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Misc Tips & Tidbits

Here are some other useful bits and bobs about Lake Valor. These are other various things and features that are found here, that don't really fit into a previous category but are still useful.

You can earn medals by passing various milestones while you're on Lake Valor, such as having a specific amount of posts, buying enough items in the LV Shop, or even participating in a contest. Some medals are awarded automatically to you when you pass those points; others must be requested to obtain them. You can find a full list of medals here.

If there are any medals you have earned and want to request them, make a post in this thread saying what medals you've earned.

Linking To Posts
If you want to link to a specific post in a thread (rather than the entire thread), there's an easy way to do that. At the bottom-right of each post, there is a number (#) showing what number post it is in the thread, e.g. #11. That number has the link to that post, so you can copy that link to refer back to that post easily. This is very handy if you need to direct someone to a specific post in a thread.

Refer A User
Before getting a friend or a stranger to join the site, visit your Settings page. From here you can access a special link, it's exclusive to you and will give you credit for any users who may sign up using it.

Once users do sign up using you as their referrer, it'll be logged to your Profile page. You can view a full list of users you've referred by visiting the About Me section on your profile, then scrolling down to Referred Users.

By referring users, not only do you help the community grow, but you can get some great rewards! There are 3 Medals for referring 1, 10 and 30 people respectively that you can request!

Jun 29, 2018

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