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A Brave New Journey

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Thechaosmaster, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    Thechaosmaster: Hey everyone, this is my first story that I started writting, almost a year ago, I hope you all will enoy it.

    Pokèmon : A Brave New Journey

    Ash Ketchum, known as the Pride of Pallet Town, has completed the Kalos league, and has became the Kalos champion and has finally accomplished his dream of becoming a Pokèmon master, but it is now time for a new journey to begin, and when Ash finds a hole in his heart, he remembers the fun he had on a small island city called, Altomare. And so when he sees a poster for the Tour De Altomare, he knows that he has to see the one who made him feel different. But, with Ash being Ash, he is not one that likes to travel alone, so he decides to make several phone calls. What happens when after years of leaving the island, and the friends he's made there, and returns there with old and new friends, and reunites with the dragoness that stole his heart? What will the future bring? And, what will happen if the greatest family secret that has been hidden for years is finally revealed? What will happen if Ash learns why his father left and what happened, to his brother? All these questions and more will be answered soon, but when? Only time will tell.

    Find out now, as the journey begins


    Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

    Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot, everything else belongs to game freak, Nintendo and the Pokémon company


    Altomare, a large island city with water filled streets called canals, as with most places in this lovely world we call home, it has it's own myths and legends, this one is centered around two legendary siblings, the first is the older brother known as Latios and his little sister Latias. Now for those who don't know of the story it goes something like this, the city was a peaceful place all nice and quiet that was until an evil trainer came and used a Kabutops and an Aerodactyl to attack the city and everyone that lived there lived in fear until one day a Latios came and flooded the city and turned the streets into canals.

    But the power he used to bring the water was to much for Latios, and he died, but in his place was a beautiful jewel called the Soul Dew, said to contain the spirit of Latios. But when he died he left behind his children a Latias and a Latios, who lived as orphans, left in care of two humans Bianca (from the movie, not Unova.) and her grandfather Lorenzo.

    Years later, two evil trainers came and stole Latios and the Soul Dew, to power a machine called the Defence Mechanism of Altomare or the DMA. The two trainers were part of Team Rocket, these trainers were Annie and Oakley, and they also tried to take Latias as well, but she got away. Then their plans were foiled by our favorite Pikachu trainer, Ash Ketchum. But even though the rockets were stopped, the Soul Dew was unfortunately destroyed, and the water was retreating only to come back as a giant wave. Both Latios and Latias, seeing no other option, charged at the tsunami and glowed in a bright blue aura and destroyed the wave. But it coasted Latios's life and he became a new Soul Dew, just as his father did years ago. After all the chaos ended, the new Soul Dew was placed where the old one was, on a pedestal in the secret garden. Now on the day that Ash was leaving, Latias, in her Bianca disguise, grabbed a picture she asked Bianca to make for her and gave it to Ash as a token of gratitude, as well as a final goodbye gift, a kiss on his cheek. Now years later, Latias has been keeping an eye on Altomare and waiting for the day that Ash returns for a visit and maybe she can finally tell him how she feels about him.

    Its a quiet day in Altomare where we see a certain red and white eon dragoness, all excited and flying around happily in the secret garden of Altomare. Who is this dragoness? Why, this dragoness is none other than our good old friend, Latias. The reason why Latias is excited, is because she just got word from her long time best friend, Bianca, saying that Ash will be coming to visit after winning the Kalos league a few days ago, and Ash bought eleven tickets to Altomare. So Ash invited some of his friends that he met throughout his journeys across the regions such as, Misty, Brock, May, Max, along with Dawn, not to forget Cilan, Iris, and finally Clement, Bonnie, and Serena. Ash will of course be bringing his best friend and starter Pokémon, Pikachu, they will be arriving in Altomare sometime the day after tomorrow.

    After Latias had finally calmed down, she went to the swing where she first showed her true form to Ash, who at the time could only reply by falling face first on cement. While Latias was thinking, she was interrupted by Lorenzo. "So Latias, are you ready to see Ash again?" Latias was surprised when Lorenzo came out of nowhere but then replied. 'Oh Lorenzo, I didn't see you there. And yes, I just cannot believe that after eight years, Ash is coming back! I guess I'm a little nervous. Bianca said that Ash has made a lot more friends since the last time they were here.' Latias said using telepathy (she had learned a few years ago to impress Ash once he came back, and now he is.)

    Then Latias had a worried look appear on her face and she tried to hide it, but failed. Lorenzo noticed and asked, "You're worried that if you showed Ash that you love him, that Ash won't love you back, aren't you?" Lorenzo said while Latias became more nervous, ever since she saw Ash during the Tore De Altomare race eight years ago, she has developed a crush towards the oblivious trainer. Maybe she will finally get the chance to tell him how she feels. But she fears that he won't feel the same about her.

    «Meanwhile in Pallet Town»

    We see an eighteen year old 5''4' tall Ash Ketchum, wearing his iconic red and white hat, a black undershirt, over that is a blue and white short sleeved jacket, dark blue jeans, red high top shoes, a one pocket green backpack with a white slanted Pokèball, as well as a pair of black and red fingerless gloves. With brown eyes and raven black hair, sitting on his shoulder was his buddy Pikachu, and his friends were there as well.

    Standing at 5" 7' tall is a nineteen year old Misty Waterflower with viridian eyes and orange hair, wearing a yellow sleeveless vest with a large blue button on the front with a matching shorts, worn over a dark-red under all with a short pale and burnt orange ankle boots and a small Spheal backpack.

    Brock Slate is a twenty year old man with height of 6" 2' with black colored eyes (not that anyone could tell, seeing as he is always squinting) with brown hair sporting a orange, gray and green vest with blue shoes and light gray pants.

    May and Max Maple were there as well, May was standing at a height of 5" tall, her age is 17 years old, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She was sporting a green bandanna with an orange and black tunic with a black collar, she was also wearing black bike shorts, with black socks and red and white sneakers with a green belt with a pair off green, black and white gloves and an orange backpack.

    Her brother Max who had just turned ten about a month ago and had already chosen his partner, but not a normal starter no, he went back to the same forest that he had met a certain psychic type Pokèmon, a Kirlia, which at the time was only a Ralts and now they are together once again and are never leaving each others sides. He has black/dark brown eyes with Oxford blue hair and a green T-shirt, brown shoes, with black and green shoes and black glasses, he is now 4" 6' tall and has a green backpack with a symbol on it representing the balance badge which belongs to his fathers gym.

