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More snow and winds, because drifts taller than me everywhere...

Updated 16 Feb · 0 comments

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So you've returned, good to see.
Feb 21 2017 01:23 PM 


More snow and winds, because drifts taller than me everywhere were just not quite enough. I think that groundhog lied to us earlier this month. What can ya do.
Feb 16 2017 05:10 AM 


This time is a time of extremes. I mean like these few days/this week. Where I am, its very cold and a nearly two day extreme blizzard is on the way; meanwhile parts of Australia, opposite diagonally on the globe in flat-maps, are experiencing record hot temperatures in a terrible heatwave that has paramedics on alert. The regional differences are at extremes..iwhat an interesting week you know?
Feb 12 2017 06:50 PM 
  • ✯Ho-OhLugia✯'s Photo
    I loved that heat!
    Feb 12 2017 11:07 PM
  • luxuryluxray's Photo
    I know what you mean. It was 42°C here yesterday.
    Feb 13 2017 12:57 AM
  • ClefairyKid's Photo
    I suppose, but I think every year we have a week of 40-45c so it's not unusual in that sense. In fact this year Australia has seen a far later and wetter summer than any other, there's almost no fire once, so the thing I find strangest is the lack of heat overall. It's causing the insects to get well out of hand.
    Feb 13 2017 02:26 AM


Somewhere between 30-50cm of snow and winds potentially up to 100km/h over the next 36 hours. Apart from the high chance of power outage, I am pretty damn excited for this season's first real blizzard!
Feb 12 2017 01:25 PM 


I spent almost twenty minutes staring at that optical illusion. Please don't ever change it…
Feb 10 2017 05:06 PM 
  • Dusty's Photo
    The real fun starts when you stare at it and then look away at something else around you and watch it warp.
    Feb 11 2017 04:05 PM