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Interactive Features

There are many ways that you can interact with your fellow members. Here are just a few of the things you can do for that.

Status Updates
Similar to social media sites, Lake Valor gives you your own personal 'wall' that you can post status updates on. You can update your status by using the "Recent Status Updates" box on the forum index, or go to your profile and update it that way. Look for the box that says "Update your status..." and type it in.

Your status update will appear on the forum index, as well as on your profile's wall. The index will only show the 5 most recent updates, but your wall will preserve them forever. You can also post a message on someone else's wall, be it a greeting, a message, or even a funny joke.

Discord Server
We have a Discord server, which you can go to at any time to chat with your fellow members! Discord has the advantage of being able to talk to people in real time, so if live chats are your sort of thing, feel free to stop by the server. You can join the Discord by clicking on the Discord link at the side of the page.

If you're a donator, you will have that rank/colour on the Discord server as well.

Pokémon Catcher
One unique draw to Lake Valor is the ability to catch your own Pokémon. Occasionally, at the bottom right of any thread or forum section, a Pokémon will pop up and be available for capture. If you capture one, you can set it as a 'Buddy', and as you post, it will level up and get stronger.

More detailed information about the Catcher and its various features can be found by clicking here.

Jun 29, 2018

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