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Apparently, its "hip" to hate the new Zelda game tryin...

Updated 22 Mar · 4 comments

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Apparently, its "hip" to hate the new Zelda game trying something new (although people did want a new experience with the series)...
Mar 22 2017 03:14 AM 


So, I've established myself as a hated person on LV. That's fine! I'm opinionated anyway!
Mar 19 2017 02:35 AM 
  • Satix's Photo
    You should closely review our rules! Following them may help you with this issue. :)
    Mar 19 2017 10:01 AM
  • Seprix's Photo
    You're not a hated person.
    Mar 19 2017 11:23 AM
  • Eclipse's Photo
    You're aware that 'hated' and 'opinionated' aren't even close to being the same thing, right?
    Mar 19 2017 03:38 PM


So, I was given a warning because a "higher up" got offended? Deal with it! Life isn't fair and Anime is still garbage.
Locked Status Feb 09 2017 12:56 AM 
  • Achromatic's Photo
    If you have a problem with how anyone moderates, PM an administrator instead of inciting drama.
    Feb 09 2017 02:41 AM


You're allowed to voice your opinion on the Internet, just don't say something everyone disagrees with.
Feb 01 2017 11:27 AM 
  • Chrysa-Hiyama's Photo
    You still can voice your opinion just state it in a way that doesn't look bias and in doing so you don't aggravate others and I saw your other update same thing, be cautious. The cyber world isn't fair to anyone. If they tell you they are offended say I apologize of something and explain it wasn't your intention to offend someone. Don't come off as a jerk by saying Deal with it. That doesn't help a situation
    Feb 09 2017 04:17 AM
  • Seprix's Photo
    There's a difference between stating an opinion people disagree with and being a jerk. "I don't like anime" and "anime is for weebs and anyone who disagrees can stuff it" are two different statements because of this clause.
    Mar 19 2017 11:28 AM