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  • Age: 14 years old
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Im home from my operation :D (still in pain but it's not t...

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Everything's more fun when we're together!

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Im home from my operation :D (still in pain but it's not too bad to deal with)
Apr 03 2017 11:42 PM 


Fairy Tail Manga has my heart twisted and broken omg :( I don't want it to end!!!!
Mar 31 2017 03:15 PM 
  • LadySmugleaf's Photo
    I stopped after 500+ chapters because the plot twists were starting to make my head spin
    Mar 31 2017 05:43 PM


Welp. I've been attached to a new game. Undertale. Worth it though :3 and it has been a while ey :T Talk to you guys when I can <3
Mar 30 2017 01:22 AM 


HI!!! It's been forever since i last talked to you!
Feb 26 2017 11:45 PM 
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Hello there! Long time no see! I confess I hadn't thought to follow up with you because I've been rather busy myself - and I have a suspicion you have been too.

    How is life? How have things been? Do you havea ny stories to tell, or events to look forward to?
    Feb 27 2017 09:48 AM