    Dawn is now fifteen years old, and standing at 5" 2' with dark blue eyes and dark blue hair, her outfit is the same one she wore during Sinnoh which consists of, a black V neck tank top with a white undershirt and a pink skirt and white beanie with a pink Pokèball on the front of it, she also wears a pink knee high boots with black socks and a small yellow backpack.

    Cilan, who is now 16 years old with green eyes and hair, he is wearing a white shirt, a black and gray vest with gold buttons, a green bow tie, black pants held up with a brown belt and brown shoes

    Iris who is now 13 years old with brown eyes and dark violet hair. Her outfit consists of a cream top that has long loose sleeves with pink cuffs and a pink collar, a pink skirt with a large pink ribbon on the side, the ribbon is tied around her waist just like a normal cardigan would be, also there is white and yellow leggings going over her knees, she also has a pink backpack and is wearing a pink and white shoes with yellow stripes and a yellow hair ribbon.

    Clement is 17 years old, his height is 5" 4' his hair color is blond with blue eyes, his outfit consists of a blue and yellow jumpsuit, glasses and white tennis shoes. He also has a backpack that holds all of his inventions he calls his "Clemontic gear." Which is a black and white backpack.

    Bonnie, Clement's little sister is 9 years old, and 4" 3' with blond hair and blue eyes just like her brother, she is wearing a dark brown blouse with a black ribbon on the cheat, a white skirt with black shorts and pink Mary Jane flats. She carries a yellow satchel.

    And finally Serena who is now 16 years old and 5" 5' tall with blue eyes and a honey colored hair, wearing a light pink dress over a grayish black tank top with a white collar. The dress is tied at the collar with a blue ribbon given to her by Ash. Over her dress, she wears a long red vest with large pockets. She also wears black stockings and brown boots. On her head, she wears a pink-red fedora with a black hatband and she carries a pink backpack with a black Pokèball design.

    The whole gang that has ever met and traveled with Ash (minus Tracy Sketchit that is) have all met up at Pallet Town getting ready for their boat trip to their vacation. After Ash's conquer of the Kalos league he called everyone who he has traveled with over the eight years of adventuring. Bonnie and Max became fast friends when they met each other after Ash called them on their return trip to Pallet town. Dawn, Misty, May, Iris, and Serena got along quite well. Brock, Cilan, and Clement were discussing different food recipes, and different Gym strategies, along with Ash's 'Unique' battle strategy's and wins. After a few minutes of people talking to each other, Ash started to explain the plan, even though Misty, Brock and Pikachu knew the real reason on why they were going to Altomare but Ash told them that once they get there he will tell the others the real reason why when he felt like it was time.

    But until then he told them to keep quite. "Alright everyone," Ash started. " today we are starting our trip to Altomare, and I know that we have all just gotten here but, when need to get there before the boat leaves. Now then the reason why we are going to Altomare is because the Tour De Altomare is taking place there. And also, I felt that we could all use a vacation from all the world threatening events that has happened over the years, and I wanted all of us to get to relax with friends. Now then for those who don't know what the Tour De Altomare is about, it is a water chariot race. Meaning you can use one water type Pokémon to pull a water boat throughout the city, and the winner gets this glass medallion that tells the story of the town.

    The story of the town is that, when the town was beginning a evil trainer taught two fossil Pokémon, a Kabutops and an Aerodactyl, to attack people. And that evil trainer then used them destroy the town. Then Latios came and brought water to the town flooding it and drowning the evil Pokémon, and turning their streets into canals. Thus naming the city 'Altomare' which means high seas. But the story I was told by Lorenzo, who is a caretaker there and a gondola maker, was that when Latios brought water to the town, he used up to much power and died but in his place was a beautiful jewel called the soul dew. But when Latios died his children became orphans the older brother was a Latios and the younger sister is a Latias." Ash said.

    Just then Max asked "What do you mean the brothers name WAS a Latios, Ash ?"

    Everyone looked at him and was surprised except for Misty and Brock who knew why he was like this, it looked like he was holding back some tears, then Misty and Brock went to support him then Ash said, "I'm afraid, that I cannot tell you at the moment, but once we get to Altomare and I feel like you should know what I am talking about then, I will tell you the rest. Okay?" Then everyone nodded, then Ash spoke up with his usual energetic attitude, "Alright then, lets get going." And with that, Ash and friends said their goodbyes to Ash's mother, Delia and Prof. Oak. Delia was a little sad that she couldn't come but remembered that this was the relaxation that Ash and his friends needed. But before Ash left he went up to his room, and got a picture of him and Pikachu that he got the last time he was in Altomare. Ash look at the picture and smiled.

    'I'll see you soon, Latias' Ash thought to himself Pikachu knew was that was.

    "You miss her, don't you Ash?" Pikachu asked Ash. It was about a month ago that Ash was given the ability to understand Pokémon by Arceus, after all the work Ash has done, and for saving the world for like, the millionth time. This process is called "Active awakening."

    "Yeah I miss her alright buddy, I just hope she's doing okay it has been at least eight years since that day but it feels like it happened just yesterday. I wonder how she's doing?" Ash asked.

    And then Pikachu said, "Well, we won't know till we get there." Ash just nodded and with that, the group of friends headed to the ferry near Cherrygrove city. And then everyone got on the boat.

    "I can't believe we are heading to the city where, The Eon dragons live." Max said, while Ash, Pikachu , Misty and Brock had sad looks on their faces, but no one had noticed. Other then that it was a relaxing boat ride to Altomare. With no trouble no Rockets and no life threatening events happening, it was a peaceful ride.

    Hope this story becomes popular :sweat: anyways I would like to thank MCOury1998 for helping me with the emocons amd such for this site. XD , but anyways I was hoping that this story would get some followers, if not a lot then just some. B) ? B) :thumbsup: Well later.


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  2. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    Hey everyone, just putting up the next chapter on here, I hope you all enjoy it.

