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A book series where physics matters

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Gardien, May 27, 2018.

  1. Gardien

    Gardien Youngster

    I don’t knoe
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    This thread is basically my story at FanFiction.Net transfered over here. The story’s name is When Physics actually mattered.

    I’m hoping to see comments about the story, as well as suggestions because I know that I’m a newbie at the sense of emotional expressions no matter at writin or real life. Also, OOC is something I tend to find myself doing a lot. I hope to see comments and suggestions or even criticism as long as it’s backed with evidence. I am willing to improve and I hope to. Thanks for reading it this so far.
  2. Gardien

    Gardien Youngster

    I don’t knoe
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    Prologue: A Reason to Adventure

    Disclaimer: This should be pretty obvious but I do not own Pokémon. Also, in regards to the story, due to the nature of reason of writing, It would contain a lot of different scientific theories and such, right or wrong. Also, since I’m an emotional idiot, love stories and such are like land mines to me, so don’t expect that. Comments are free and corrections are more than welcome as long as proof is given. So please, don’t hesitate to let me know if I messed up.

    I despite all of those that only know how to train their pokemons, without even knowing a single clue of why a Pokémon could be so strong in the first place.

    Pokemons are benders of reality, benders of the four dimensional world we exist in. Using energies that exists only in a fifth dimension they can sense.

    The strongest pokemons are all masters of the world’s rules, within these rules, even the god Arceus has to step back for a moment.

    One of the strongest non natural born legendaries known to mankind is a Mismagius, capable of bending reality and dreams, creating substance and energy out of seemingly nowhere. This was originally Arceus’s unique trait, but somehow obtained by a Pokémon that was not a natural born legendary.

    I suspect the truth behind such abilities is the ability to create steady pathways within the dimensions, allowing a steady stream of energy to flow within the four dimensions we live in, and the fifth dimension they sense. And we know that mass and energy are equivalent by a certain ratio, which could explain all events created by pokemons so far.

    For example, the reason why we humans can endure fire created by our pokemons but not natural fire created by the transformation of chemical energy into heat and light energy is due to the fire created by pokemons has a large portion of it still in the fifth dimension. Thus we humans can take it better than the pokemons that can sense or be affected by the fifth dimension.

    The sudden increase in mass of pokemons during evolution also makes use of the fifth dimension. They take massive amounts of energy from the fifth dimension to create their extra mass.

    From the above examples, we could deduct that the existant of a fifth dimension could explain all phenomenas created by Pokémon in our world, and would be a huge leap in the application and theoretical physics.


    “Ah!” Alex screamed as she smashed her head against the table.

    “Equations! Theories! Experiments! I’m a human for God’s sake!” Alex said as she continues smashing her head against the table.

    “There’s no possible way a normal human like me can feel or touch the fifth dimension! I’m not like those aura users!” She continued smashing her head.

    “No psychic powers, no aura, no special relations, and no strong natural born Pokémon!”

    “God!!!” Just as Alex was about to thrown w her head towards the table, a faint blue light glowed around her head, stopping the physicist from killing herself.

    “Go away!!” She shouted helplessly, waving her arms like a maniac.

    A kirlia came up to Alex with a mirror in its hands, reflecting Alex’s face to herself.

    She was considered to be beautiful amongst the small group of physicist in this world, but that’s the normal condition. Currently, only the word corpse can be used to describe her.

    In the mirror is a feminine looking face covered with blood flowing from the forehead of the young physicist, as if she was shot in the forehead.

    “So what?!” The physicist shouted, with a teary voice. “I have nothing in comparison to those successful ones. Either a large funding from an international cooperation or technical support from the league itself.” Just as she finished her sentence, tears started to flow from her eyes slowly.

    “But all of those are just for the Pokémon professors... We physicist have nothing to do in it... we are just a group of forgotten people that pursues the fundamental rules and laws that governs the world’s existence...”

    “But we had never gotten assistance. Our best equipments are still the ones we acquired from 10 years ago.” By the time she finished this sentence, tears were gushing out of the young physicist.

    “Is this even worth our time anymore?...” it was the first time her belief falters.

    “If only we had more resources... if only we had more attention... if only we had more manpower...”

    “My theory could be tested, the quantum computer could be a thing, the string theory could be given a chance...”

    “If only...” she rested her head on her arms, with the psychic energy around her long disappeared. Ignoring the pain her forehead transmitted to her.

    “Are we doomed to fail? Is something preventing us from finding the truth?” She mumbles.

    “7 years of research and theoretical Improvements... all to be stuck on resources...”

    Suddenly, Alex’s head is held up by a faint glow of blue light. Which forced Alex’s line of sight onto Kirlia, whom didn’t say or write anything, but instead just starts floating without the iconic blue glow surrounding it.

    Shortly after, white light is consistent emitted from Kirlia, the scenario obviously being evolution.

    Alex stared at the evolving Kirlia, which shortly turned into a Gardevoir.

