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Topics I've Started

What do others see as your best qualities?

22 April 2017 - 07:31 PM

I was just struck by this idea after reading the What are your best qualities? topic. I noticed that said thread is what we ourselves perceive as our best qualities, or what we most pride ourselves on.

But we aren't the only ones looking at ourselves. No matter where we go, no matter what we do, other people watch us as we move and live.

So, what are some things you have been told by others, that are perceived as your best (or just good) qualities? They don't need to necessarily match up with what you yourself believe are your best qualities - in fact, more often than not, they probably won't!

In my case, some of what I've been told about myself I agree with, and some of it I don't:
I've been described as rather learned, refined, or otherwise just appearing to be on a 'more posh' level than others. Part of that has also imagined me to have a British accent (though whether or not I actually have a British accent will be my secret).
I've been told I'm very smart, that I'm good at teaching people and explaining concepts and other things, and that I should think about becoming a teacher - and I will say right now that I have at least two very strong reasons why the last of those is absolutely dead wrong.
I've been told that I tend to approach things in a very logical and straightforward manner, drawing connections between things to have them make sense, and also that I'm very schedule-oriented and tend to forget things if I don't schedule them - and those statements are completely factually accurate.

Now, what about the rest of you? I'd like to hear! Remember, it has to be something that other people have said about you at some point.

Meet the Writers!

02 April 2017 - 01:19 PM

Here at Lake Valor, the articles here are brought to you by our lovely Writers team. Writers help out LV in their own small way, by producing works that you members will want and love to read. They also handle brief news updates that may come about in the world of Nintendo video games in general.

Writers can be recognised by their pink username colour, as well as a matching userbar with their posts: 8.png

Here are the names of our current Writers on Lake Valor (in alphabetical order), as well as a little bit about each of them!





Sign up to Join the Writers!

26 March 2017 - 07:44 PM

Yes, you heard me - Lake Valor has a team of Writers!

For those curious as to what Writers do, the Writers are the peeps at LV that write articles for your viewing pleasure. Things written can range from video game reviews to interviews to gaming news, and everything in between - if people want to read it, it falls under being a Writer. It's a small little thing, but it's enough to show a lot of enthusiasm for LV as a whole.

In addition to the perks of having an expanded inbox and a spunky pink username with matching userbar, you'll get access to a special section on LV to write your works and collaborate with your fellow Writers on LV. This pitch sounds very similar to that for the Social Crew, but the difference is while Social Crew is concentrated with drumming up interest for LV on the outside, the Writers keep it going on the inside. (Don't get me wrong - they're both vitally important!)

Applications for Writers are always open as there is need, and are reviewed near the end of each month. This keeps applicant influx fairly steady, so you'll know about when to expect any new pink names to pop up. Being a Writer does require both good writing skills and a willingness to work with other people and keep them engaged, but if you feel you aren't up for the position, don't fret - you can always suggest ideas for articles that you'd like to see written.

Does this proposition interest you? Then...

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

01 March 2017 - 12:37 PM

The object of this game is to give a list of 3 things.

The next poster will then say that 1 of those 3 things is not like the others, as well as state why that is different from the other 2. Then, that poster will give his/her own list of 3 things.

The poster after that will say which 1 of those 3 things doesn't belong...and so on.

You can be as silly or as sensible with your lists as you like; just don't make it too disparate or else you may find people grasping at straws.

For example:

Eclipse: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Satix: It's beets, because they possess no destructive power!
Pineapples, pepperoni, or ping-pong balls.

Nate: It's pineapples, because they don't belong on pizza!
(Then Nate gives his list of 3...)

Simple enough, right? Quick, silly, and fun.

I'll start.

Bicycles, buses, and bungee cords.


20 February 2017 - 05:24 PM

Plot is a component of (most) video games in some form or another. In some it's more prevalent (or apparent) than in others, and plays a prime role, having a high level of importance. In others, the plot isn't touted as being as important, and other factors of the video game are lauded instead. However, every gamer will have a different experience with games, and while a game might have a plot (perhaps a very deeply involved one), you won't think about it as much because you like other things about the game (such as the gameplay), and that's what draws you to them.

For an example to that, for anyone who has played any games in the Halo series, do you play the games more for the plot, or because you find it fun (or some other reason)? In games like those, plot would take a backseat role; it's there, but that's not the selling point.

As for all of you, how important is a video game's plot to you? Does its relative importance to you depend on genre? Is plot a primary selling point for you? Do you not care about plot at all, or give more attention to other things? Or did you acquire a game for plot but became more attached to it for other reasons (or vice versa)?

Speaking for myself, plot has only been important in a handful of video games for me - and based more on title than genre; for example, there are some visual novel games I've played for which I critically care about the plot and it's very important to me (Zero Escape), and there are others that I don't care about the plot very much and I'm just there for other reasons, like humour (Ace Attorney). And I'm like that for almost every genre of video games I've played.

Plot is basically never a selling point. It's something I may grow attached to later, but it's not why I get the game to begin with. A basic premise may be enough to appeal to me, however. But, more often than not, I play (or replay) games because they're fun. I love Mario Party to bits and that has absolutely zero plot, and other games I enjoy are low on the plot scale but make up for it easily in other factors.