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A FireRebirthShipping Corner

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by MoonlightEve, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. MoonlightEve

    MoonlightEve Black Belt

    Dec 25, 2012
    A New Flame

    Don't die...

    A Fire Still Burns​
    The Single Spark Blossoms​
    Blossom Little Spark​
    I Need To Know​
    'Do you love me?'

    The Fire Stings​
    Why Did It Have To Be You?​
    I Need To Know​
    'Do you still love me?'

    Burn strong little flame...

    Though You Are Gone​
    The Fire Smolders​
    Now A New Flame Accompanies The Smolder​
    This Flame Is New​
    Yet It Burns So Brightly​
    Like Yours Did Once​

    I Need To Know​
    'Do I Still Love You?'

    Your Constantly In My Thoughts​
    The New Flame Threatens To Consume Me​
    Did Your Fire Do That Once?​
    I Can't Remember​

    Tell Me​
    Why Am I Falling In Love?​
    I'm Not Ready To Fall In Love Again​
    It's To Soon​

    Are You Causing This?​

    Are You Telling Me It's Time?​

    I'm Not Ready​
    I Don't Want To Love This New Flame​
    It's Different...​

    It Scares Me​
    This Scarlet Flame That Threatens To Consume Me​
    Why A Purple Flame?​
    Why Not A Bright Blue One Like Yours?​

    I Need To Know​
    'Why do I find myself falling in love with this new flame?'

    (This is a poem concerning my shiny Fraxure, Hotaru's, worries about her feelings for her old love Skye the Scyther and her new love Charlie the Charmeleon. Currently, Skye is dead and Hotaru is trying to figure out her feels for Charlie.)​

    (Charlie the Charmeleon belongs to Banshee~​
    Also, i'm terrible at shipping names. So, Banshee, if you have a better idea, please let me know.)​
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  2. MoonlightEve

    MoonlightEve Black Belt

    Dec 25, 2012
    Two Beating Hearts

    Th-thump... Th-thump

    "Do you hear that?"​

    Two Hearts​
    Beating as one.​
    Two minds​
    Think alike.​
    One confession​
    Two hearts.​

    Thump... Thump

    "Can you feel it?"​

    My heart races​
    When I hear your voice.​
    Such Velvet​
    Yet so strong.​
    I wish I could tell you​
    But i'm not sure how you would react.​

    ... Th-thump

    "I need to tell you something."​

    Two Hearts​
    Beating for two.​
    Two minds​
    Fail each other.​
    One Confession​
    One Heartbreak.​

    ... Thump

    Stay and listen."​


    "... I love you."​

    (Yes, another poem for FireRebirth. I'm fangirling over this shipping right know! DX )​
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