    Soon, Alex noticed the originally blood soaked theory sheet she wrote earlier started floating towards her, with a faint blue bracket containing the mass energy relationship in the example of proving the fifth dimension.

    “Kirlia...” Alex’s tears started to flow uncontrollably again. The newly evolved Gardevoir gave Alex a small smile on its face and walked up to hug her.

    On the next day, a note was left in the apartment for anybody that came inside in search of the original owner.

    ‘I have decided to go on a journey. To discover the secrets of the world, the laws that underlies within the particles. And to prove to myself that I am in fact correct.’
  3. Gardien

    Gardien Youngster

    I don’t knoe
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    Chapter One: A Valuable Battle

    Disclaimer: As said before, I obviously don’t own Pokémon. You should already be a supporter of the Pokémon series if you’re watching facfics but, do support the original Pokémon series.

    This chapter is my approach to battling scenes, and I hope to see how everyone that’s reading this thinks about this style of battle writing. Feel free to give me reviews or pms about your thoughts on it.

    Somewhere deep in the Viridian forest-

    Currently, a scyther raised its blade like arms around Alex’s neck, its eyes staring straight at Gardevoir whose about 20meters away.

    Gardevoir on the other hand, is showing signs of immense usage of psychic power, her eyes glowing bright blue, floating in the air and bright blue coloured energy starts surrounding her in a circular motion.

    “Garde!”(let go of her!)

    “Scyth!” (If you’d then fight me.)

    The two started communicating, causing Alex, who’s hands were in the air to wonder, just what are they saying?

    “Garde!”(if that’s what you wish!)

    Just as Gardevoir finished what seems like a battle cry, the Scyther pushed Alex away, causing her to stumble but not fall.

    The Scyther then showed a grin on its face, with its hand doing a come on gesture.

    Which was replied by Gardevoir’s psychic energy converging on its location.

    During this, Alex quickly ran to the side as fast as she could, knowing that she’d just become a burden for Gardevoir.

    When the psychic energy finally converged at Scyther’s location, the only thing left behind was Scyther’s after image.

    The real Scyther was rushing towards Gardevoir at an immense speed, closing their distance within a second. Unable to condense her energy at Scyther’s exact location quickly, Gardevoir chose to dodge. She teleported 10m behind Scyther, raising her hands.

    Suddenly, the air seemed to condense a little in a 3m radius regarding Scyther’s location, the dust created by the gust of Scyther rushing settling quicker than it should.

    Scyther, who was at the centre of the area was showing signs of exhaustion, acting as if it was carrying a lot of mass on it.

    But a sudden flash and Scyther who was originally at the centre disappeared, instead, a small cloud of dust particles replaced Scyther’s location.

    Recovering from the sudden flash, just as Gardevoir opened her eyes, a sudden Impact at her stomach cause her to fly backwards.

    “Just a minute!” Suddenly, Alex shouted, stopping Scyther in its tracks. Gardevoir, who just landed from the impact, turned her heads towards Alex.

    “Scyther, I know you want a better opponent right? Let me talk to Gardevoir for 1 minute and you can continue fighting against a stronger opponent.” Alex proposed.

    Scyther took about 5 seconds to think and stretched its hands out, which is the go on gesture.

    “Gardevoir, listen up. You don’t need to control your target itself, you could control a medium instead to affect your target.” Alex expressed this idea by throwing a pebble.

    Gardevoir nodded after seeing Alex’s demonstration, and turned towards Scyther once again.

    Scyther looked at Alex and got confirmation from her, it then entered a battle stance waiting to see what Gardevoir could bring to the table.

    Gardevoir rose her hands. Thinking it was another control skill, Scyther quickly dashed away from its location towards Gardevoir, only to be greeted with a large burst of sound and force from seemingly nowhere.

    Regaining balance, Scyther landed on the ground standing.

    Suddenly, Scyther noticed that a bullet shaped faint blue glow is heading towards its feet at a quick speed. Scyther retreated backwards and the same loud bang sound and force appeared at the bullet’s contact point with the ground.

    This was all Scyther needed to know, it started running around Gardevoir and slowly closing in.

    Gardevoir starts bombarding Scyther’s location using the energy bullets, which is basically high pressured condensed air that’s forced together by the psychic energy.

    The process generated a lot of dust, and also made the terrain bumpy.

    The dust soon got thick enough that vision is obscured by it.

    Three Scythers dashed out of the dust cloud, rushing towards Gardevoir from 3 different angles.

    Just as the three Scythers were within 1-2m range of Gardevoir, they suddenly stopped, with two of them fading away.

    A very loud bang can be heard even at Alex’s location, which is 40m away from the battleground.

    Shockwaves representing the blast are the most compact right before Scyther, and fading when they reached it.

    Scyther then followed up, and struck Gardevoir at her chest. Who letted out a slight scream of pain.

    Sensing an enormous of energy converging beside Gardevoir, Scyther retreated backwards.

    At about 20m away from Gardevoir, Scyther provoked Gardevoir by doing the come on gesture.

