a team of Writers!

For those curious as to what Writers do, the Writers are the peeps at LV that write articles for your viewing pleasure. Things written can range from video game reviews to interviews to gaming news, and everything in between - if people want to read it, it falls under being a Writer. It's a small little thing, but it's enough to show a lot of enthusiasm for LV as a whole.

In addition to the perks of having an expanded inbox and a spunky pink username with matching userbar, you'll get access to a special section on LV to write your works and collaborate with your fellow Writers on LV. This pitch sounds very similar to that for the Social Crew, but the difference is while Social Crew is concentrated with drumming up interest for LV on the outside, the Writers keep it going on the inside. (Don't get me wrong - they're both vitally important!)

Applications for Writers are always open as there is need, and are reviewed near the end of each month. This keeps applicant influx fairly steady, so you'll know about when to expect any new pink names to pop up. Being a Writer does require both good writing skills and a willingness to work with other people and keep them engaged, but if you feel you aren't up for the position, don't fret - you can always suggest ideas for articles that you'd like to see written.

Does this proposition interest you? Then...

#362755 Do you associate people with their avatars?

Posted by Eclipse on 26 March 2017 - 02:33 PM

Do I? Yes, intentionally. Not always with the avatar that person is currently using - perhaps more with a past avatar - but I definitely do this by choice.

I have to associate people with some sort of quality that I remember about them. I deliberately don't want to try and segment people either by appearance or voice, since those are physical traits, and not things I want to remember people by - they have a lot of power (at least for me), and I want to avoid that. I much rather remember people by their mental attributes, like choice of speech, personality, actions, that sort of thing. If I want to try to match a face to the name, I use the person's avatar - or at least an avatar that person has used before.

This means that, based on that standard, I perceive Wolfey as being flamboyant and LL-obsessed - and therefore meme-loving. Coincidentally, I'm completely correct.

#362353 Farewells and Returns

Posted by Eclipse on 24 March 2017 - 07:52 AM

I am kinda gone but not fully, i am trying to check in a little at a time but when i am working 12 hours days i wont be able to pop in when i really wish to. I will still be here but kinda not.so i just kinda wanted to let someone know.

Understandable. I do hope your work schedule isn't too taxing, and you'll be able to find a balance between work and free time in your life. Your company is always appreciated.

#362275 Nominate Members for MOTM (April MOTM)

Posted by Eclipse on 23 March 2017 - 01:57 PM

To be fair, there's nothing that says you can't be nominated again in future months. Any person can only be MOTM once, but as long as you've not been MOTM yet, a nomination in any month present or future is still fair game.

Be patient. MOTM is the same regardless if you get it now or a year from now.

#362140 Nominate Members for MOTM (April MOTM)

Posted by Eclipse on 22 March 2017 - 11:39 AM

I nominate @Seprix and @Hanzo, for reasons given in prior months.

To save time, I'll C/P in the reasons from my older posts:

I'd like to nominate Seprix, for being a very upbeat and entertaining personality on both the Discord and the forums.

And, if all else fails, several of the nominees that don't make it this month should easily roll over into next month.

She's been all about the forum lately, going here and there and generally being an all-around nice person. She's made a ton of threads in the Lounge and I believe she's a big reason that the Lounge is so active right now, either directly or indirectly. I just wish her username would stand still for a while, but I'm just picky.

#361707 Ask Eclipse, the Pure-Black Dragon

Posted by Eclipse on 20 March 2017 - 08:31 AM

I need to get ready for another Q&A flight soon.

What do you think your best feature is?
My rational outlook, in that I view things objectively and as a logical progression, while not letting personal stances getting in the way of my work. Technically that is a combination of smaller things, but that's the best way I know how to answer your question.

Well, you say you are a pure black dragon. So is it only color? As I know black represents darkness, is it related to that, or do you just like the dragon who is black?