    Chapter 2: Arrival to Altomare

    Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot everything else belongs to game freak, Nintendo and the Pokèmon company

    «The next day on board of the S.S. Saint Ann»

    Ash, Pikachu and their friends are currently on their second day on their boat ride to Altomare. We see four friends sitting together, talking about what to do once they arrive tomorrow afternoon. They made sure not to let anyone know what is happing, for now. Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock are preparing for their arrival. "I'm just a little nervous how do you think she'll react when she sees me?" Ash said who was currently freaking out at the moment. Now, 'why he is freaking out?' You might be wondering, well, the answer is simple really. Ash had realised that he is in love with Latias. He found out right after he became the Kalos champ, when he felt like something was missing. Like there was a great big gapping hole in his heart. Then when he saw a flier advertising the Tour De Altomare race it was then that it hit him like a Dynamic Punch, he realised what was missing or whom was missing. Ash went and gotten eleven tickets to Altomare at the closest ticket store, and Ash knew what he had to do. So he invited all his friends to Pallet town so they can meet each other. Then Ash made a quick call to Bianca letting her know that he was coming back.

    So he decided that he would invite all of his friends and head to Altomare together, and then Ash will see the girl that stole his heart. After a while of Ash freaking out Misty knew that she had to help the poor kid. "Look Ash, you can't keep avoiding this forever, and we have already come all this way, don't make it for nothing." Misty Waterflower, the Cerulean city gym leader told the kid, well not a kid anymore but a mature teenager.

    "I still can't believe that Ash has fallen in love! Oh, why can't I get a girl!? Ouch!" Brock Slate Gym, the gym leader of Pewter City said feeling extremely jealous for Ash, just then Croagunk came out his Pokèball and delivered a well needed poison jab to Brock's back and dragged him away, while Ash and Misty just sweat dropped.

    "Okay then," Misty said trying to get back on topic "why don't we head back to the others now, I'm sure they are probably looking for us by now. Ash, a word of advice: don't let your fear get the better of you, I think that it's nice to see that you have matured a lot since we've last seen each other, maybe you'll have a chance at this after all. But remember that you have faced greater challenges then this and have always come out on top don't fail this time. Understand?" Misty asked then she got up from the bed which she was sitting on.

    Ash said, "Yeah, I guess you're right thanks Misty. And you go on ahead I still need to think by myself for a while." Misty nodded and left the room. While Ash was left alone in the room to think about this.

    "Meanwhile on the deck»

    Bonnie and Max appear to be enjoying each others company, both were around the same age with Max being ten years old and Bonnie being one year younger then him. The way the two chatted about how their older siblings would be helpless without them. May would probably get herself lost on the way to a contest hall, while Clement would probably get himself blown up from one of his inventions, most likely then not. While those two are chatting we see their older siblings talking as well.

    "It's amazing that those two have only known each other for only about a day now, and they act like they've known each other forever. It's kind of cute, isn't Clement ?" May asked the Lumiose city gym leader who was watching Max and Bonnie having what, one might call a date, but not those two.

    "Yeah, it's really is funny isn't? But you got to wonder, what kind of trouble those two can get into though? Bonnie won't leave me alone until she gets me a girlfriend, and Max is as smart as I am, but can still get into trouble. But at least we have got some one to keep an eye on that Brock guy, every hour it's like he's after another girl, he is worse then Bonnie. But with everything that we all have be through, ever since we met Ash, we all have had quite a few adventures in our lives, but that makes me wonder, why are we going to Altomare? Do you know May?" Clement asked the coordinator.

    "I'm not sure myself, but it is kind of nice to be able to finally have a vacation without having to worry about those morons team rocket or any other evil organization trying to take over or trying to destroy the world. You know what I mean right?" Clement only nodded and looked back to the youngest members and smiled. While those two talk about their past we see the remaining hero's Dawn, Iris, Misty, Serena, Cilan and Brock. (who has recovered from the poison jab a while ago.) Discussing what they are gonna do when they get to Altomare.

    Brock and Cilan have agreed that they will take care of supply's that they don't have. Dawn has decided to go sightseeing, Iris said that she wants to see the statues of the guardians of Altomare and try to learn more about the eon dragons, both Misty and Brock got depressed when mentioning the dragons of Eon. When Dawn asked them if something was bothering them they said, "It's nothing to be concerned about at the moment, alright?"

    With that no one asked any more questions. Serena said that she wants to see if she can find anything that can improve her performance's and was getting ready to see the city. Misty said she wants to get ready for the water race so she is gonna practice 'till then.

    Near the Pokémon relaxation area we see our favorite electric mouse Pokémon, Pikachu, along with the rest of Ash's Kalos Pokémon that he decided to bring with him. Like his Greninja, Talonflame, Noivern and Halucha. Along with Misty's Pokémon which consists of her Gyarados, Corsola, Staryu, her Goldeen in a aquatic area like a fish tank and her Froakie which she got from Prof. Sycamore when she came to see Ash after he became the Kalos champion, and her Togekiss which was Togetic, but after another Togepi evolved it came back to her where she gave him a shiny stone and it evolved.

    We also have Brocks Pokémon, his Croagunk, Swampert, Forrotres, Crobat, Steelix, and Sudowoodo. Max even has his Kirlia, the same one he met as a Ralts, he named Kir it was a name she picked out herself, how you might ask if Ash is the only one who can truly speak to Pokémon. Well Kir has telepathy, and told Max the name. Next is May's Pokémon, she has her starter Blaziken, her Delkatty which was a Skitty but after her Kanto Grand Festival victory she decided to ask Skitty if she wanted to evolve and she did , Glacion, Beautifly, and Munchlax,(also known as the bottom less pit.)

    Dawns Pokémon are as followed her starter Pokèmon Piplup, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss, her energetic Pachirisu, and Bunneary (who has been trying to get a date with Ash's Pikachu.) Iris's Team is Axew, Excadrill, Emolga, Dragonite, and Gabite. Cilan's team is Pansage, Crustal, and Stunfisk. Clements team is Quiliadin, Bunnelby and Luxray. Bonnie has Dedenne and the Zygarde that she used to call Squishy, but now calls him Z. Serena has Delphox, Sylveon and Pancham. Now that all the Pokémon have been introduced we can get to whats going. Pikachu and the other Pokémon are all around the others are trying to find out why Ash has been acting so weird.

    "Come on Pikachu tell us why we are going to Altomare." Said Dedenne. Everyone was trying to get Pikachu to tell them the reason. "Yeah tell us". " Come on tell us". The Pokémon were trying to force the truth out of the mouse who was starting to discharge electricity from his checks telling everyone to back off, but no one did until he was saved by the keeper of order, Zygarde. "Now, now everyone, if Pikachu doesn't want us to know, then let us wait until we get there okay?" The Zygarde dog said. After saving Kalos from Team Flair, Zygarde stayed with Bonnie because of how nice she is and to top it all off he stayed in his dog form so he can defend her and himself. But he likes to be called Z instead of "Squishy" and no one dares to even try to pick a fight with him because they know he can destroy them without even trying. After that everyone backed off of Pikachu he turned to the dog and said, "Thanks Z." he said.