    Suddenly, Scyther noticed that what was supposed to be a pair of eyes full of rage started turned calm. Energy thick enough to cover vision surrounds Gardevoir. The emotion that Scyther could sense from Gardevoir started fading. It was as if Gardevoir started getting rid of her own emotions.

    “Gardevoir! Snap out of it!” Alex shouted, showing her own presence.

    “You don’t mind if I give commands right? I am a trainer after all.” Alex turned towards Scyther, whose hands did a go ahead gesture.


    Gardevoir snapped out of that status, then looked at Alex, and gave a confirming look, then she turned against Scyther.

    “Gravity, 0g!”

    As Gardevoir raised her hands, Scyther tried dashing out of the effective area. But instead of the heavy feeling it would normally take, the force it used propelled it higher than it expected.

    “Blast it upwards!”

    Before Scyther could land, a blast of air knocked it skywards. Also stopping it’s horizontal momentum.

    “Follow through!”

    A stream of energy bullets starts heading towards the airborne Scyther. Yet Scyther evaded those by flapping its wings, reminding Gardevoir that it can indeed fly.

    But suddenly, A sly smile appeared over Alex’s face.


    A faint blue glow of energy surrounds the airborne Scyther who lost its velocity.

    “Teleport, burst it to the ground then follow through.”

    Gardevoir teleported on top of the controlled Scyther, blasting energy bullets to Scyther, knocking it into the ground then following through with more energy bullets.

    The impacts created a large dust cloud on the ground, just when Gardevoir and Alex thought it was over, a Vacuum wave blasted out of the dust cloud, almost striking Gardevoir whose floating in mid-air.

    The path it created revealed Scyther in the middle of it, whose left hand was covered in a bluish energy shield, (protect) and right hand whirling upwards, which created more vacuum waves.

    Alex wasn’t able to see through the smoke, so she didn’t gave any orders. In which meanwhile, Gardevoir returned attack by blasting psychic bullets towards Scyther.

    This time, the Vacuum Waves were working against Scyther, since the Vacuum gave the condensed air a method to release its pressure, it actually strengthened the psychic blasts.

    Scyther quickly moved out of its original location, and started to run around the field at a speed even quicker than it did at the start.

    With the dust blown away by the psychic blasts, Alex could finally see the situation. She must admit that she never expected Scyther to know protect.

    “Full range Gravity!”

    Wanting to slow down Scyther for a chance to strike, Alex ordered a full scale gravity. But just as Gardevoir did so, Scyther jumped up into the air, a bit higher than it should to reach Gardevoir.

    The extra height proved helpful as the gravity increased, its projectile was just a bit off spot of Gardevoir, but still close enough to land a X-cross attack.

    The damage was fatal, it was given strength by the speed Scyther accumulation over time and the type advantage made it even more deadly.

    Gardevoir, who letted out a scream of pain, fainted after it crash landed into the ground. Making Scyther the victor.

    “Gardevoir!” Alex rushed over to check Gardevoir’s injuries, and was relieved to see only traces of over usage of psychic energy and damages accumulated in the battle, but none were major issues.


    Scyther handed over an oran berry, signalling Alex to feed it to Gardevoir.

    “Thanks,” Alex took the berry, she first opened her bag and grabbed a revive out, then she snapped it into two half, and poured the powder inside it into Gardevoir’s mouth, next she got out her water battle and poured some water into Gardevoir’s mouth, allowing her to drink the revive.

    Slowly, Gardevoir regained consciousness, and that’s when Alex handed over the oran berry to Gardevoir, who’d just swallow it whole.

    Seeing Gardevoir regain consciousness cause Alex to let her heart down, and slowly rethink the whole situation.

    It was a strange reason this whole battle happened. Firstly, they were travelling towards viridian city, so they ended up in viridian forest. Next, they got challenged by a seemingly wild Scyther who Alex believes is a released one, (because it knows protect which is only accessible by TM) and Alex refused, since it was about time for lunch. So did Gardevoir. This results in Scyther “kidnapping” Alex for the fight.

    The fight itself showed quite some problems. Being the first fight for Alex and Gardevoir, they were too unexperienced in comparison with Scyther. Also, the outcomes and limits of different skills were also something they failed to expect, especially the ever changing battlefield.

    For example, the bumpy terrain Gardevoir created in the middle of the fight gave Scyther a platform to step on, with an angle perfect for increasing its velocity. This was why it could go faster than it started at first. And Gardevoir couldn’t notice this problem.

    This was a warning bell for both Alex and Gardevoir.

    “Scyth.” (It was a nice fight, thank you.)

    “Garde.” (We lost, fair and square.)

    “Scyth.” (Your moves are really unique, I’ve never seen similar moves before.)

    “Garde.” (Its something I take pride of.)

    Meanwhile, as Alex was thinking about the whole occasion, Gardevoir and Scyther started their conversation.

    “Scyth?” (Any spots available?)

    “Garde?” (Why?)

    “Scyth,” (because I like you,)

    Gardevoir’s eye twitched for a moment, before replying, “Garde.” (well, I don’t.)

