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Your Spooky Quest Begins

Watch this space...

Chapter 1: Trick or Treat?
It was a chilly afternoon at Lake Valor, Azelf, Litwick and Slowpoke were preparing to go Trick or Treating. After all, it was Oktoberfest - the Spookiest time of the year.

"I'm going as a sea monster!" proclaimed an excited, yet audibly slow Slowpoke. "I'm going as a candle!" shouted Litwick with glee. "I don't even have a response to that." sighed Azelf. "Well, I've decided to go as a witch. See, witches are super spooky. I've always wanted to see one in real life." Azelf said confidently. Perhaps it was a wish that Azelf may come to regret...

It was starting to get dark, so the three decided it best be time to get going. Oktoberfest was the perfect time to go out and get candy. Mind you, the teenage Pokémon just wanted PokéPoints. Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door...

Answer It
Ignore It
Oct 9, 2018

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