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Creating Posts & Threads

Found an interesting topic you'd love to discuss with the rest of the community? Then go ahead and post! This is the primary way to interact with the community and make the most of your stay here.

How to make a Post:
At the very bottom of a discussion thread you'll see a box where you can type your response and get chatting.

Make sure to follow the forum rules and read the opening post of the thread you're replying to before posting yourself. The purpose of a forum is to talk with other people, it defeats the point if you don't make an effort to read and reply to others.

How to make a Thread:
At the top right of an individual section (such as the Intro Lobby) you'll see a button labeled Post New Thread. From there you can choose a thread prefix (if applicable, such as 'Gen 1' for Gen 1 related threads and so on).

Remember to post your thread in the forum where it fits best — if you want to talk about the Sun & Moon starters, you'd post in the 3DS Pokémon Games section, for example. Once you're done, you'll have started your own discussion that users can reply to!

Formatting your posts / Inserting Images, Links, and Videos:
If you want to format your posts (such as bolding, centering, adding color, resizing, etc) or add an image/link/video, simply click on the appropriate icon at the top of the reply box. Make sure you select the text you want to make changes to before attempting to apply formatting. YouTube Videos can be posted simply by copy/pasting the link.

You can also hover over each formatting icon for an explanation if you're unsure of what it does.

Replying to others:
If you need to respond to a specific post in a thread, there are two great ways to go about this: Mentioning or Quoting.

Mentioning: To mention another user in your post, just type the following text:


Just replace INSERTUSERNAME with the user's actual username. The user will receive a notification that you mentioned them. You can mention multiple usernames if you're responding to multiple people.

Quoting: To quote what someone said, just click the Reply button at the bottom of their post. You'll be automatically be directed to the reply box, where you can respond.

MultiQuoting: MultiQuoting is used to respond to multiple posts by quoting all of them in the same post. To do this, click '+ Quote' at the bottom of each users posts you want to quote. Then scroll down to the bottom of the thread and press 'Insert Quotes' to add them all to your reply box.

Jun 29, 2018

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