    “Scyth, scyth,” (just kidding, your skills are unique and nice for me to train myself.)

    “Scyth” (oh, and you’re fun to fight against.) Scyther added.

    Gardevoir rolled her eyes, before pointing at Alex’s belt, showing that there’s only 1 Pokéball on it.

    “Scyth,” (thank you,)

    Scyther then dashed into the forest, leaving behind Alex and Gardevoir.

    “Do you need to rest a little more?” Alex asked Gardevoir, after being snapped out of her thoughts by the movement of Scyther who just dashed away.

    Gardevoir nodded.

    “Alright, tell me whenever you have enough rest, I’ll be on watch.” Alex said while standing up. And Gardevoir falling asleep after nodding.

    Only to be greeted by Scyther after one minute, who had a Pokéball in its mouth.

    “What do you need?” Alex asked Scyther, while stepping in between Scyther and

    Gardevoir, the latter being asleep.

    Scyther pointed at Alex’s belt, signifying an empty spot, then pointed at the Pokéball that’s in its mouth.

    “You want to be my Pokémon?” Alex asked for confirmation, with a bit of a slight disbelief, seeing as how they lost against it earlier.

    Scyther nodded in confirmation.

    “Um... I don’t know why you want to become my Pokémon, but as long as Gardevoir is fine with you, I’m more than happy to have a strong Pokémon like you on my side.” Alex said while extending her arms towards the Pokéball at Scyther’s mouth.

    Scyther then let go of the Pokéball and it fell onto Alex’s hands.

    “Alright... welcome for now I suppose, if you don’t mind, please help Gardevoir fend off the wild pokemons from disrupting her sleep.”

    Scyther nodded, then vanished, leaving behind an afterimage.

    “Huh...” Alex sat down next to Gardevoir, “So it was still concealing it’s true strength... I wonder why does it wants to join us?” She mumbles, as if she was talking to Gardevoir.

    “If only I could understand Pokémon’s languages.”
  4. Gardien

    Gardien Youngster

    I don’t knoe
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    Chapter Two: The Development of A Technique

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokémon, it should be very obvious. This chapter would be a demo for any further self made skills, as like how it was created or designed. I’m sure that everyone will know what my idea was on this one.

    In viridian City near nightfall-

    “Well... I knew god didn’t liked me but...” in sight was what once used to be the Pokémon centre, currently in ruins. To be honest, it still had the shape of a Pokémon centre but obviously not in shape for normal services, such as the most important hostel services.

    “So, I suppose we’re going to have to camp for tonight.” Alex shrugged as Gardevoir frowned.

    And such, the duo had to turn back and re-enter the viridian forest. Actually, they could afford motel services but since they lack a proper income, it’s actually better to save for whenever needed.

    The next day-

    Around the campsite was Alex and Gardevoir, discussing about their future plans.

    “Do you think it’s a good idea to collect all gym badges and challenge the league?”

    Gardevoir poked at the ground, writing the word, ‘why?’

    Gardevoir as a lab assistant of Alex, has actually learned the written language of humans, its quite simple to understand actually, since Alex would ask Gardevoir to help do certain experiments then record them, Gardevoir would then be able to analyse what word means what. This was how she learned to write. Not to mention this lasted for over 7 years and Gardevoir as a species isn’t even that stupid to begin with.

    “Because aren’t you interested? In how different pokemons use their power, by what scale and what means.” Alex stuttered before continuing, “And where do you find the strongest and most trained pokemons?”

    Gardevoir started smiling alongside Alex. The answer was clear.

    “To compete at that level, we’ll need to train.” Alex concluded.

    Alex was clear of their current strengths and weaknesses. For Alex, her lack of experience would prove in a tight match. As for Gardevoir, she has a lot of different tricks up her sleeves, but she lacks the strength and consistency to stay in the fight long enough.

    This is where the problem arises. Since they both have weaknesses, it would mean that it’s best to train and compensate for their weaknesses right?

    Normally, that would be the case, but not for Gardevoir. The reason she would lack consistency was that her rate of accumulation of energy is very low. To put into respective means, if a normal gardevoir could increase it’s energy storage by 1 every day it trains, Gardevoir could only increase it by 0.3.

    And such, instead of compensating, why not focus on her strength? Which is the ability to convert physics knowledge into skills. Plus, practising those could also increase her energy efficiency rate and storage even if it’s slower than pure training.

    That was how Alex thought.

    “We’ll head towards Pewter City, I’ll describe a few ideas I have to you while we’re heading towards there.”

    As Alex packed her sleeping bag, she started describing, “From the last battle with Scyther, I noticed that you weren’t able to distinguish the true Scyther and the fake images, this is probably double team.”

    Seeing Gardevoir nod, Alex continued, “also, you were struggling to keep up with Scyther’s speed. This is probably due to you unable to register it’s speed when it’s moving at such high speeds. And I have an idea for a solution against all these.”

