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Will be away due to needing to borrow internet data, raw hands...

Updated 16 Jan · 0 comments

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I'm a digital artist and obsessive Pokemon collector. Battling isn't my strong point, but I'm always interested in collecting the rarest or most interesting Pokemon. I also like to make fan art on occasion. Please see my dA or instagram for examples.




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    Shiny Sylveon

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clefairykid_by_teahaku_daf99ik_by_clefai FC: 3926-9504-3512, IGN: Claire

Avatar Art by BloodlineV @ dA

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Will be away due to needing to borrow internet data, raw hands so I can't draw + travelling
Today, 06:59 PM 


lemme know when you can trade on acnl!!
Jan 14 2017 12:10 AM 
  • ClefairyKid's Photo
    I ran out of internet data I think discord ate it all haha but I'm borrowing some today/tonight so let me know if you're around XD
    Jan 14 2017 03:57 PM
  • Achromatic's Photo
    i'll be on discord waitin'!
    Yesterday, 07:06 AM


When the art goes badly, cryyyy
Jan 11 2017 05:07 PM 


Opened a shop for apricorn balls and some shiny pokemon!
Jan 10 2017 05:17 PM 


Past the 1k profile views mark already wow!!
Jan 09 2017 10:12 PM 
  • Cadbberry's Photo
    Well it is so beautiful, who wouldn't wanna see it!
    Jan 09 2017 11:58 PM
  • ClefairyKid's Photo
    aww!! you are too sweet! :D I am very happy with how it turned out though ^ ^
    Jan 10 2017 12:13 AM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    Hm, you've done quite well. Perhaps a little brighter than I'd imagined (the background colour to your profile fields is nearly white), but overall I really couldn't complain.
    The sparkles when moving the cursor is an especially nice touch.
    Jan 10 2017 12:18 PM