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Become A Mentor

Want to become a Mentor? Read up!

What is a Mentor?
A Mentor is someone who...

1. Is friendly and caring, is interesting in helping new users stick around and making sure older users feel happy.
2. Is active around the site, logs on at least once per day and has a presence.
3. Is knowledgeable about Lake Valor and how the site functions.
4. Is patient, understanding and willing to put time aside to help users that need them.

All of these components together make up a Mentor. The job of a Mentor is basically to assist new users and make sure more established users are feeling happy around the site too. Mentors are in place to make sure everyone is having a good experience and that new users can get all of their questions answered and have a shoulder to turn to.

Being new is scary, so Mentors are tasked to message new users and see if they need any help, and who knows - you might even become great friends! If a new user does need your help, you would answer their questions and make sure everything is going smoothly for them.

Mentors also would reply to new user introductions and give them the best welcome they possibly can to start them off on their journey at LV. As for more established users, Mentors are there to provide support if they need it, or even if they need a shoulder to turn to. This isn't to say you would be their personal support, but helping out where you can is important to this role!

It is important to note this role comes with NO PERKS. The only change to your account will be a badge that appears by your posts, only to show fellow users you're a Mentor. We also retain the right to remove users from the Mentor role, this is not a permanent position. Only apply if you're passionate about helping new and old users! Of course, you can and should aim to help users regardless of whether you're a Mentor or not.

Want To Apply?
So, if you feel you meet these requirements and you're genuinely interested in helping new and old users out by answering their questions and messaging them, please drop an Administrator or Super Mod a private message and we'll get back to you.

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Oct 25, 2018

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