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  • Member Since: 22 May 2013
  • Birthday: February 14, 1991
  • Age: 26 years old
  • A.K.A: Tala - Yuriy

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yush, could buy my shiny quilava, I wished there was a shiny T...

Updated 14 Apr · 4 comments

About Me

Heyy all, after at least 4 years, I guess I decided to make this.

so yeah

My name is Tala Yuriy Kenarina Asakura, but ya can call me Tala

I'm 26 years old, and my native language isn't English, what a shocker uh?

 still I do try my best to make me understanable for others. I make lots of mistakes mostly

in my sentences. I have it in my own language also, mostly if i need to explain things haha


anyway, what more about me.

I worship two characters, and worshiping means for me that it goes above fav character.

they are true number 1, 

still they need to have some sort of requirements, like is he or she cool enough, strong enough, can I keep watching them without getting bored, mostly is it  a badguy.

So far only 2 have made it, and some were close but not close enough haha


~Worshiper of Asakura Hao and Deidara ~


I am also a huge badguy fan, I always search for animes that has gr8 bad guys, they need to be cool,, strong and feared but the goody2shoes . and good looking of course XD.


What more, my fav anime is Shaman King

than comes Sword art online (Which is hate it by many and possible they hate me for it also)

Rozen Maiden

InuYasha ( Even though I hardly watch it lol)

Death Note (Till ep 25, after L death I started hating it)



my fav LA movie should be Death Note, I love all the films, dislike the series and i can't wait to see the next movie.


umm I like Jpop, Jrock, Rock , Pop, metal . all kinds of stuff

my fav bands are Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Fripside, Flow and lots of others.


my fav colors are Pink and Black, and i really like skulls , horror and all kinds of stuff.

I am not a goth or Emo. I just like those things.


Anyway I guess thats it, ifya have any questions about me or anything , go to my question paper



If that gets blocked ,we just make a new one. :D 


Ja ne




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    Kirito (X) - Miyu (Y) - Mehealani (Moon)
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    Tala - Yuriy

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  • 3DS FC 3DS FC  1907-9951-1729
  • DeviantArt DeviantArt  Tala-Is-Demonic
  • Fanfiction.net Fanfiction.net  TalaIsShining
  • Nintendo Network ID Nintendo Network ID  TalaIsShining
  • Showdown! Showdown!  TalaIsShining
  • Steam Steam  TalaIsShining
  • Youtube Youtube  HeartBreakStudios



Thnx to @Seprix and @Vigilance





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~Seeker Of Shadows~

yush, could buy my shiny quilava, I wished there was a shiny Typloshion XD
Apr 14 2017 02:34 PM 

~Seeker Of Shadows~AeroHail

I love this pieces of art, nice work
Mar 25 2017 02:03 PM 
  • AeroHail's Photo
    Ahhh thank you so much!!
    Mar 25 2017 03:17 PM

~Seeker Of Shadows~Satix

Hey Satix, question. Sometimes when I try to get on LV on my mobile it says about some kind of error and that a long time till I can get back on. After refreshing many times, does it lack on the server or my part? its with wifi and without
Mar 20 2017 11:47 AM 
  • Satix's Photo
    Can you get a screenshot for me, please? I've never heard of this happening before.
    Mar 20 2017 12:00 PM
  • ~Seeker Of Shadows~'s Photo
    ~Seeker Of Shadows~
    If it occurs again. I shall do so. I forgot what the exact text says, but I check it out.
    Mar 22 2017 08:42 AM

~Seeker Of Shadows~

has someone gif sprites from Guzma? I can't find it anywhere.
Mar 08 2017 09:32 AM