    "Don't mention it." Z said. Then he spoke in a quiet voice and said, "After all, with Ash going to see the dragon that he fell in love with, it should be quite a surprise after all."

    "How, how did you know that the only ones that know what is going on is myself, Ash, Misty and Brock! How do you know?" Pikachu asked the order Pokèmon.

    Zygarde just laughed and said, "I am a legendary Pokémon after all, so you can't hide much from me, you know?" Then he walked away leaving Pikachu in a way, shocked.

    «Meanwhile Back with Ash»

    Ash was in his room looking at a small ruby colored box, while he held the box a small smile fell upon his face, thinking about the gift for the dragoness he has. Inside holds a special gift, when he discovered that he loved Latias he went out in search of it. He looked all over the Kalos region but ended up finding it in Terminus Cave. What is this gift? Well its only something that can work if you have a strong bound with a Pokémon.

    It is a mega stone not just any mega stone but a Latiasite, the stone that can make Latias mega evolve. Ash thought that if he and Latias started going out he should get her this so her full power can be unleashed. Now only he, Pikachu, Misty and Brock know about this, he also has a feeling that Z knows but decided to stay quite for reasons unknown, everyone has yet to be filled in, but once they get to Altomare and find the dragoness, that is when he will tell everyone, but not a minute before. So until then he put the box back in his bag and went to go hang out with his friends.

    «Meanwhile in the secret garden of the Lati»

    Bianca, Lorenzo and Latias are looking over the Soul Dew that holds the soul of Latias' brother, Latios, which has helped to protect the town and, even though it brings back sad memories, it is a constant reminder of the human that helped save the town, for, if not for a certain knuckle headed trainer, Altomare would not be here today. "So, Bianca, Latias, are you two ready for when Ash and his friends to get here tomorrow?" An old man in his late sixties early seventies wearing his red shirt and blue jeans was Lorenzo, standing next to him is his granddaughter a seventeen year old girl wearing a green short sleeve shirt and blue shorts and a white berate was Bianca, floating next to her, is the legendary red and white eon dragoness, Latias.

    'Yes Lorenzo I am ready to meet them tomorrow. And I am so ready to see Ash again it's been too long since I've seen him. I just hope he will accept the feelings of love I will show him.' Latias said with a little sign of hope in her smile. The two humans and one legendary Pokémon were staring at the Soul Dew, hoping that one day they will see Latios again. While they were staring at the jewel the Soul Dew glistened with a small light that no one noticed, then Latias's eyes started to glow and she blacked out causing Bianca and Lorenzo to freak out and check up on her.

    When she opened her eyes she was in a dark place, she could not put her claws on it but she felt like she has been here before. Then it finally hit her, she was inside the Soul Dew. " Latios? Are you there brother?" Latias asked out loud hopping to hear her brothers voice again. Then in a calm and soothing familiar voice spoke up.

    "Yes sis, I am here, it's good to see you again, how have you been doing Latias?" Latios asked his sister.

    "I am doing good brother but what is going on?" Latias asked her brother who just said,

    "Never mind that question right now. I hear that Ash is returning to Altomare. So, are you ready to see him again?"

    Latias gasped when she heard what her brother had just said. "How did you know about..." Latias was about to finish when she remembered that even though her brother was 'dead' he was still connected to her and the city.

    "That's right sister, I am still connected to both you and Altomare. But even though you are happy that he is coming back, I can sense a feeling of a bit of worry in your heart. You are scared that he won't love you back, aren't you?"

    Latias just nodded and said, "Yes, I am a bit worried that he won't accept my love for him brother."

    Then Latios said, "Well I can understand that my dear sister."

    This made Latias sad then seeing this Latios went to correct himself and said, " But, let me ask you this sister, if Ash doesn't love you then, why would he call Lorenzo and Bianca to let them know that he is coming back, and told them to tell you that he can't wait to see you again. Then do you think he would call, if he did not want to see you again, my dear sister?" Latios asked his sister.

    Then Latias thought about it for a while and then she realised what her brother meant. Then she made up her mind. "Okay brother, I will tell him how I feel about him, and if he does not show me that he loves me back, then I will just accept it and try to be his friend, but if he shows me that he truly does loves me, then I know that I was right about him. Thank you brother, for all this, I hope that we will see each other again one day soon."

    Then Latios said. "That is good to hear sister, but one more thing, when Ash gets here and after you tell him your feelings, bring him here to the Soul Dew, and if I am right, then he will know what to do. Goodbye, sister. I hope that things go well for you. And good luck."

    Then everything went dark. When Latias came to she saw Lorenzo and Bianca, and they looked worried. Then the two of them noticed that Latias was awake, Bianca then asked, "Latias what happened to you? You just passed out. You have been out for at least an hour. What happened?"

    'I was talking to Latios, he said that I should follow my heart, that I should tell Ash how I feel about him.' Latias replied.

    Both Bianca and Lorenzo had surprised looks on their faces. "You mean, Latios contacted you?" Bianca asked.

    Lorenzo snapped his fingers realized what had just happened. "Of course! The two of you have always been connected since birth, not even death should be able to separate you!" Lorenzo said, understanding the eon dragons powers.

    "But what do you mean to bring Ash to the Soul Dew? Unless... Unless Latios believes that..." Bianca stated to say getting her hopes up, but was interrupted by Lorenzo.

    "Lets not get ahead of ourselves Bianca, we don't know what he believes, so lets not get our hopes up just yet. Okay?" Both girls nodded.

    Latias knew all to well that you should not get your hopes up. 'I don't really know what my brother meant by bringing Ash to the Soul Dew, but I trust him, and I will do my best to make him proud of me. I mean after all, I was sad for the past two weeks after Ash left, but after he called from Pallet town after his loss at the Silver conference to ask how things were doing around here. And I still remember what he said to me that day. He said,'

    "No matter how bad it gets, you can't let the past rule your future." 'After he said that I knew that I had to go back to protecting the city. And that is what I plan on doing.' With all that said Lorenzo and Bianca went to the museum to make sure that is staying in tiptop condition. While Latias went on her daily check up on the city.