    “Firstly, lets talk about double team. I suggest there are three ways it’s accomplished. The first way is by creating images made of energy, mostly done by slow moving or psychic pokemons.” Alex stretched out her right index finger while Gardevoir nods in agreement to her statement.

    “The second way is by moving at a certain speed that matches your eyelid’s movement, to create an illusion of a few targets. This is likely the one Scyther used. A technique for those that move at a mediocre speed.” Alex patted the Pokéball containing Scyther at her waist while stretching out her right middle finger.

    “The last way is to move at a very high speed such that all images are just afterimages of the user, most likely used by quick pokemons. And one that I suspect Scyther being able to use.” Alex stretched out her right ring finger while stating.

    “However, there’s a limitation to all of these methods. It’s that there must always be only one true target.”

    “Even if it’s the third method of creating double team, it’s still just something that’s made by our brain to fool us, if we’d have a better image capturer than our eyes, none of the tricks would work.”

    Alex lowered her hand. “This is exactly what we could solve. As a psychic Pokémon, you’re likely to be sensitive to psychic energy. This would mean you could gather information from psychic energy just as how you could gather information from light energy.”

    “Although the processing method may be different, the final results are likely to be the same, except that you receive the information by your brain or whatever organ that’s responsible for psychic energy manipulation and sensing.”

    “That means you can bypass the part of sending information from your eyes to your brain before processing it, thus excluding all the illusions.”

    “And how exactly do you let the psychic energy reflect information that you want? I’d say by sending a wave of psychic energy that reflects upon contact with physical object.”

    “Then by controlling its speed of spreading, the distance is measured. If done and controlled precisely, you could even create exact images of your surrounding.”

    “So, let’s give it a try.”

    As Alex finished her sentence, Gardevoir closed her eyes and a faint blue light starts to radiate from Gardevoir, creating a pulse of blue light moving at approximately 1/3 of the speed of sound that would rebound when it strikes any matter.

    After around 7 seconds, Gardevoir opened her eyes and pointed at a direction, signalling a point of interest at that direction.

    Following Gardevoir, Alex stumbled across a large hole in the middle of the road, a peek inside revealed a duo consisting a male and a female with a meowth in the middle.

    The male and female seems to be a member of team rocket, but Alex could definitely recognise that their suits are not exactly team rocket, since they wore a white version of the usual black one.

    The duo looked upwards and saw Alex, “help! We’re stuck down here!”

    Although Alex didn’t want to bother, she did want to join team rocket.

    Team rocket isn’t as bad as most think they are actually. Since team rocket’s objective is to overtake the league, it would mean that it has a baseline for its actions. Also, if they are really as bad as the league said so, they would be exterminated a long time ago. Sure, they will be more team rockets if it is exterminated, but definitely under another name, the fact that team rocket existed for so long is enough to prove a lot.

    Plus, team rocket did invited Alex to join them as a scientist in the past, she just didn’t want to research something she wasn’t interested in.

    Now that she’s a Pokémon trainer instead of a scientist, she could join them as a trainer instead. Plus, team rocket is actually pretty free.

    “Alright... how do I help?” Alex asked in response.

    “Thank you!!!” The male replied in a voice that basically spelt moved. “There’s a tool box and a rope at the bush beside the road, please help us... ouch!!”

    “Idiot!” The female punched the male at his head, “your describing terms are basically telling others that this trap was dug by ourselves!”

    “Oh yeah!” The male acted like he just realised that, and hammered his own palm with his fist, “then she’ll know we did something as stupid as falling into our own trap!”

    “Oh my god...” the meowth at the middle of the two facepalmed itself, covering its face with its paws and claws. “Don’t say I know you guys meow.”

    Gardevoir at the side had her eyes opened even more than usual, seemingly shocked at something.

    But Alex acted normally, seemingly ignoring a fact.

    “So... why are you guys even making a trap of this scale at the middle of the main road?” Alex asked after getting an approximation of the width of the trap, which was about a 5m radius circle.

    “Um... uh...” the duo started sweating,

    “Oh well, I’ll get you guys up first, Gardevoir, give them a hand.”

    Gardevoir snapped out of her shocked status, and used psychic to bring the trio up.

    “Ah, thanks a lot meow!” Meowth said as it was coming out of the hole.

    “Wait...” Alex said as she saw meowth speak, Gardevoir stopping their rise. “You’re talking?” Alex was suddenly shocked.

    “You just noticed meow?!” Meowth asked even more surprised.

    “You’re going to be a great scientific research target!” Alex said with her eyes shining.

    “Uh... mind helping a bit?” The male said as he was hung mid-air.

    “Oh right, go on Gardevoir.” Alex resumed.

    Soon, the trio are out of the hole.

    “So, not gonna introduce yourselves?” Alex asked. Which was almost like flipping a switch,

    “Prepare for trouble!”

    “Make it double!”

    “To protect the world from devastation!”

    “To unite all people within our nation!”

    “To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

    “To extend our reach to the stars above!”



    “Team rocket blasts off in the speed of light!”

    “Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

    “Meowth! That’s right!”

