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  • Member Since: 10 Sep 2015
  • Birthday: November 7, 1989
  • Age: 27 years old
  • A.K.A: Furby, Tim, Timothy

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Reposted and added to entry 3 of my blog. Feel free to come i...

Updated 17 Feb · 0 comments

About Me

Ellooooooo! I am Lindsey Lohan! LOL, just kidding! Jeff Dunham aside I'm Strytho and welcome to my profile! As many of you may be aware I am a humble breeder and collector of pokemon. Pokemon started for me as a 3rd grader. The show came on and became popular. Everyone at school played the cards and the video games and raved about the anime and for a while I was a bit of a hold out. I was a stupid stuborn kid who hated pokemon and didn't want to give it a try because I saw something about it and thought that it was stupid. And then some friends slowly changed my mind until I came to have a fondness for it. I got swept into pokemania, completed my blue version pokedex, stomped at stadium, and regularly beat people at the card game.


Alas some things weren't to last. My mother and I don't really get along any more and this is part of the reason. She has always been overly impressionable and religious. One night a friend of the family told my parents about how she had a demonic encounter with pokemon and how it meant "little demon". That night we were forced to throw away everything pokemon and my journey stopped. This was a big moment for me and helped shape part of my world views. I was forced to hate something wonderful because I was not allowed to have it anymore. Fastforward to college. I was a grown adult living in the dorms and I could do whatever I want. A good friend gave me his copy of platinum for my birthday and I dove right back into pokemon. However things were diffent because pokemon had changed. When I left the 3rd gen games had only been announced and the anime had just reached johto league champions. I have not seen the anime since just before the whirl islands and have only just now gotten back into the card game.


I began to collect the cards along with magic cards and reconstructed some of the original theme decks as well as collect pokemon in the games. This is when I began my journey for hidden abilities, special balls, and some events. Black is what truly thrust me back into the games and turned me into a true breeder. Now I trade online as I try to create and complete various collections. To help I joined various sites and a fateful (yet against the other sites rules) pm led me to lake valor. At first I didn't know what to expect and only came here in hopes of a trading center. Instead I got a place to be free and talk to people about anything and everything. I love lake valor and I honestly want to one day become a bigger part of it.


I am currently a fulltime worker at walmart #0060 in troy missouri and work on cap team 2 (I unload the trucks). I have lost 60 pounds in the last year and my health is steadily improving! I am a bit talkative for various reasons but people usual describe me as an easy going guy who likes to joke and laugh and is easy to get along with.


I worked at McDonald's for 13 months and it was a rough job. I went to college at Lindenwood University and received a Bachelor's Degree (in what I won't say).


I am a casual gamer and a casual anime viewer. I tend to like a lot of things to where some people might wonder if I just like everything just because it's there. For example, yes I know all the complaints about sword art online, yet I still honestly love it despite how I agree with a lot of the complaints. When it comes to anime an video games I can still love something and look past it even if I know and hate its shortcomings. I'm also not too picky with music which Is why I like a lot of different styles. If I had to pick a few favorite genres, thewy are Pop, Rock, J-pop, and J-rock. I'm honestly not into rap very much but that's just me. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean it isn't good.


well that wraps that about up.


Admiral akbar: It's a WRAP!!!


Thank you admiral. I hope you all have a pleasant day and thank you for stopping by.

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    Missouri, USA
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    Mega Charizard X & Y
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    Furby, Tim, Timothy

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  4699-6673-2575
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Thank you Wizard for the awesome signature!

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I haz a question for ya. I wrote a book years and years ago and it has NEVER seen the light of day. It is borderline fanfiction and was done as a school project but I honestly want to post it in the forums. As long as I edit some of the content, is it okay for me to post it. There's nothing too bad from what I remember. I would post it 1 chapter at a time.
Yesterday, 06:01 PM 


Could u please tell me how many posts I have so far this month? I lost count and post stats is gone.
Feb 19 2017 11:35 AM 


Reposted and added to entry 3 of my blog. Feel free to come in and comment or ask questions guys! http://lakevalor.net/topic/16728-repost-of-strytho-my-life-with-tourette-syndrome/
Feb 17 2017 08:19 PM 


Got a case of the feels today reposting my blog. (read to find out why!)
Feb 16 2017 06:26 PM 


I wanted to repost my blog in the forums, do you know where the appropriate are would be for it?
Feb 13 2017 05:10 PM 
  • Achromatic's Photo
    The Lounge would be the area! :)
    Feb 14 2017 05:28 AM