    «Meanwhile in the Hall of Origins»

    "What do you think of those two Mew?" Asked a strong but soft and caring voice.

    "I'm not sure Arceus, but I believe that both Ash and Latias might have a chance together. Ash has already begun to become less of a bonehead, but Latias feels that she will not receive the same love as she feels for Ash. Those two are so alike in so many ways. But I wonder, what it is that Latios is planning?" Replied Mew.

    "I'm not certain myself, but what I do know is that Ash is trying to make up for having to leave so soon last time. Did you notice what he had in that box, Mew?"

    Arceus asked the small pink cat like Pokèmon. "Yes, it was a Latiasite, right Arceus?" She asked.

    "That is right. He already has a keystone from professor Sycamore, but when he got those tickets after seeing the poster for the Tour De Altomare when he became champion, he had bought enough tickets to Altomare for all of his friends, Ash knew that he had a chance to make things right, so before he headed back to Kanto, he went to look for that stone to show how much he really cares about her.

    They are both clueless about the fact that they feel the same about each other. Now then, I do think the time has come for other friends to be reunited. Manaphy, Jirachi, come here please." Just then a small sea creature and a doll like creature with three tags on its head showed up.

    "You called my lord?" Asked Manaphy.

    "Yes, I believe that the time has come for May and Max to see you two again." Said the Alpha Pokèmon.

    The two mythical Pokémon looked at each other then grabbed each others hands and started to dance around like giddy little school girls, then they asked, "Where should we go to meet them, my lord?" Asked Jirachi.

    "You two will be going to Altomare, that is where they will be." Then Jirachi started to glow, and both mythical Pokèmon were gone, leaving the two legends to talk.

    "Are you sure that sending those two is wise sir? Not that I don't have faith, but it's just, why those two?" Mew asked.

    Arceus just laughed and said, "Well Mew, let's just say that I don't believe that Ash should be the only one who reunites with an old friend. I'm sure that May and Max should see old friends as well, right?"

    Mew thought about it for a while and smilled saying, "Yeah I guess your right. You think that maybe one day Ash will learn the truth? About his family that is?"

    Arceus looked at the small feline and said, "When the time comes I'm sure that he will learn the truth. Until then let us watch and see how things go. And besides, the other legends still don't know the truth, so when I call the meeting in the next few days I want you, Celebi and Mewtwo to keep to the plan, then when the time is right, we will tell them. And, I want to thank both you, and Celebi for keeping Delia company when Ash is away." Arceus said.

    Then Mew said, "Yeah, it's no problem my lord, and besides, it's kind of fun, hanging out with her, it feels like the good days, back before that blasted Fearrow flock incident. I hope that things can go back to the way they were before."

    Arceus nodded and said, "Yes, I'm sure that things will be able to back to normal for everyone. But my only concern is how Ash will react when his brother returns." Mew just nodded and then left the hall, both watching and waiting to see how things will turn out.

    A/N Thechaosmaster: Wow, so much secrets, well anyways, this is just chapter two, this whole story has twenty seven chapters in total, I won't put up the next chapter one till later, oh and FYI, for those reading the hero and the dragon oon fanfic, i put up the next chapter go and check it out I have also been haveing trouble with my kindle as of late, so yeah, anyways, later.

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    Chapter 3: The reunion of old friends and the question of ages

    Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot everything else belongs to game freak, Nintendo and the Pokémon company

    After their long three days out on sea, Ash and his friends have finally reached Altomare. Upon their arrival the city, Ash, Misty and Brock see their friends Lorenzo and Bianca, whom Ash had told them about last night and a third one. A girl with golden colored eyes, light blond hair and has a perl colored shirt with an emblem of a blue colored jewel on it that, if one who knows the story of Altomare, would instantly recognize it as the Soul Dew, but not many will know that. Her outfit looks just like Bianca's but with longer pants and without the beanie.

    But only Ash, Misty and Brock know that this girl is actually Latias, the eon dragon. "Lorenzo, Bianca it's so good to see you guys after so long. And Tina, it's good to see you to." Ash said to his old friends.

    "It's good to see you to Ash. Tina missed you since you were last here." Bianca said.

    "Every one, this is Bianca, Lorenzo and Tina, these are the people who I was telling you about." Ash and Latias locked eyes and 'Tina' ran up to him hugged him crying. "You still miss him, don't you Tina?" Ash whispered the question.

    "Uh, excuse me but who are you talking about?" Asked Serena who was a little bit of worried, but remembered that those two were old friends and just figured that it is best to leave it. But still had a feeling that there was more to these two then what they were letting on, but just decided to let it slide, for now.

    Ash, Misty, Brock, Lorenzo, Bianca and 'Tina' had sad looks, but then Ash spoke up. "Look, why don't we go somewhere a little more, private. Shall we, Tina?"

    'Tina' simply nodded and 'Tina' then lead the group through the maze of the city to the entrance to the secret garden where Ash, Bianca, Lorenzo, Misty Brock, Pikachu and 'Tina' ran straight at a wall everyone else thought they were crazy until they saw that they didn't hit the wall but went THROUGH it, everyone was shocked at what just happened until Ash came back and asked, "You guys coming or what?"

    After Ash spoke everyone snapped back to reality then they started to enter the secret garden one by one and everyone but the ones who've been there before were surprised to see it. Then Ash looked up to 'Tina' and gave her a small nod.

    Then 'Tina' began to glow in a bright blue color catching almost everyone off guard, then when the glow died down where 'Tina' was standing, was a red and white dragoness floating, this dragon was our friend, Latias. May looked like she had just seen a ghost. Dawn was in total awe at the figure before her. Cilan was amazed never did he believe that he in the would be in the presents of a eon dragoness.

    Iris was amazed at the dragon as well, she was trying to be a dragon master, but never would she have known that she would see this dragon in her life. Clement was speechless beyond belief. Serena saw the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Bonnie and Max were amazed. Then Max spoke up. "Amazing! I cannot believe that the stories I read about this place are true. But wait, does that mean that the Soul Dew is...?"

    "Yes Max, Latias' brother, Latios is..." Ash started to explain but then he started to cry remembering what happened here eight years ago.

    'Oh Ash. I miss him too. I wish he was still here as well.' Every one of Ash's friends started to look for the source of the voice. But Ash already knew where it came from.

