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Topics I've Started

Filler ideas? (Writing Help Needed)

08 February 2017 - 07:02 AM

I need help with filler for the trip through Union Cave in my Pokemon Fic, Pokemon Resonance over on Fanfictrion. (Link in my sig)

In the last chapter I wrote-not the one I last uploaded mind you-Zero, the main character, an Alolan trainer, and Cia, a mysterious girl, just left the Pokemon Center on Route... 32 I believe? Anyway, the story would get boring if my character went literally everywhere without nothing happening on the way from Point A to Point B. I don't want another character yet as I already added Cia two chapters before the one I finished, and the Alolan trainer and her Pokemon the chapter after that.

I don't want the cast to expand too quickly, otherwise I'll end up with as many characters as the Sonic franchise. Okay, that's a little extreme, but I believe I made my point. Now I know what some of you might say: "A good story doesn't need filler." Well that isn't necessarily true.
How would I know that some of you would? I saw a guy asking for the same thing I am now on Yahoo. What separates him from me? He provided no information to work with.

There is such a thing as a plot progressing too quickly. It can make the story confusing. Filler provides opportunity for extra fluff and character development. You don't need the next plot relevant event to do that. Skipping around too quickly causes you to miss a lot of opportunities with character development.

Anyway, if you need more information on everything that's happened so far in order to help, PM me. If I spoil anything about the story, I'd prefer to spoil it for as few people as possible. Before you suggest Team Rocket or anything like that, it's set in Johto after the Pokemon Games. That means none of the teams, with the exception of Snagam from Colosseum and XD and Ex-Team Plasma, would currently exist.

Zero is being chased by a Pokemon Hunter, but I'm saving her for Ilex Forest, where the chapter(s) that takes place will be based off the movie Pokemon 4Ever. Maybe I'll even get to include a crossover with the Pokemon fanfic Phases of Change by Skaterblog. And now I'm getting ahead of myself.

Potential Yu-Gi-Oh Fic

03 February 2017 - 01:02 PM

For some time, I've been wanting write a YGO fanfiction. Every time I try, I end up starting over because I keep getting stuck due to my habit of making things harder than they have to be. First attempt, I started from the duel that changed everything for the main character, Katsumo Yuritashi. Second try, I started before Duelist Kingdom. This time, I started at Duel Academy.
In this story, Katsumo dueled Yugi Moto during the Orichalcos arc. The outcome resulted in his soul being shattered across time and space while he retained a tiny sliver and the Orichalcos taken another. He spends the fic visiting each arc of the anime starting with GX where he tries to become more than a shadow of who he used to be. When Jaden enrolls into Duel Academy, Katsumo challenges Jaden to a Tag duel with one of his two friends as Jaden's tag partner.
Spoiler: Jaden's team wins.
Of course most of the time I'm going to try and stick to original events as inserting my characters into the actual episodes would require me to rewatch them. I do not have the net speeds  at home or the patience for that. I also plan to feature custom cards throughout the fic such as Kat's ace monster, Dragon Warrior Zalocaster.
Aside from the possibility of getting stuck a third time, my main problem is the plot. I don't know where I'm going with it after Arc V or possibly the arc after it. I might bring back a villain from some of the games as the main villain, but I still need some form of a plot for the fic's endgame.

PMD: Into the Void

30 January 2017 - 06:07 AM

(I'll be posting new chapters of my crossovewr here as I write them, and add links to the others to this post when I post them in this thread. Feel free to provide feed back.)


“Is there any way to stop this from happening?” Tapu Koko spoke. He along with all the other Legendary and Mythical Pokémon were gathered in one place. To any normal Pokémon, it would be quite the spectacle.

“Perhaps, but time is short,” Jirachi answered.

“If Jirachi is even half as smart as he claims to be, he is thinking the same thing as me,” Mewtwo commented.

“In order to stop the void from growing further, we first need to block it,” Zygarde pointed out.

“But in order to do that, we must take part of another world. However, even that would be a temporary fix,” Arceus added.

“In order to stop it completely, we must find the one causing it.”

Most of the Pokémon turned to look at the speaker, a shadowy figure that was approaching. The figure appeared human-like in appearance, clad in a jacket, carrying a book, and with a weapon strapped to his back.

“I may be a human turned Pokémon, but I may be unable to stop this myself. Unfortunately, if it is as I fear, I will be rendered useless in a battle against it. After all, if it were Darkrai, he wouldn’t be here before us,” the newcomer pointed out.

“What do you suggest?” Deoxys asked.

