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Field Report A flash, a blur, a... ninja worm? Shelmet evolves!

Discussion in 'ValorDex' started by OzoneFruit, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. OzoneFruit

    OzoneFruit Made The Arcadia Virus a Cute Anime Girl

    Minior (Core Indigo)
    (Minior (Core Indigo))
    Level 3
    Jan 22, 2017
    Lucky Punch ★★★★★Eject Button ★★★★Castelia Cone ★★★Leftovers ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★
    On the open plains of the Unovan grasslands, a Karrablast and Shelmet do battle, each ferociously trying to take down the other. The Karrablast is relentless with its attacks, striking the Shelmet over and over with its Fury Cutter, but the Shelmet's hard metallic carapace defends itself from the brunt of the blows. However, the Shelmet is beginning to tire from the weight, and it won't be long until its shell starts to weaken. It has to do something, and fast. So, it does the unexepected. It quite literally comes out of its shell.

    Tossing the shell at the Karrablast with all its strength, the Shelmet darts out and hides in the grass with astonishing speed. The Karrablast is caught off guard, and struggles to remove the Shelmet's discarded armor covering its eyes. An eerie glow shines through the grass nearby...

    A soft but sinister rustle sounds out as a new figure, cloaked in ninja-like wrappings surges towards the Karrablast and strikes with Quick Attack!

    Bio: "Is it a genie? A ninja? No one knows for sure, but this Bug-type Pokémon is FAST."

    Shelmet evolves into Accelgor at Level 25!

    Shelmet Level 24.PNG Shelmet Lvel 25.PNG Accelgor Evo.PNG
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  2. Hraesvelgr

    Hraesvelgr Snek in Your Boot

    Zapdos Egg
    (Zapdos Egg)
    Level 21
    Aug 2, 2014
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeDragon Fang ★★★★Philosopher's CowlWater Stone ★★★Great Ball ★★
    Evolution info added to the dex.
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