    “Team rocket... does that mean you’re going to take my Pokémon?” Alex asked with her voice slowly turning cold.

    “Nah, you’re our saviour! I must admit that Pokémon looks rare, but you did helped us! We’re not going to take your Pokémon.” James replied.

    “Ah right!” Meowth suddenly shouted, “that brat with the pikachu might have already gone ahead of us meow!”

    “Oh no!” Jessie shouted as well, “we almost forgot!”

    Jessie than turned towards Alex and said, “now there friend, we have important issues to attend to, we’ll have to depart here then!” Meanwhile James somehow being able to make a hot air ballon out of the bush in within 20 seconds.

    “Let us meet again if faith decides so!” James said as they departed.

    “Hm...” Alex on the other hand, still thinking about another thing.

    “How did they manage to make a hot air balloon in within 20 seconds?”
  5. Gardien

    Gardien Youngster

    I don’t knoe
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    Chapter Three: Before The Gym Battle

    Disclaimer: once again, I don't own Pokémon.

    This chapter would be an approach to try and describe the interactions between Alex and her pokemons. Feel free to comment on how it could be improved.

    Pewter City-

    After concluding team rocket's ability as master craftsmanship, Alex went into Pewter city.

    "And I thought all Pokémon centres look exactly the same?" Alex can't help but exclaim as she stood in front of the square shaped Pokémon centre.

    "Since we're going to challenge the Pewter gym, I'm going to check out the place, you'll heal up at the Pokémon centre and see if you can gather any sort of information." Alex said as she threw Gardevoir's Pokéball and Scyther's Pokéball to Gardevoir. Whom caught the pokeballs with her arms and nodded.

    "Ill be back before 12:30 for lunch," Alex said, with the time currently being 9:15. After informing Gardevoir, Alex took off while Gardevoir walked into the Pokémon centre.

    Alex's side

    After asking for directions, Alex ended up at a building that looks exactly like a large piece of rock.

    "The gym looks a lot worse than the Pokémon centre..." Alex couldn't help but thought to herself.

    Alex tried to knock at the door, but the door wasn't even locked, so Alex opened the door and went inside.

    The moment she went inside, the gym suddenly lit up. On one side of the gym battleground was a young trainer with a red cap and a pikachu besides him. The other side was a man with dark skin and eyes that seem as they're closed the while time.

    "Alright, ok Pikachu, I choose you buddy." The boy said, sending out his pikachu.

    "Onyx goooo!!!!!" The man shouted.

    Pikachu when seeing the onyx immediately fled and return to the boy, trying to grab a Pokémon of his to send out instead.

    "Hey, Pikachu, this is your battle, not Pidgeotto's" the boy said as he grabbed pikachu from his waste and placed it onto the battleground.

    After seeing this scene Alex shook her head, already being able to see the outcome of the battle.

    As expected, Pikachu didn't even lasted a turn. Pikachu's electric attacks didn't even affected Onyx, yet Onyx only needed a tackle and a bind to force pikachu into desperate conditions.

    "Stop it!!!" The boy finally surrendered and dashed out of the gym with the heavily injured Pikachu.

    "Sigh... I only knew he had an Onyx..." Alex couldn't help but sighed, wishing the boy was able to force the gym leader to show his second Pokémon.

    "You at the back, are you here to challenge the gym as well?" Suddenly, the gym leader asked Alex.

    Since Alex was already discovered, hiding wasn't necessary anymore, so Alex went forward under the lights. "Yes, but my pokemons are still in the Pokémon centre, I'll challenge you after lunchtime at 1:30pm."

    After leaving behind an appointment, Alex left the gym, with the gym leader watching seriously as Alex left the gym. "Ah, what a failure... I forgot to ask the beauty's name..."

    After Alex left the gym, she went to a cafe for internet in order to search for information about the Pewter city gym.

    Gardevoir's side

    After entering the Pokémon centre, Gardevoir headed straight towards the nurse Joy in charge of the centre.

    "Oh? Hello there, it's a rare sight to see your kind here." Nurse Joy greeted Gardevoir with a smile, "how may I help you?"

    Gardevoir letted out Scyther from its Pokéball and pointed at Scyther, then she turned her fingers towards herself, indicating for a checkup to the both of them.

    "A checkup? Sure, but if you have a trainer, you've got to show your trainer's identity for the checkup, you know, it's troublesome but I have to follow the rules."

    Nurse Joy said with a frowning face.

    But the thing is, Alex didn't gave Gardevoir any sorts of identification.

    "Scyth." (I recommend we just force her to help us.)

    "Garde!" (No! Are you trying to bring us trouble?!)

    "Scyth?" (What's the problem? I can handle this all on my own.)

    "Garde..." (God... you do realise that we will need her help for a checkup right?)

    "Scyth." (So?)

    "Garde!" (It means, that we'll need her to be willing to help us if we want the best results!)

    Scyther rolled its eyes but didn't denied.

    "Um... are you both alright?" Nurse Joy asked with a bit of uncertainty.