“A human turned Pokémon might help, one that isn’t me, but why stop at just that? I suggest we use animals as well as humans; animals that walk around and act just like humans. I know just the place to get them, but I’m going to need Palkia’s help in order to cork this void, and Zygarde’s to seal any cracks,” the figure suggested.

“Sounds like a gutsy move. Looks even more like one when I look in your head,” Mew commented.

“Mew, can you not read my mind?” the figure groaned. “Anyway, with your permission, I will mark the exact piece of land to plug the void for Palkia to pull into this world,” he told the group.

“Very well. Proceed,” Arceus consented.

“Alright! I’ll be right back,” the figure said as he unsheathed his sword. He then produced an orb from his pocket and attached it to the pommel of his sword. A portal opened behind him as he turned around. He then bolted through it.

As the figure floated through the portal, his form began to change shape and size. Once it stabilized, the shadows hiding his form melted away, revealing a chibi boy, or at least he looked like one, with vibrant, spiky, blue hair and violet eyes. He stepped out of the portal to find himself surrounded by trees and flowers.

“Seems like the locals put a lot of work in the greenery. Would be shame if it got messed up,” he observed as the portal closed behind him. He walked over to a nearby pound, which reflected the starry night sky. He looked at his reflection and burst into laughter. “I look ridiculous in this world! I almost wish Matt could see this,” he commented.

The boy(?) then walked out to the plaza, where he saw a green tent and a large tree. Just as he tucked his book away inside his jacket, he heard a rustling of fabric followed by a few footfalls on the stone plaza.

“Hey, cousin, what are you doing?” a voice asked.

The boy swore mentally as he turned to see a chibi fox anthro. He let the arm that held the sword hang loosely. “Oh I’m just new in town, and I was just looking around,” the boy lied. He approached Redd disarmingly with his free hand out to the side. “You see, I was looking into a new place to live. By old house got burned down and-”


Redd collapsed as his body went limp from the right hook he took to the side of his head. “Sorry, Redd, but it has to be this way,” the boy apologized. “At least I won’t have to waste time healing him. His transformation will take care of it for me,” he muttered to himself as he returned to the tree.

He spun the sword half way around in his left hand before gripping it with his free hand. He then planted the blade in the ground next to the tree in the center of the plaza. He then bumped his fist against the orb attached to the pommel, causing it to glow.

“Okay Palkia, I’ve activated my beacon,” the boy stated.

“Perfect timing. Zygarde and I are already in position,” Palkia’s voice boomed inside the boy’s head.

“Oy, turn down the volume on your telepathy!” the boy complained. He started walking away, but stopped at Redd’s prone form. “Hm… I guess I’ll leave a note. It’s the least I can do,” he muttered.

(Man, age is hard to gauge in the AC world. Also, poor Redd. Oh well, he had it coming. This is what happens when you make a living selling mostly forgeries.)

Pokemon Crossing?

27 January 2017 - 11:23 AM

I've mentioned twice now that I was tempted to write a PMDxAC crossover fic. In this possible fic, the Mayor and his secretary must search for a way to return their town to their world. I've already went and made a list of what Pokemon certain NPCs turn into based on what animal they are, but I still need help with quite a few in case I decide to go through with this.

Those few are Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy, Katrina, Kicks, and maybe Brewster. For Timmy and Tommy, I'm thinking either Sentret or Zigzagoon. For Katrina, I'm thinking either Espeon or Meowstic. As for Kicks, either Stunky or Stunktank. Right now for Brewster, I'm thinking Unfezant because it looked like the closest thing to him.

I'm also unsure what I want to turn the mayor into. All I know is that I want it to be something in the Field Egg Group. In this fic, the mayor will be a Villager character named Ezra.

I'll also take any suggestions on Villagers to include when I start writing. If and when I start writing, you'll all be the first to know.

PMD: Dissonance RP Sign-Up and Discussion

23 January 2017 - 07:28 PM

I got tired of waiting for people to join, so I made this thread. For reference the RP thread is here: http://lakevalor.net...-dissonance-rp/

Obviously, it's a PMD thread, so you'll only be using Pokemon. In order to join, all you need to do is fill this out for each character your using:

Pokemon Species
Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4

Now how many characters will I allow from each person? The max is 3. You can bring just one if you want. The only other restrictions are that it cannot be a legendary/mythical Pokemon and it can only know moves it can normally learn under any circumstances. Yes, this means you can have a Teleporting Magmar just like in the first Gen. Other than that, I don't even care how strong it is since I'm just practicing with writing three certain characters.