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  • Member Since: 01 May 2016
  • Birthday: December 28, 1994
  • Age: 22 years old
  • A.K.A: Anastasia, Sia, Silver

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Happy New Year, peeps!

Updated 31 Dec · 3 comments

About Me

Hey, everyone! I thought that it was time to date my profile and tell you all more about me. I am a Student of English Language and Culture that specializes in American Literature with a Minor in Game Studies and Cultural Analysis. If you hear me complain on Discord about The Elder Scrolls, I have to play 100 hours of Morrowind, 50 of Oblivion and 50 of Skyrim before February... HELP ME. Also, I seem to have a bad case of curiosity (or nosiness).

I started out by writing Pokémon fanfics on FFn, when a potato enthusiast came by and asked me to visit. That was in May and ever since I have been here. I enjoy RPs and love to learn more about the Pokémon games, series, and you lovely people. I am mostly found either there or in the Discord chat.

My favorite animal is the fox, big surprise I know. My favorite evolution line is Vulpix and Ninetales, even bigger surprise. I adore their Alolan forms and will most certainly hunt them down to use one on my team. And I am hyped about Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Besides Pokémon, I love the Ace Attorney series, The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls series, Fire Emblem (recently got into it) and I like to play RPG's the most. I just adore Harvest Moon in all forms and sizes but dislike shooters just because I suck at them. Can't win them all.

I became a Writer here on Lake Valor on 13/9/2016.

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    Eevee, Ninetales, Furret, Leafeon
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    Anastasia, Sia, Silver

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  2852-7862-5167
  • Discord Discord  AzurAurora
  • Fanfiction.net Fanfiction.net  AzurAurora
  • Nintendo Network ID Nintendo Network ID  Dragoncd
  • Steam Steam  AzurAurora
  • Twitter Twitter  AzurAurora


  • (Staff Page) About Me
    I am AzurAurora, Azur or Silver is also fine, and am currently moderating the Pokemon Center and Artist Loft Forums. If you have any questions pertaining these forums please shoot me a PM or give me a poke on Discord. I am from the Netherlands, so if I make any mistakes in the language it is because of that.




Signature by me, userbar by FizzySoda!

Claimer of Vulpix, Leafeon, and Rockruff!

Profile Feed

  • Megarai111's Photo
    Happy new year from me as well! \o/
    Dec 31 2016 03:31 PM
  • Dusty's Photo
    Happy New Year, plz be better than Earth2k16
    Dec 31 2016 03:31 PM
  • DrGetus's Photo
    Gonna ruin the green here, happy new year!
    Dec 31 2016 04:12 PM


The Pokémon claim list has been updated and several claims have been removed. Don"t forget you may claim Sun and Moon Pokémon as well! http://lakevalor.net/topic/1076-official-cla
Dec 21 2016 10:46 AM 


Why did I pick Christmas cards with glitter for this year? I sparkle now...
Dec 21 2016 03:59 AM 
  • karatekid770's Photo
    You became a shiny XD
    Dec 21 2016 04:36 AM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Isn't that what basically happens in The Twilight Saga?
    Dec 21 2016 08:34 AM
  • AzurAurora's Photo
    They got glittery Christmas cards and got turned into vampires?
    Dec 21 2016 10:18 AM


I can breath through my nose again! How the simplest things make you marvel at how wonderful life truly is.
Dec 19 2016 03:16 PM 
  • Megarai111's Photo
    Long live the immune system \o/
    Dec 19 2016 03:18 PM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    That describes me, when I talk about being able to hear.
    Dec 19 2016 06:40 PM


I am about 70% done with the Alola dex. It is going faster than expected.
Dec 08 2016 08:53 AM