    "Garde." Gardevoir nodded, then, before nurse Joy was about to say something, a sentence made by psychic energy appeared in front of nurse Joy.

    (I don't have that kind of identification, would you mind if I offered translation for the moment while you're doing our checkup?)

    "Oh my..." nurse Joy was shocked at first to see the sentences appear in front of her, but realising what it means, nurse Joy gladly accepted the offer. "You're such a special Pokémon! I'm sure you'll be in better use if you help us as a nurse!"

    Gardevoir shook her head, kindly rejecting the offer.

    "Aw... you can always reconsider it." Nurse Joy once again trying to convince Gardevoir. "Anyways, for now, please help me gather the reasons for the pokemons being hurt around the centre please."

    Gardevoir nodded, and went on asking the pokemons their reason for being sent to the Pokémon centre for the first place while Nurse Joy tends to Scyther's wounds.

    The process went on for an hour or so, even until Gardevoir was done getting patched up, she was still helping Nurse Joy gathering data.

    And finally, when time was about to reach 12:00pm, Gardevoir stopped and prepared to report to Nurse Joy with the information she gathered.

    But just as Gardevoir turned over, she spotted Alex, who was standing beside the entrance looking at her with a sly smile on her face.

    Because Alex gather all the info she needed earlier than expected, Alex decided to head back to the Pokémon centre early.

    When she stepped into the Pokémon centre, the view she had was Gardevoir who knelt down and was patting a damaged rattata's head, while her hands are giving off a smooth and comfortable green light, healing the rattata, which was crying for some reason.

    The scene was basically something you'd expect to see from the interaction between a mom and son when the son goes out and hurts himself.

    Alex, who saw the view, didn't interrupt Gardevoir. She knew that Gardevoir was more on this side of a personality, but it was just covered by the loyalty she had towards Alex.

    Alex didn't want a pet Pokémon, she wanted a friend on equal terms, that's why she wouldn't try to change Gardevoir's personality.

    As such, when she saw the interaction between Gardevoir and the rattata, she didn't interrupt them and even had a smile on her face.

    Gardevoir, when seeing Alex's smile, realised that Alex knew what was going on and quickly stood up, with a slight blush on her face in correspondence to her feeling of embarrassment.

    "What did you manage to find?" Alex said while walking towards Gardevoir. Diverting her attention to another thing. Which worked.

    (The pokemons here told me that the gym leader had a geodude and an onyx. Most of them were taken out by geodude.)

    "Well, I saw the onyx in action, it was a nicely raised onyx with good body mass for its kind." Alex gave her opinion. "Further information search online shows that the Pewter gym is a rock type gym, yet both of the pokemons The gym leader uses are rock and earth type."

    "As such, grass type and water type moves are best against him." Alex concluded. "For this battle, you'll be mainly focusing on using magical leaf, ok?"

    Gardevoir nodded.

    "And where's Scyther?"

    "Scyth." Scyther walked out of the healing department of the Pokémon centre, waving its hands at the two.

    "And your pokeballs?"

    Gardevoir pointed at the Nurse Joy who was at the counter. Who turned over to them and waved towards Gardevoir.

    "Hello, I hope Gardevoir didn't caused you any trouble." Alex said while walking towards Nurse Joy.

    "Ah, no worries, she was of big help, helped me take care of the pokemons around."

    Gardevoir showed Nurse Joy the information she found, which shows that most pokemons ended up here because of a battle, mostly gym battle.

    "Sigh... I knew that was the case..." Nurse Joy covered her face with her hands and sighed. "I'll have to talk with the trainers."

    "Anyways, thanks for the help! And here are your pokeballs." Nurse Joy said and handed Gardevoir the two pokeballs, which Gardevoir took and handed over to Alex.

    "Alright then, we'll have lunch before challenging the gym, I'll get myself some curry rice. And you both?"

    Gardevoir created an image of a few oran berries while Scyther just shrugged, indicating anything was fine.

    "Alright, got it."
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    Chapter Four: The Gym Battle

    Disclaimers: Again, I Don't own Pokémon. This chapter would be what the title suggests, a gym battle.

    In the middle of the Pewter Gym, Alex and Brock stood on each respective side.

    "You came quite on time."

    "I don't go by Alolan times."

    "Very well. Then it's safe to assume that you're here for the gym badge?"


    After the short conversation, both trainers eyes started to focus, a dangerous aura starts emitting from both of them.

    "Go Onyx!"

    "Gardevoir, You're up."

    Brock threw a Pokéball towards the centre of the battleground, letting out Onyx who gave a battlecry as it appeared. While Gardevoir just walked up the battleground.

    When both sides arrived at their designated location, Brock started to introduce the gym battle rules.

    "It's a two against two battle, you can forfeit anytime you want, is that clear?"


    "Then let the battle commence!"

    "Magical Leaf." Alex took the first command, upon hearing the order, Gardevoir created an unusual amount of Magical leaves and aimed them towards Onyx.

    "Protect!" Brock immediately ordered.

    A blue barrier surrounds Onyx, covering every inch of it.

