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New Profile Posts

  1. ID Zeta
    ID Zeta
  2. SAF
  3. Nova Ozuka
    Nova Ozuka
    Me when motivated to draw: Let's draw! Me while drawing: God, why is this always so complicated?
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    2. RadEmpoleon
      RadEmpoleon Jul 2, 2022 at 7:01 PM
      If that's not me during every drawing, then idk what is lol
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  4. Wizard
    Summer Scramble Month~
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  5. Jeydis
    Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks
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    2. 122 Generation
      122 Generation Jul 1, 2022 at 11:06 AM
      Happy Canada Day! (If the Canucks ever win the cup, that would be something else)
  6. LassusVulpes
    Welcome to July nerds.
  7. Nova Ozuka
    Nova Ozuka
    Had a bout of depression today. One chocolate shake and a few laughs later, I'm mostly over it.
  8. SAF
    RP-ing fandom stuff can be tricky because while we can go ham with our imagination, we still have some sort of framework to adhere to.
  9. Cherry3Fairy
    Soooooo.... Gartic phone, anyone?
  10. Jeydis
    1. Wizard
      Wizard Jun 26, 2022
  11. Katanaeyegaming
    Sunbreak Pre-Order went through. HYPE!!!!!
    1. HeroofFire101
      HeroofFire101 Jun 25, 2022
      Just confirmed it as well. I'm going to start playing it on Friday until 4pm EDT.
  12. Nova Ozuka
    Nova Ozuka
    I found Darkrai while I was keeping an eye out for Lucario. All I had was one Master Ball. Guess what I had to buy another of.
  13. BZRich64
    Have you heard of the amazing Pokémon Community known as Lake Valor? I highly suggest that you check it out.
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    3. Wizard
      Wizard Jun 22, 2022
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    4. Kecleon
      Kecleon Jun 22, 2022
    5. DuoM2
      DuoM2 Jun 22, 2022
  14. Wizard
    Walking in a winter wonderland~
  15. Neb
    Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions is one of the most mid things I've ever watched.
    1. Katanaeyegaming
      Katanaeyegaming Jun 20, 2022
      It's only popular because of memes from what I can understand. I haven't seen it yet though so Ehh it's whatever.
  16. Nova Ozuka
    Nova Ozuka
    You know your game is scamming you when you're trying to play with a streamer, enter everything correctly, and your game still makes its own room in the Max Lair despite there being at least one free slot in the streamer's room.
  17. puff6544
    I am in unimaginable pain.
  18. RadEmpoleon
    I got a new rhythm game recently and I might post a mini-review of it on here ;)
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    2. RadEmpoleon
      RadEmpoleon Jun 20, 2022
      It's called Rotaeno (mobile game, costs $2.99)
    3. Katanaeyegaming
      Katanaeyegaming Jun 20, 2022
      I had a feeling. Everyone has been going crazy over it these past few weeks or so here.
    4. RadEmpoleon
      RadEmpoleon Jun 21, 2022
      I'm still trying to get used to the controls and stuff. I'm not the best at playing on thumbs in the first place.
  19. Neb
    I watched the last episode of an anime called School Live and I really regret that decision.
  20. SAF
    Apologies, fellow RP-ers. Real life demanded my presence yesterday. :(
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    2. 122 Generation
      122 Generation Jun 19, 2022
      Apologies too! Real life demands me this weekend.
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