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A Nameless Enigma

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by UnstoppableGamer, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. UnstoppableGamer

    UnstoppableGamer Attention Seeker~

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    Jan 11, 2017
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    Here's my Teen Ink Submission~ (Apparently it got voted #1)
    As always, feedback is appreciated~
    Fun facts at the bottom~

    The Nameless Enigma

    Dis paused at the clearing in the forest. He began doing this lately, staring out to the subtly beaten path that disconnected from the normal path. He slowly paced towards-

    "Dis!" Alex, Dis' adoptive brother, interrupted. He was a young boy, about seventeen, with dark brown hair and eyes. "What're you staring out into space for? Come on! Dad's waiting!"

    "Right!" Dis grinned back, chasing his brother to the town. Overhead, the leader of the Scape Order, Gallant loomed, watching the young boys as they exited the forest.


    Back at their home, Alex's biological father, Hardy, served the boys their dinner. Hardy was a tall man in his thirties. He had dark brown hair and eyes, similar to his son. Hardy had found Dis in the forest last year, and took the boy in as his own. He had owned an apothecary he started many years ago.

    "Enjoy." Hardy smiled, handing them their food. He sat at the table with them, across from his son, a fourth meal beside him. As they ate, a firm knock came from their door. "It's open."

    "Hello, Hardy." Gallant entered, affably. He was a welcoming man with black hair and blue eyes. "Hello, Alex. Hello, Dis. How are you today?"

    "Ah, Gal." Hardy chuckled, pleased. "We're doing fine. What brings you here?"

    "I was just in the neighborhood..." He jested. "Or... That's what I would say." His tone shifted, turning to Dis. "Still haven't dyed that snow white hair, Dis?"

    "N-no..." Dis paused. "I like my white hair..."

    "It's pretty cool honestly." Alex supported. "Why would he change it?"

    "You don't know?" Gallant tilted his head. He glanced to Hardy, before taking a seat beside the boys. "Do you know what a Nameless is?"

    "Nameless?" Alex repeated. "That's a swear? Isn't it?"

    "You've heard it used when something bad happens, right?" Gallant inquired. "'Those Nameless!' or 'Nameless haunting us?'"

    "Yeah?" Alex informed, curious. "What does that mean?"

    "Nameless..." Gallant sighed. "Are the source of all our suffering. Many years ago, they were 'removed' from the land, effectively removing all our suffering."

    "What does that have to do with my hair?" Dis pondered.

    "Nameless have white hair and green eyes." Hardy elaborated. "Like you."

    "Wait!" Dis growled. "Are you implying that I'm a Nameless? I'm just like everyone else here!"

    "That's not what I'm implying." Gallant dismissed. "But, others might start to think that. You've only been here for a year. I just want you to be careful."

    "Okay..." Dis nodded. "I'll remember that..."

    "Good." Gallant smiled. "Now, on to the more crucial thing. You've noticed a clearing in the forest, correct?"

    "Yeah?" Dis paused. Alex tilted his head in confusion.

    "What clearing?" He inquired.

    "In the forest." Gallant elaborated. "There's a little clearing."

    "Never noticed it..." Alex sighed, leaning back. "What about it?"

    "Never go there, Dis." Gallant commanded, his tone shifting. "You are forbidden from doing so."

    "W-why?" Dis gasped. "I'm sorry?"

    "Gallant?" Hardy leaned towards the knight. "What's in that clearing."

    "...A Nameless." He answered. The room went silent, an ominous feeling in the air.

    "I thought..." Hardy fumbled. "They were all gone... Why is one still here?"

    "We couldn't get rid of it." Gallant groaned. "So, we locked it away many years ago. If it were to get out..."

    "Horror." Alex realized. "If they are the source of all suffering... Then an untold horror, correct?"

    "Yes." Gallant confirmed, standing up. "Just be good, and there won't be a problem."

    "Got it." Alex accepted, glancing to Dis. "Dis?"

    "Er, yeah..." Dis nodded. Nameless?

    "Good." Gallant smiled, leaving. "You take care now."

    "Nameless..." Hardy growled, rubbing his left hand. "Why...?"


    "Alright!" Alex celebrated, holding his ingredient haul. "I'm going to head back! You keep looking for anything else!"

    "See you!" Dis waved his brother goodbye. He began to pace down their usual path, pausing at the clearing. He glanced out to the subtly beaten path, an odd force drawing him towards it. He glanced around, finding that he was completely alone, before waltzing down the path. He continued until he approached a large door in a cave. He stood in awe of the massive stone door, inspecting the ancient carvings. "Amazing..." He paused, placing his hand on the door. It began to glow a bright green, causing him to jump back. He tripped on the dirt, crashing into the ground, noticing that the glow had vanished. "Geez... What on earth?"

    "Hello?" A soft voice came from beyond the stone. "Is someone there?"

    "What?" Dis jumped up, approaching the door. "Yeah. Is someone in there?"