    "I know Latias, I know." Ash said. Everyone was shocked to see that Ash knew that Latias was the one who spoke.

    'How did you know that it was me Ash ?' Latias asked.

    Ash just smiled and looked towards his friends. "Guys, do you think that me and Latias can have some room to talk? In private?" With that all of Ash's friends along with Lorenzo and Bianca left. Leaving Ash, Latias and Pikachu alone in the garden. After making sure that every one was gone Ash finally spoke up. "You don't have to use telepathy Tina, I can understand Pokéspeak, Okay?"

    Latias looked puzzled. "How can you understand us now?" Latias asked in her native tongue.

    "Well you see, after eight years of saving the world over and over again, Arceus granted me the ability to understand Pokémon. And after I became the champion in Kalos I felt, empty, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Than after I became the champ I noticed a poster for the Tour De Altomare race and knew what to do, so I got tickets for a boat ride here to Altomare. It was that day that I had realised what was missing, what I was missing was, you Tina. Ever since that day eight years ago I knew that you were different and I knew that you were the one for me.

    So I decided that I would call my friends and told them to meet me in Pallet Town, but before I decided to go home, I went to the Professor in Lumiose City and asked him if he had a keystone, that's this stone that works as part of a set able to make certain Pokèmon change, he gave me the keystone, and I asked him if he knew where to find a certain mega stone, but the one I was looking for, but unfortunately, he did not know where to find it, so I searched around Kalos for a few days on my own and then came to Terminus cave there I found what I was looking for deep in the cave."

    Ash pulled out a small red box while, Latias was confused. "This is what I was looking for Latias. This is for your species, this is the Latiasite it will allow you to mega evolve. That is a process of evolution that can make you temporary evolve, raising your power to a whole new level. And the best part you can go back to normal afterwards. So do you want to give it a try?"

    Ash asked Latias. "But that is not all I have with me." Ash then took out a small piece of paper, one which Latias' eyes widened when she recognized it as the picture she gave him eight years ago. "You remember that day, don't you? At first I thought it was Bianca that gave me this, but two years after I got this I realized that it was you who gave me this. Wasn't you Latias?"

    She gave a small nod stating that he was correct. Then just as Latias was about to speak a smoke bomb came out of nowhere. "No, not here, not now! Pikachu! Latias!" Ash yelled as a pair of robotic arms came and grabbed Pikachu and Latias and trapped them in a metal cage.

    "Ash help us!!" Screamed Latias.

    "Help me Ash!!" Pikachu said as he tried to break out with an Iron Tail, but failed as did what ever Tina tried to do. Ash growled and said with anger in his eyes and voice, "Don't you three ever quit!?" Then Ash heard a familiar set of laughter.

    "Listen, is that a twerp I hear?" Asked a girl with a serious need of a hair cut, Jessie.
    "It speaking to me loud and clear." Said a blue short haired man, James
    "On the wind!"
    "Past the stars!"
    "In your ear!" Said a talking cat that walked on his hind legs was Meowth.
    "Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace."
    "Dashing all hope putting fear in its place."
    "A rose by any other name is just as sweet."
    "When everything's worse, our work is compleat."
    "And it's James!"
    "And Meowth, now dat's a name."
    "Putting the do-gooders in their place..."
    "...We're Team Rocket..."
    "In your face!"
    "Wobbeffet" Said Wobbeffet while giving off a salute.

    Ash was to put it lightly, angry. "Team Rocket you have picked the wrong day to mess with me." Ash said in a threatening voice with his hands clenched and shaking his fists full of rage.

    Then Jessie said, "Hahahaha, you are in no place to be making threats twerp, our new Zygardeatron 3000 is completely invincible, you can do nothing to save your friends, so just do yourself a favor, and hand over all your Pokémon and we'll be on our way!" The robot was a large green mech that looked much like Zygarde's complete form, but much more mechanical and had a bright red R on its chest. It would make the real Zygarde feel insulted, very insulted and angry.

    Just then Ash's friends came in and ready to help out when Misty said. "Team Rocket you have no reason to be here." Misty said and was about to send out Gyarados when Ash put his hands in front of her.

    "No, this is between them and me." Ash said.

    "But Ash..." Misty said.

    "No." He said in a calm voice that was almost scary because Ash was never seen this calm when Team Rocket attacked. "They come in here disturb the secret garden and take the girl I love and along with my partner, Pikachu, whom without, I would not be here today, and they think that I will let them get away with it. They have another thing coming."

    Then Z broke his silence shocking everyone and said, "Ash is right, this is not our fight, and besides this time this has become personal for Ash." Z said. Ash just nodded and then he closed his eyes and clenched his fists tighter then took a deep breath, then he started to glow a bright blue energy which began to cause shockwaves to come off of him.

    "Wha ,what is going on why is the twerp glowing." Asked the blue hared rocket.

    "Meowth whats happing?" Asked Jessie, who really needs a haircut.

    "I don't know wat to tell yea, da tworp has never done tis before." Meowth said.

    "Team Rocket you are about to feel pain unlike you have ever felt before. You thought that Pikachu's Thunderbolt was strong, well, you've never felt this before!" Ash said in an angry voice and his eyes were glowing bright blue.

    Then Ash opened up his hands and put them together then brought them to his right side, and a bright blue orb started to form in his hands. Max then recognized it. "Guys, that's an aura sphere!" Max told everyone causing them to be surprised.

    Then Team Rocket became scared. "Meowth get us out of here, NOW!" Jessie said. But it was to late.

    "No! You're not going anywhere, now then take this, haaaa!" Ash let lose a strong aura sphere at the cage breaking it. With both Pikachu and Latias out Ash asked, "Pikachu you okay?"

    Pikachu gave him a quick nod and said, "Teach them a lesson they will never forget."

    Ash nodded and looked over to Latias. "Latias you good?"

    She nodded and said in her native tongue, "End it now." He just nodded, and then Ash turned towards the robot with anger in his eyes.

    "Team Rocket, today you have made your greatest mistake you can ever make!" Just then he, once again, formed an aura sphere in his hands, this one much bigger then the one before. "When you're gone, stay gone, OR ELSE!!!!"

    Ash then launched the massive aura sphere at the machine and in a split second it exploded but a bright blue light surrounded the robot and preventing any serious damage to the garden. Then Team Rocket flew out of the smoke and completely covered in dust.

