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Sharingan can copy aura sphere right?

Updated 27 Mar · 2 comments

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Hi to the people that have decided to click on my profile page, I will start by telling things about myself (obviously)




Okay, I am a fanfiction writer that loves to writer fanfiction of pokemon and my other favourite, is HTTYD.




I love to listen to music and play the guitar, my favourite music to listen to is:


Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack


Devil May Cry 4 songs


Pokemon songs




Borderlands 1,2 and pre-sequel soundtrack


And a few others which I won't bore you with.




I love to play videogames, funnest thing to do.


Devil may cry


Metal gear rising reveangance


Call of duty






And many more.




I love anime also such as Naruto, 0-part hunter, pokemon, heroes: legends of the battle disks and Spice and Wolf.




I am Portuguese but not in portuguese country. Last but not least about myself is that I am on here often and enjoy being part of this great community, Lake valor you are awesome.

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    Lucario, umbreon, serperior, garchomp
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FF writer | Artist | Pokemon fan | Ask me anything
《 Those who say impossible accomplish nothing 》

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Sharingan can copy aura sphere right?
Mar 27 2017 10:55 AM 
  • DrGetus's Photo
    If you mean the rasengan then no, the sharingan can only copy hand signs and as a hand signless jutsu the rasengan is unable to be copied
    Mar 27 2017 04:44 PM
  • DrGetus's Photo
    aura sphere, the pokemon move, would probably work the same way
    Mar 27 2017 04:45 PM


Have a pokemon and naruto crossover fanfiction idea (gah, that's a mouth full) chakra and aura are the same right? also which pokemon moves can be copied?
Mar 26 2017 08:20 PM 


Ahhhh, should I re-draw the wings of the character or add on and remove, I'm stuck :( :;
Mar 24 2017 11:29 AM 


This site is dull this month :( it needs to be lighten up with fireworks XD
Mar 15 2017 12:24 PM 
  • 8542Madness's Photo
    The world is only as dull as the mind of those who look out upon it. The opportunity to lighten things up rests within the hands of those who wish for it.
    Mar 15 2017 05:04 PM