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Into Butternut Forest

You go into Butternut Forest.

Chapter 3: Butternut Forest
Azelf and Uxie head into Butternut Forest, unsure of what might be ahead of them. "Looks like the candle trail just keeps on going, but it's getting quite dark past here. Do you have a torch, Uxie?" says Azelf. "Duh, of course I do! What do you take me for. I'm Uxie, I'm always well prepared. I even brought out a sandwich... uh. Where did I put it?"

"You know, I love butternut squash, don't you? It's just so tasty. Do you think they grow here in this forest? I mean, it is called Butternut Forest." asks Azelf. "Nah, I heard it's named after this great explorer. Who knows though." Uxie shrugs.

Both brothers suddenly hear a loud cackling laugh ahead of them. What could it be?

Investigate Noise
Throw A Butternut Squash
Oct 10, 2018

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