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A spooky quest awaits you...

You're travelling through a quiet forest. The sunlight glistens through the cracks in the trees and lights your path as you try to make your way to your next destination, Eterna City. How do I know all of this? Well, I'm the humble narrator of course! I'll be narrating everything you do on this quest of yours. I PROMISE it won't get annoying... okay, well maybe a little bit nobody is perfect! Ahem, anyways... you continue on your path when you notice a strange opening between two rocks to the side of the path. You reach in and find a strange letter...

"Dear traveler,

I am inviting you to stay the week in my Chateau, near Eterna Forest. I cordially request that you tend to the house and the needs of my Pokémon during the week of your stay. Thank you very much

Yours truly, Roe Thomas"

That's peculiar... this old thing must have been hidden between the rocks for years. It's almost a miracle that it wasn't found already or had been damaged by the rain. At least it seems old...

This is now your personal treasure and you can go home... right? Wrong. You look at the bottom of the letter and see something hastily written... in blood (or ketchup I don't know, I'm not a criminologist).

Continue to read...Run Away!

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