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May 26, 2017 at 3:28 PM
Jan 11, 2017
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12:37 AM
Oct 7, 2000 (Age: 16)

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Kindler, Male, 16


43 posts and counting, don't worry there is still time Lu!!!! May 22, 2017 at 11:51 AM

POKE was last seen:
Viewing thread Your Team!, May 26, 2017 at 3:28 PM
    1. POKE
      43 posts and counting, don't worry there is still time Lu!!!!
    2. POKE
      Happy birthday KK and other member
      1. karatekid770 likes this.
      2. karatekid770
        Thank you :)
        May 22, 2017 at 1:13 PM
    3. POKE
    4. POKE
      People say that when you just meet someone you shouldn't label them friend...well I don't know any of you guys but will call you all friends
    5. Eclipse
      Hi there; I moved your versus debate thread from the Lounge into the Game Corner.[br]On LV, the debate prefix is used for actual logical debates of thoughts and ideas; what you posted is more akin to giving a quick opinion and then moving along. (Just wanted to let you know.)
    6. Kurumi
      POKE you deserve no mercy. We will prove our might soon... (insert background music)
      1. POKE
        XD what did I do xD did I do something bad?
        Apr 27, 2017
      2. Kurumi
        Fite me IRL! >:3
        Apr 27, 2017
    7. GiratinaMissingNo
      You'll have to forgive me, I keep thinking your avatar is a Mega Charizard X. Oh my god...I'm so embarrassed.
      1. POKE
        Haha, that's a good one xD , never thought of that

        I would also mistaken your picture, I mean at first glance it looks like a person with a tail
        Apr 19, 2017
      2. GiratinaMissingNo
        It IS a person with a tail, I think. Or maybe that's the dress/cloak thing? Actually, I don't know.
        The Great Gira Dilemma: Is Her Profile A Person With A Tail?!
        Apr 19, 2017
    8. POKE
      Who up for RP? interested?
      1. ~Seeker of Shadows~
        ~Seeker of Shadows~
        Im interested I got 3 other rp going on.
        Im also on1x1 thread.ah yeah If I do not reply back asap. It means I am thinking how to reply or simply tl busy. If I reallg leavr for some days I let ya know
        Apr 12, 2017
    9. POKE
      Who's up for Roleplay?
    10. Eclipse
      I merged your two starting posts in the Sing Talent thread. If you're posting back-to-back and want to add on, just use the edit button in future.[br]That's all, just wanted to let you know.
    11. POKE
      300 posts!!!!yeah
    12. POKE
      <img src=" title="17 :(" /> everyone blocks me on discord because I simply ask questions, this site is really starting to be a curse, people turn their back (who needs you guys) <img src=" title="17 :(" />
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      2. POKE
        Seprix, Ben, AzurAurora, I'm fine with being refused with apps but people leaving me, that's pushing it a bit too far LV, see you in 3 days
        Apr 1, 2017
      3. Megarai111
        I don't mean to be mean, but what are the questions about? Some people might feel attacked depending on what they're about.
        Apr 1, 2017
      4. Cadbberry
        A lot of people have it set so only friends may message them on Discord. We are here to help and want to help you with your questions but some staff prefers to have their discord more private.
        Apr 1, 2017
    13. POKE
      Ho and behold, truly one of my darkest and bleakest days on Lake Valor <img src=" title="17 :(" />
      1. ClefairyKid
        what happened?
        Apr 1, 2017
      2. Satix
        I'm sorry it was upsetting for you, but it's always a very real possibility that, when sending in an application, it may be denied. Should you choose to, you can request feedback on the application. :) Keep your chin up!
        Apr 1, 2017
    14. POKE
      Sharingan can copy aura sphere right?
      1. DrGetus
        If you mean the rasengan then no, the sharingan can only copy hand signs and as a hand signless jutsu the rasengan is unable to be copied
        Mar 27, 2017
      2. DrGetus
        aura sphere, the Pokémon move, would probably work the same way
        Mar 27, 2017
    15. POKE
      Have a Pokémon and naruto crossover fanfiction idea (gah, that's a mouth full) chakra and aura are the same right? also which Pokémon moves can be copied?
    16. POKE
      Ahhhh, should I re-draw the wings of the character or add on and remove, I'm stuck <img src=" title="17 :(" /> :;
    17. MetaKnightmareUltra
      knock knock it's knuckles
    18. POKE
      This site is dull this month <img src=" title="17 :(" /> it needs to be lighten up with fireworks xD
      1. 8542Madness
        The world is only as dull as the mind of those who look out upon it. The opportunity to lighten things up rests within the hands of those who wish for it.
        Mar 15, 2017
    19. POKE
      You can be promoted here if you have a rank of moderator for example?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Kuroshi Heki
        Kuroshi Heki
        This is just a guess but in most places Super moderator is given to someone who displays the most work and effort and has stayed with the community and strived to help in any way possible
        Mar 13, 2017
      3. Tonochi
        Yes you can, but you first have to be a mod then if the admins think you should be a super mod, then they'll ask if you want to be a super mod. Like Kuroshi said though, its really only for people who have shown their dedication and hard work to the site.
        Mar 13, 2017
      4. Tonochi
        I could be wrong though, so you might just wanna ask one of the admins >.>
        Mar 13, 2017
    20. POKE
      Watashi wa supaisu to ōkami o mitai, anime o aishi, Pokémon o aisuru
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    Oct 7, 2000 (Age: 16)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Lucario, umbreon, serperior, garchomp
    Also Known As:
    Poke Lee, Poke lu
    Hi to the people that have decided to click on my profile page, I will start by telling things about myself (obviously) <br><br><img src="http://imgur.com/xKrATSt.gif" alt="xKrATSt.gif"><br><br>
    Okay, I am a fanfiction writer that loves to writer fanfiction of Pokémon and my other favourite, is HTTYD.<br><br><br><img src="http://i.imgur.com/TdZptw3.gif" alt="TdZptw3.gif"><br><br>
    I love to listen to music and play the guitar, my favourite music to listen to is:<br><br>
    Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack<br><br>
    Devil May Cry 4 songs <br><br>
    Pokémon songs <br><br>
    Eminem <br><br>
    Borderlands 1,2 and pre-sequel soundtrack <br><br>
    And a few others which I won't bore you with.<br><br><img src="http://imgur.com/Fdx3CPF.gif" alt="Fdx3CPF.gif"><br><br>
    I love to play videogames, funnest thing to do.<br><br>
    Devil may cry<br><br>
    Metal gear rising reveangance <br><br>
    Call of duty <br><br>
    Borderlands <br><br>
    Uncharted <br><br>
    And many more.<br><br><br><img src="http://imgur.com/7l7tU7Y.gif" alt="7l7tU7Y.gif"><br><br>
    I love anime also such as Naruto, 0-part hunter, Pokémon, heroes: legends of the battle disks and Spice and Wolf.<br><br><img src="http://imgur.com/ehIVmWY.png" alt="ehIVmWY.png"><br><br>
    I am Portuguese but not in portuguese country. Last but not least about myself is that I am on here often and enjoy being part of this great community, Lake valor you are awesome.


    Poke(t) mon(ster)(^'^)
    LE3 101


    Signature and avatar done thanks to Vigilance, userbar thanks to Misty

    FF writer | Artist | Pokémon fan |Ask me anything __________________________________
    《 This is the difference between us 》
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