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New Profile Posts

  1. SAF
    Meanwhile, me: diving into yet another fanfic
  2. WavePearl
  3. Flumph
    I'm dead in a way you could only ever hope to be
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  4. WavePearl
    Once Evo Quest is over, this won't be the last you see of Aine...SV have an adventure for her as well.
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  5. WavePearl
    Hunch about a plot twist confirmed!
    1. BraviaryScout likes this.
    2. BraviaryScout
      BraviaryScout Sep 18, 2023
      Oh yes do explain.

      And hello again friend
    3. WavePearl
      WavePearl Sep 18, 2023
      I've reached the major plot twist in the Teal Mask DLC
      SAF likes this.
  6. WavePearl
    Prompt will still go out tomorrow, but stories get a break so I can enjoy Wave 1 of the DLC (and possibly finally finish Scarlet in time for Wave 2)
  7. WavePearl
    Enjoying The Teal Mask so far!
  8. ChocoChicken
    Now that Trombone Champ is on Switch, I would like to remind everybody that this exists:
  9. WavePearl
    Stop what you're doing and enjoy this rendition of the Donkey Kong Country world map, done with only the human voice:
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  10. WavePearl
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is getting a remake--this is not a drill!
    1. ChocoChicken
      ChocoChicken Sep 14, 2023
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  11. LassusVulpes
    1. RadEmpoleon and Jeydis like this.
    2. ChocoChicken
      ChocoChicken Sep 13, 2023
      SUS? AMOGUS?!??!??1/!?!/1/?!?!
  12. NyxieRina
    gaaaahhh so much stuff to do. I promise Ill get to them sooonn
    1. SAF likes this.
  13. WavePearl
    Anyone interested in a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles-esque RP?
    1. SAF
      SAF Sep 13, 2023
      *guilt intensifies*
      WavePearl likes this.
  14. Infernostar
    Y'all ever just... record a bit of live action footage, only to realize it was recorded in the wrong aspect ratio so you have to redo everything?
  15. SAF
    Me while re-reading old RPs: tf was I thinking? :D
  16. Wizard
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    1. WavePearl
      WavePearl Sep 8, 2023
      Good luck!
    2. Captain Comet
      Captain Comet Sep 9, 2023
      Super Metroid aka Metroid 3 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  17. Jeydis
    A reminder for everyone, the shiny boost for the catcher will be up until the 10th of September (this Sunday). If you have any shinies in particular that you want to hunt better do it soon!
    1. SAF likes this.
  18. WavePearl
    Tears of the Kingdom already gave me a Pokémon Legends+The Isle of Armor idea...
  19. WavePearl
    What a birthday--got some Switch gear, and Zelda, a few other things, and got to try out a new board game.
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    2. WavePearl
      WavePearl Sep 3, 2023
    3. ChocoChicken
      ChocoChicken Sep 3, 2023
      Happy birthday, Wave!
    4. WavePearl
      WavePearl Sep 3, 2023
      Thank you--I'm mainly going to be enjoying Tears of the Kingdom (or playing classic Zelda on TV as opposed to handheld mode)
  20. ColsonOtis
    *Gets 40 CP* *Realizes that 450 CP is needed to go to the Pokémon world championships*