This question has been asked before, albeit with a slightly different wording; look under the header "Meaning and/or intention behind 'pure black dragon' in title?"

What should I do to improve my English, besides just using the dictionary?
I'd also recommend looking at how other people write. See if you can find works or articles by authors you know or respect, and look at the style with which they write, in addition to the vocabulary choice. Reading featured articles on Wikipedia could be a good start to that as well (just pick one at random); those usually tend to be very well-written, even if they are a bit lengthy. I know not everyone learns by just watching and doing, but I think it's a good starting point at least, if only to note or emulate another writer's style. (And, of course, have the dictionary on hand if you stumble upon any words you don't recognise.)

Am I a fish because I am alive in lake for so long?

Nah, you might just be Nessie.

#360589 What do you collect?

Posted by Eclipse on 14 March 2017 - 08:32 AM

Does collecting images off the Internet count? I've had a habit of perusing Google Images at times and just saving any landscape image I find exceptionally beautiful. I don't find very many, but if I do stumble across one, I make sure to nab it. My folder for such is at about 20 now, not counting any pictures of space which I just harvest compulsively.

Failing any digital media collection, I used to collect Monopoly variants over the years, up to about 2006. The reason for such is that some of the boards and designs were very beautiful (the Astronomy one is my favourite, no surprises there), but eventually the habit got too expensive to perpetuate, and on top of all the boards being rather bland and samey, the incentive to collect them was also lost.

#360586 Have you ever...?

Posted by Eclipse on 14 March 2017 - 08:15 AM

Ha! I wish.
The worst I ever done was spoonerise somebody's name, and even then I instantly caught the error and corrected myself. (The name was David Johnson, and I said John Davidson but immediately noticed my mistake.)

Have you ever tripped up in a humourous manner, either to yourself or to those who were watching you?

#360212 Ask Eclipse, the Pure-Black Dragon

Posted by Eclipse on 11 March 2017 - 08:25 PM

Suppose you were given a magical potion that can change your height. You have the option to choose to be either 24 inches (2 feet) taller or shorter. Which do you pick and why?
A whole twenty-four inches? You can't make this easy, can you?
I'm roughly 67 inches tall right now (5'7"), so I basically have the choice of becoming 3'7" or 7'7" here. I value mobility and ability to do things fairly easily and with no hassle, plus I have to drive myself around everywhere I go. So to that end, I'll opt to become taller; even though it has complications, I have met people over seven feet tall so I know it's possible. Besides, not only do I have a complex about my height (I know 5'7" is actually slightly above average, but it still bothers me because of comparison to the people I'm around), but I can't really do much when I'm only as tall as an eight-year-old child.
Are you a slow walker, or a fast walker? Would I have to speed up to keep at your pace, or slow down?
I'm a fast walker, definitely. My precise measurements aren't empirical, but: the average stride (pace) length for an adult human is about 2 feet, and mine is roughly 2.4 feet (2 feet, 4.8 inches), with some margin for error. Those may not be the exact numbers, but suffice it to say that my stride is 20% longer than the average. As for whether or not you'd be at, above, or below my pace, I don't know - you tell me - but based on what you've implied, I doubt we'd be far apart.
If you could reach for the stars (not that you can't, but not everything is possible for everybody...), what would your ideal career be?
Just take my hand; we're gonna reach for the stars~
This thread has been around so long that I honestly thought I'd answered this question before - but in nearly 2 years, I haven't! I'd actually like to be an actuary some day; even though I know it's a very long-term goal and requires a lot of training and expertise (something like 15 years?), it's something I'd certainly like to aspire to, unless something more appealing comes my way. Plus, actuaries are in charge of assigning risk values for insurance policies, like figuring out how likely it is that somebody will die. And when I found out about that, the urge to have my job description as 'somebody that calculates the probability of death' awakened.

#359986 DANGER LAND (Interactive Adventure)

Posted by Eclipse on 10 March 2017 - 06:52 PM

Shocking that people are even voting for the gum.

