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YEAH why are the tapus so hard to catch and legendaries not? waow

Updated 18 Feb · 4 comments

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It's ya boi Andreas. A trans dude from Canada!

Pokemon has been an interest of mine since it first came out, and my favourite pokemon is Giratina.

I also love the Tales of series and Precure, do talk to me about them!

Have a nice day!

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YEAH why are the tapus so hard to catch and legendaries not? waow
Feb 18 2017 10:55 AM 
  • Kuroshi Heki's Photo
    Kuroshi Heki
    Tapus are hard to catch? I only had trouble with one and that was Bulu the rest only took 3 ultra balls
    Feb 18 2017 11:50 AM
  • shinygiratinaz's Photo
    I ended up just using my master ball on tapu fini because I sat there for an hour, used 100 ultra balls + 50 dusk balls and didn't ever get it to rock more than twice. It was even asleep, at one health, and taunted to prevent aqua ring on awakening. .-. The Tapus are ridiculous to catch imho
    Feb 18 2017 01:42 PM
  • Darkness's Photo
    i used mine on tapu koko because you can't reset with that one lol
    Feb 18 2017 01:57 PM


I updated the prices of my shop..if u wanna request something
Feb 17 2017 10:19 AM 


anyone want my lucarionite? ill just give it to you :/
Feb 14 2017 01:07 PM 
  • BlackKyurem27's Photo
    Okay :)
    Feb 14 2017 01:35 PM
  • Darkness's Photo
    Feb 14 2017 01:37 PM
  • ClefairyKid's Photo
    argh no D: I had it in my buying post, am offering pp for it OTL too late
    Feb 15 2017 01:46 PM


stay up to midnight to get the love ball? you bet
Feb 13 2017 10:18 AM 
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Is this going to turn into a discussion about aphrodisiacs?
    ...because it sounds like it might.
    Feb 13 2017 12:34 PM
  • Satix's Photo
    You should get some sleep - it won't be in stock until 12:00am PST!
    Feb 13 2017 01:29 PM
  • Darkness's Photo
    im already cryin
    Feb 13 2017 02:12 PM