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Talk To Bro

You decide to talk to Azelf's bro.

Chapter 2: Candle Wax
"Brother, brother! You won't believe what happened. First my friends disappeared, then I saw Togepi... and then" spewed Azelf, in a panic. "Slow down, man." groaned Uxie, Azelf's (slightly older, and self proclaimed cooler) brother. "You're gonna need to take it from the top."

Azelf explains the situation to Uxie. "Okay, that's crazy man and I'm gonna level with you, I don't REALLY wanna head out with all these dumb kids around looking like zombies, but okay - I'll help you find your friends. Now where do we start?"

Azelf and Uxie head down to the end of the road, where Butternut Forest is located. They notice the trail of candle wax leads in.

Into Butternut Forest
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Oct 10, 2018

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