If you give any option, no matter how stupid, somebody will take it, even if only once.

#359315 Ask Eclipse, the Pure-Black Dragon

Posted by Eclipse on 06 March 2017 - 11:06 AM

Are you really pure 100% dragon?
Indeed I am. Why, do you doubt me?

Have you made a costume before?
Can't say that I have. Too time-consuming or pricy, and besides that, there's no occasion that I would ever use it for.

Are you cheap?
I like saving money wherever I can, if that's what you're asking. Money is something that is at a bit of a premium for me, so I want to be frugal with it. Never know when I'll need some for an emergency situation - never mind changing my living arrangements.

Halloween or New Year's?
Neither. I don't see the appeal in celebrating either.
How did your vocabulary level reach where it's at currently?
I own a dictionary, and have since I was about 12 years old. It's been my ever-present companion, and I always look up new words when I don't recognise them. I did once use vocabulary flash cards as a starting point, for when I just decided to read the dictionary arbitrarily (which I still do on occasion recently), so the more I learn and read, the more words and knowledge I'll acquire.

Writing or reading?

Could you be a bit more specific? There isn't much context here.
If you could have a quick 10-minute chat with either MLK or Abraham Lincoln, who would you choose?
I'd probably flip a coin. I don't have a strong leaning towards one or the other, and to me they're just historical figures. I'm not sure how much worth I'd derive from it either, as I don't really rely or utilise the past at all; I am of the opinion that the present is more important than the past, because it has capacity to change and be influenced, unlike the past, which states only where you've been, not where you are or where you're going.

#359306 Ask the Christian!

Posted by Eclipse on 06 March 2017 - 09:33 AM

Whoooooooooo. Seems I have competition for creating walls of text.

:: Where do you stand on the emotions-versus-logic spectrum?

:: Do you enjoy or savour a challenge?

:: Is this the part where I state that I'm also a Christian? (Seprix and a few others can vouch for this.) because while none of us were really secretive about it, I guess a lot of them are coming out of the woodwork now because of this thread.

#358555 What's your favourite LV Treasure?

Posted by Eclipse on 03 March 2017 - 01:38 PM

Also sorry Eclipse for kotophotobombing that conversation in the Discord lol. It makes your Mewnium Z seem less important because I had to exclaim how rich I had become.

I could have edited it out, but I thought it wouldn't really be worth it, because I don't think taking it away would have done many favours. Also, the context made it amusing, when you read the first and second lines together. Don't apologise - I'm perfectly fine with it.

Though if you wanted a Kotobomb version, well...

#358403 Community Month's Name Game

Posted by Eclipse on 02 March 2017 - 07:39 PM

Time's up!

I know that not all of you managed to get a full list of guesses in after you asked the questions, partially because I didn't think asking the questions would take so much time! Therefore, in the interest of fairness, for anyone who didn't submit a finished list to me, I did give you points based on how many questions you asked that you got "Yes" responses to.

That said, some people didn't get back to me at all, but they each got 1 point (for their own names) for the event.

Now then, I'm sure you are all positively anxious to know who was what name, so I will reveal both the answer key and everybody's scores.

First...the answer key!

You probably can guess what score you got from that, but for the event, I'll put everyone's scores in the spoiler tag below.
Nobody got a perfect 16 (that would be an absolute miracle), but I'm sure you're anxious to see who got first!

I'll leave this topic open for a few days so you can share your opinions, your stories, your hunches, your guesses - you name it! After that, this event will go into the Archive over the weekend.
Before then, I'd like you to ponder this question: Would you like to see a variant of the Name Game event like this as a regular thing in the Game Corner? The rules will obviously be tweaked slightly to accommodate for a real-time playstyle, but I'd like to know what y'all thought of it, if you thought it was fun, what you liked about it, what you think could be improved, and so on.
Discuss, like, subscribe, comment, and so on and so forth.