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In Topic: Hello. Newbie here. *Waves*

Today, 09:11 AM

Hey welcome to the forums. LV is a pretty good place to connect with folks, I think you'll enjoy it. See you around. And yeah I believe we're recruiting there.

In Topic: Hello everyone. *waves*

Today, 09:09 AM

Welcome to the forums Baku, hope you post your stuff around.

In Topic: Unpopular Opinions

Today, 08:59 AM

-Hacking damages the integrity of Pokemon
-Furfrou isn't terrible
-Generation 1 was groundbreaking but at the same time a big clunky buggy mess, Gen 1 is messed up in a lot of ways and a little overrated yet still is a fun game
-Gen 3 is meh (but remakes were not bad and vastly superior)
-I don't like Chimchar line, don't like fire monkey

I generally dislike the OST for sun and moon, besides a couple of clipets i had to turn off sound due to my distaste in the ost .... and this is odd because most of the games have decent music.

Good Lord, have you heard the E4 music for Sun and Moon? It's a fucking mess. I thought my 3DS speakers were breaking at a certain parts, it starts off fine and then turns into a bunch of shit that sounds like your speakers are broken. I'd rather listen to a dehumidifier n a leaky basement than the E4 music. So yeah I agree

In Topic: The WORST food.

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

I take it you're not a fan of caviar? Now caviar is NASTY.

Never had caviar but no I probably wouldn't like it. It's not the same as what I was referring to though.

In Topic: The WORST food.

Yesterday, 08:08 AM

Yeah pineapple pizza is up there as pretty bad, but the worst would probably be that canned rotten fish shit that is popular in some Scandinavian places. Take rotten fish, put in can, GENIUS. How revolting.