    "How did the twerp do that?" Jessie asked.

    "I don't know, but what I do know is that my head is ringing. Can someone please answer that phone?" James said.

    "It don't matter how he did it 'cause the outcome of us is the same as always..." Meowth said. Then together they said.


    "Wobbe Wobbeffet!" Then when Team Rocket were sent far far away, Ash's aura calmed down for him to think clearly.

    "Ash, what just happened?" May asked, a little frightened by the demonstration of raw power.

    Ash then sighed and said, "If you must know, when ever I have time off from training or battling I have been practicing my aura powers in secret."

    "But I thought that you didn't want to, because it could ruin your dream of being a Pokémon master?" May asked.

    Ash nodded and said, "That was correct, that was until after the Riolu incident from Sinnoh and Hunter J. That was when I felt like I had to be able to protect anyone even if it means that I have to give up my dream, then so be it." This caught everyone off guard.

    Then Ash went towards Latias and grabbed her claw and said, "Latias, no matter where I go, no matter how much time goes by, you're the only one that I would literally die for.

    You see after I left Sinnoh I couldn't keep my mind off of you, but I wasn't ready to come back because I have not grown strong enough, but after I became the Kalos champ my mind kept coming back to you. You see, you mean everything to me, ever since we first met eight years ago, I felt something inside my heart, like that every time we were apart I would lose my mind. But after what happened to Latios, I couldn't bring myself to ask you to come with me. But I couldn't stay here, I was not yet ready to stop traveling, but I knew that as long as you were safe here, I could sleep peacefully.

    So you see, when I found out that I had the power of aura in me back at the Cameran castle, I knew that I had a way to protect you so, for the next few years I would go out and practice my aura skills in secret and so after five years of training, you saw the results. Now then, I would like to ask you a question. Latias, after eight years since I left here, would you make me complete and, "

    Ash paused and looked around him Serena looked like she understood what Ash was gonna ask the Eon dragoness. "Latias, would you like to be my girlfriend?" Latias thought that she felt her heart stop from the question. Everyone else was shocked minus Lorenzo, Bianca, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu.

    Max thought that this was ridiculous. Bonnie thought that it was kind cute. Serena seamed a little jealous, but she looked like she understood, she had a felling that this was more then just a trip to see a friend. May, Dawn and Iris seemed to understand as well. Cilan thought it was an interesting ingredient to the spice of life.

    Misty was smiling, knowing that no matter what some might say, she knew that Latias would say yes. Clement thought that Bonnie might take this the wrong way and try to set him up with a Pokémon as well. Then after a few minutes of silence Tina said, 'Ash, for so long, I thought that you would not accept my love, but never would I thought that you would be the one to ask this question. But, Yes! Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend and you, my boyfriend, as long as you are always with me'. Latias then gave Ash a great big hug.

    Ash felt like his heart skipped a beat. Then in a loving in brace the two had their first kiss. It was a heartwarming scene. Then all the females around were all tearily eyed and the boys were proud.(Well, all but Brock that is. But Croagunk took care of him before he became a problem, but no one seemed noticed or cared. Oh well. :sweat: )

    Pikachu seemed to be proud of his friend, after so long of being in denial, he has finally admitted his love for Latias. "Everyone." Ash spoke up after kissing his new girlfriend. "Me and Latias will be heading out for a while, is that okay with you guys?" But before anyone could say anything Latias spoke up.

    'Ash wait. Before we do this I need to ask you something. Something important.' Latias said.

    "What do you need my sweety pie?" Ash asked in a beautiful tone that made Latias's heart melt.

    'Aw, now that was totally cute, wasn't it?' Said a mysterious voice. Everyone looked for the source of the voice, but Max knew right away who's voice that was.

    "Jirachi, is that you my friend?" Max asked.

    Then another voice spoke. "Mama, mama it's so good to see you again." May looked around for the source of the second voice.

    "Manaphy, is that you?" Everyone was looking around for the two mythical Pokémon that have been identified. Ash stepped away from his girlfriend for a moment and used his aura sight, (it was the first technique he had learned from his training).

    "Jirachi, Manaphy, you do realise that it's rude to spy on people, right? Now than, why don't you two come out from hiding." Just then Jirachi and Manaphy stepped out from where they were hiding , Manaphy was in the lake while Jirachi came out from behind a nearby tree. Ash then said, "You do realize that was a bit rude you know that right, Jirachi?" Ash asked the small wish granter Pokémon.

    "Jirachi what are you doing here?" Max asked extremely happy to see his friend.

    'Well you see wish maker, Arceus actually sent us here, and we did not want to miss a chance to see you all again, I missed you the most Max.' Max was crying tears of joy to see his best friend again.

    "And I just couldn't miss a chance ether May. You are my mother after all." Said the seafaring Pokémon.

    May to was crying. "Oh, Manaphy I missed you too. I hope we are never apart again." While those four are getting emotional Ash went back to Latias and asked,

    "Wasn't there something you were gonna ask me, sweetheart?" Latias then snapped back into reality remembered what she needed to ask him.

    'Yes. Ash can come with me to the Soul Dew please?' Ash took a minute to think about what his girlfriend had just asked him to do.

    "What do you mean, Latias?" Ash asked.

    'You see, yesterday me, Bianca and Lorenzo were near the Soul Dew, then I felt a strange presence nearby I grew weak and I passed out and found myself talking to my brother. He said that I should bring you to the Soul Dew and you would know what to do. Other than that I don't know what he ment.'

    Ash took a moment but he said, "I will do it, for you my sweet pea." Ash said. "Everyone can you wait here, we will be back as soon as we can okay?" And with that both Ash and Latias went towards the Soul Dew. While friends old and new got to know each other.


    Thechaosmaster: And here is chapter 3, believe it or not but, I'm not that good at romance at all! Even if it seems like it, I was never very good with this stuff, but I guess that you, the viewer's can decide on that one, by the way, for those who like my Hero and The Dragon story, I found out that someone has written a story inspired by it, I would suggest reading it, it called, The Sun and Moon of Kanto by Skylandsonic, I myself have read it and, I must say, I am honoured to see my story sparks an idea for another one, so please check it out for yourselves.

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    Chapter 4: Resurrecting an eon

    Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot everything else belongs to game freak, Nintendo and the Pokémon company

    Ash and Latias had just arrived at the Soul Dew and the moment that Ash approached it, he could just feel the aura just pouring out of it. He knew that something was up.