    "Magical Leaf." Alex continued, Gardevoir yet again generating hundreds of leaves, which collided with Onyx's barrier. The leaves scattering around the ground, almost turning the entire area around Onyx green.

    "Don't you know that you should avoid using your full power in the start of a battle?" Brock asked Alex as he saw Gardevoir started to show signs of fatigue.

    "Magical leaf." Alex just ignored Brock, continuing to order yet another magical leaf. To which Gardevoir responded and generated another bunch of magical leaves.

    Onyx's barrier couldn't last forever, it was forced to make a move.

    "Onyx! Dig!"


    Just as Onyx's barrier was about to fade, Brock ordered Onyx to dig into the ground, in order to evade the remaining magical leaves, but as it was about to dive into the ground, Gardevoir raised her hands, with purple psychic energy so dense that it can be seen with the bare eye overflowing out of her hands. Which was followed by the leaves that were piled around Onyx were suddenly reactivated, and thousands of leaves were converging towards the diving Onyx.

    "Onyx!" Brock shouted in worry of Onyx. Who was being flooded by thousands of magical leaves.

    After about 5 seconds, the leaves started to fall, revealing a seriously damaged Onyx which has fainted.

    "Onyx, get some rest." Brock said as he recalled Onyx.

    "You're a strong one I'll admit it." Brock praised, "but you have forced your Pokémon too much," Brock pointed at Gardevoir, who was basically kneeling due to the over usage of psychic energy.

    "The fight is still not over yet, what's your next Pokémon?" Alex simply replied knowing that what Brock said was true. She had to end this battle quickly, otherwise Gardevoir may faint from over usage of psychic energy.

    "Hmph, very well." Brock said as be pulled out a Pokéball, "Golem, help me on this one."

    What came out of the Pokéball was Golem instead of the geodude that both Alex and Gardevoir scouted about before.

    "An Ace that every Gym needs, so this gym has a Golem then?" Alex muttered, basically towards Gardevoir. (Every gym has to have an ace Pokémon that is handed down by the generations of leaders. They are the strongest and are rarely used in gym battles.)

    "Golem! Steamroller!"

    Golem withdraws its head, arms and legs within its shell, then, it jumped into the air and spins its body rapidly. Its body's outline glowing white while doing so.

    "Flood it."

    Gardevoir stood up, with psychic energy overflowing from her hands, she then crossed her hands which triggers a chain reaction where all leaves floods towards Golem.

    The leaves collided with the spinning Golem, eliminating Golem's momentum with the cost of the leaves being crushed back into pure energy.

    "Gravity, 0g." Just as Golem was about to stop moving forward, Alex ordered.

    With 3/4 of leaves less to sustain, Gardevoir had a bit of relief and was able to generate gravity waves to annihilate the original gravity waves, creating a 0g environment.

    Golem who lost all momentum started floating in midair. With no platform to exert force on, Golem is stuck in midair unable to move.

    Suddenly, a surge of purple energy flowed over Gardevoir, which seemingly was able to wash away Gardevoir's fatigue.

    "Double team, calm mind."

    Gardevoir created about 12 copies of itself, then used calm mind.

    The 12 copies are the checkmate of the battle, with those, Golem couldn't target Gardevoir with a ranged attack.

    "Psychic blast."

    A large amount of leaves converged at Gardevoir's hands, indicating the real Gardevoir.

    "Stone edge!"

    Multiple light blue rings started surrounding Golem, they then glowed white and form into chunks of stone, which were then fired at Gardevoir.

    Gardevoir responded with a teleport, arriving straight above Golem, with her hands targeting against Golem. A sudden blast of compressed air accelerated the remaining magical leaves, shooting them straight at Golem with a sub sonic speed.

    "Golem!" The impact created when Golem crashed into the ground created a large dust cloud.

    Unable to see through the dust cloud, Brock could only shout to see if Golem fainted or not.

    After a moment, the dust cloud started to dissipate, revealing Gardevoir who was half kneeling from fatigue and Golem who fainted from the battle.

    "Thank you, Golem." Brock recalled the fainted Golem, then looked towards Alex. "You're one of the strongest trainers I've ever met. You deserve this badge." After saying so, Brock took a badge out of his pocket and threw it towards Alex.

    Alex caught the badge, the badge was a simple grey octagon with a Pokéball symbol in the middle of it.

    "Thank you. Lets go, Gardevoir!" Alex said, while a sudden surge of psychic energy washed over Gardevoir, recovering her from fatigue.

    "Wait!" Brock stopped the duo before they left. "Before you go, can you tell me when did your Pokémon use healing wish?"

    "When she was overflowing with psychic energy. The reason she had to use her hands to control the leaves was to free her brain from targeting Golem and instead target a healing wish at her own location." Alex stopped for a moment, allowing Brock to process her words. "And the activation energy was overlooked from the surge of psychic energy to control the leaves."

    "I see..." that left Brock rethinking the whole battle, while Alex starts heading towards the Pokémon centre to heal Gardevoir.

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