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Answer It

You decide to answer it.

Chapter 1: Trick or Treat?
You decide to answer the knock on the door. Azelf slowly arrives at the door, sweat trickling down his face. Who could it be? Azelf slowly reaches for the doorknob... turns it, slowly... it's...

Oh, it's just Igglybuff and Togepi. "Trick or Treat!" they both shout out. Well, this IS Oktoberfest. Azelf sighs a sigh of relief, hands them some candy and closes the door. Azelf heads back to the kitchen so all three can begin their own trick or treating, however, he finds no one there.

"Slowpoke? Litwick? Are you guys playing a prank on me? Where are you? Come on guys, it's not funny." but Azelf gets no reply. Azelf notices some candle wax on the floor, leading outside. Could this be a clue to where they've both gone?

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Oct 10, 2018

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