    "What's going on here? I have never felt an aura signature as strong as this one before. But, for some reason it feels familiar somehow." Ash said.

    'So, what are you gonna do now?' Latias asked, being a bit worried about her boyfriend's safety.

    Ash stepped up to the Soul Dew and just then a memory flashed back at the time at the Tree of Beginning, it was then that he understood what he had to do. But first he had to see if his hunch is correct. He turned to Latias and smiled at her and quietly said, "Don't worry Tina, I will be just fine."

    She simply nodded and returned the smile, then Ash turned back to the Soul Dew and he put his hands together and did what he saw Damos and Shina did back at the temple in Sinnoh a few years ago, just to see if it would really work.

    "Now transcend, the confines of time and space."

    Then the area surrounding Ash became blue and when he opened his eyes, his face looked like he just saw a ghost. And he was not to far off, because he soon found himself staring at the late eon dragon, and guardian of Altomare, Latios.

    "Hello Ash, it is good to see you again." The blue eon dragon spoke quietly to Ash.

    "Latios, its good to see you too. How, how have you been doing?" Ash spoke in a shaky voice not believing what he is seeing.

    "You might be wondering why I asked my sister to bring you here today. Aren't you?"

    Ash just nodded, unable to speak without making a fool out of himself. And trying not to break his concentration, thus cause the link to end abruptly.

    "The reason is simple really," Latios began explaining his reason. "You see, as you have already shown, you have quite a bit of control of your aura, right?" Ash then nodded and said,

    "Yeah, that's right. But what does that have to do with... Wait do you mean to tell me that I have to use my aura on the Soul Dew!?" Latios just shook his head.

    "It's not that simple Ash, for you see, if you use to much aura, it could kill you, if you don't use not enough it could end up in failure, you need to use the right amount to make this work."

    Ash nodded and understood remembering what happened at the Tree of Beginning and Lucario's sacrifice.

    "So, how should I do this?" Ash said cautiously hoping that he will be able to see Latias again.

    "Your concern for my sister is touching, but you have nothing to fear Ash, you will be just fine. Now then, I admire what you did for my sister and as long as she's happy, you can be with her." Latios said, thus causing Ash to say,

    "Thank you, Latios. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that." Latios nodded but then he got up close and spoke in a dead serious voice that sounded like it could cut through diamonds.

    "I'm pretty sure that I have some idea. But if I found out that she has been mistreated, I will hunt you down and personally hurt you myself. Not even in death can I be stopped from protecting my sister. You got it?"

    This made Ash almost die of a heart attack but he nodded. But then Latios backed up from Ash and spoke with a calmer voice and act as if nothing ever happened.

    "Good. But I know that you won't let that happen, now then, when you end this connection, infuse some of your aura into the Soul Dew, it should cause it to release my soul and in turn take some of your aura to keep it stable. Understand Ash?" Ash just nodded, hoping that everything will turn out okay. "Now then Ash, go forth and do what you can." As Latios said this Ash began to loosen his hold on the connection and then he finally ended it.

    Ash slowly came back to reality felling a little light headed. "Ash, Ash are you okay my love?" Latias asked Ash worriedly.

    "Ugh, Yeah, Tina, I'll be fine, for the moment anyway." Ash replied felling like he just got hit from one of Groudon's claws.

    "What happened to you?" Latias asked.

    "Tina, I just had a chat with your brother, he kinda scared me a bit, but I think I know how to help him." Ash said.

    "You spoke to Latios!?" Latias asked surprisingly.

    "Yeah I did, but let me see if I can help him."

    Ash then stood up and proceeded to head towards the fountain and stared at the Soul Dew again, only this time putting up both of his hands forming an aura sphere in the center. Latias was scared she knew what would happen if Ash did not do this the right way.

    "Ash wait! Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Latias asked her boyfriend.

    "If I don't try I will never know. So I will try it anyway, besides I'm doing this for you as well, Latias." Ash said with a voice filled with determination.

    Ash started to infuse his aura with the Soul Dew, it felt like he was being drained. But he saw how Latias looked at him and knowing that she will always be there for him gave him the strength he needed to be tough and stayed strong. Then after what felt like forever (it was only about five minutes) the Soul Dew exploded in a giant ball of light that caught the attentions of everyone who stayed behind and went to check to see what happened. It was at that time that everyone who stood behind when Ash and Latias left showed up.

    "Bianca, do you know whats happening?" Bonnie asked Bianca hoping that everything is alright.

    "I don't know but..." Bianca gasped at the sight and so did every one who saw what was in front of their eyes.

    Hoovering in front of them all was a large blue and white dragon with a red triangle on his chest holding onto Ash, while Latias looked completely shocked. 'Latios, is that, is that you brother?' Latias asked her brother while looking at the passed out Ash.

    'Yes Latias, it's me, and don't worry, Ash is alright just a little drained is all. I told him to be careful with how much aura to use, but I didn't expect to take so much of his aura.'

    Bianca looked like she was about to cry from shear joy, while Lorenzo looked amazed, while Misty and Brock were a little scared fearing that Ash wasn't gonna make it.

    Then Ash started to move. Latios carefully setteled Ash down. "Ugh, Latios is that, is that you, did it, did it work?" Ash asked. Latios just nodded and replied,

    'Yes Ash, it worked, thank you for this, now I can live freely without having to worry about Altomare getting destroyed. I just want to say...' Just then he was tackled by his sister who was just happy to have her brother back.

    'Latias, Latias, calm down! I am happy to see you too, but, can you kindly get off of me, I can't breath.' The blue eon said gasping for air.

    'I'm sorry brother, but it's been to long since I saw you last. Please don't ever leave me like that again. And will Ash be alright brother?'

    Latias asked after calming down. Latios picked Ash back up and said, 'He is a brave man, I can see why you love him. And you know I will never leave you again. Ash just needs to rest he should be fine later on. Now then I think it is time catch up, does that seem fine?'

    Everyone nodded while Latios carried Ash back to Lorenzo's house to rest up, while everyone started to tell their stories.

    A/N: And here is chapter four. I keep forgeting to do things. And for those who are a fan of my Hero and the Dragon fic, I am requesting an Coauthor, but I'm not sure who to pick so, if you have been reading my story on Fan Fiction.net for a whie now and know where I am then PM me and I might PM you what I've got so far. But as I said, I'm stuck and need help.

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