    "Yes." The voice responded. It sounded feminine. "I've been in here for so long! I can finally speak to someone at last! Who are you?"

    "I'm... Dis." He answered, hesitantly. "And you are?"

    "I'm... Enigma." She introduced. "That's what everyone called me."

    "Who called you that?" Dis pondered.

    "I don't know..." She exhaled. "But, tell me, what's it like outside?"

    "Green." He chuckled, looking around the forest. "Lots of green."

    "Green?" Enigma questioned. "What's green?"

    "It's..." Dis paused, thinking to himself. "It's the color of peace and harmony. Trees and grass are green. Most of nature is green."

    "Amazing..." She giggled. "It's empty in here. Nothing but an empty void..."

    "Black." He explained. "Black is the color of the night. It's when there's no light around."

    "Oh." She responded. "What are some more colors?"



    "Gallant." Sedu, their leader, confronted him at the capital. They were in the throne room, where Sedu sat on a golden throne atop a staircase. He was a tall man with black hair and red eyes. "Where is that boy?"

    "Should be home." Gallant answered. "He's not a bad kid."

    "Do doubt my judgement?" Sedu growled. "Do you test my patience?"

    "No, sir." He averted his gaze. "What are my orders?

    "Find the boy." Sedu answered. "Make sure he doesn't go to the Nameless. If he does, bring him to me."

    "Understood..." Gallant agreed, grasping his sheathed sword.


    "Hm-Hm!" Dis hummed to himself as he cleaned the dishes. Hardy smiled as he assisted him.

    "You've been chipper lately." He chuckled. "You keep disappearing after your herb gathering. Did you find a cute girl?"

    "Something like that." Dis alluded. "Don't worry about it!"

    "Hey!" Alex shouted as he sorted ingredients. "At least tell your brother!"

    "Nope." Dis teased. "You'd just tease me."

    "I'm mean..." Alex paused. "I'm not denying that..."

    "Always secrets in this family." Hardy laughed. "I remember this one time..." He paused, thinking to himself. He pulled his hand to his head, closing his eyes. "I... forgot. Nevermind."

    "Dad?" Alex leaned forward. "You okay?"

    "Just a bit of a headache..." He groaned, rubbing his temple. He began to walk towards the bedroom. "I'm gonna call it an early night."

    "Uh...?" Alex's gaze followed his father. "Night?"

    "Sleep well." Dis smiled. He placed a sketchbook and pencil on the counter, retreating to his own room. "See you in the morning, Alex."

    "You too..." He groaned. "What a bunch of lazy bums..."


    "Hey, Enigma!" Dis paused outside the stone door. "I got an idea!"

    "What is it, Dis?" Enigma inquired.

    "Hold on." Dis commanded, sketching into to the paper. He slowly searched the door for a crevice, before slotting his drawing into the door. "Take a look!"

    "What?" Enigma gasped, pausing for a moment. "What's this? I-It's glowing!"

    "It's glow in the dark ink!" Dis explained. "I made it myself! I drew my family on the page!"

    "Wow..." She gawked. "You're a good artist!"

    "Thanks." Dis grinned. "I'm going now, okay?"

    "Goodbye, Dis!"

    "Bye." He waved to the door, leaving the clearing. He wandered down the path, before feeling something grab him.

    "Quiet." Gallant demanded. "Sedu wants to see you."


    "I said, quiet." Gallant ordered, dragging him away.


    "So, you're Dis?" Sedu inquired. Gallant had dragged him to the castle, forcing him to face their leader.

    "Er, yes sir." Dis answered. "What is this about?"

    "That clearing." Sedu clarified. "You've been to it."

    "Yes..." Dis confessed.

    "Against Gallant's command not to, correct?"

    "Yes..." Dis sulked.

    "Listen here, boy." Sedu stood out of his throne, marching down the stairs. "You saw something secret. Everyone avoids that clearing out of fear. And yet, you waltzed right on inside, naively. Do you want everything we hold dear ruined?"

    "N-no..." Dis averted his gaze.

    "Good." Sedu sneered. "Gallant, take him home."

    "Come along, Dis." Gallant kindly escorted him back to his home.


    Back home, Dis sat at their dinner table once again, the fourth bowl still there. He quietly ate his dinner, lost in thought.

    "Dis?" Hardy tilted his head, confused. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm... fine..." Dis mumbled.

    "No you're not." Alex growled. "I've known you long enough to tell when you're upset! Spill it!"

    "It's... nothing." Dis denied. "Don't worry about it..."

    "It's about a girl, isn't it?" Hardy teased. "This one time..." He paused, thinking to himself.

    "Anyway," Alex interrupted. "If it is about a girl, then you messed up, right?"

    "I guess." Dis groaned.

    "No guessing about it!" Alex grinned. "If you messed up, then you need to make up for it. Go see her, and do anything to make it up to her! Take her on a date or something romantic! I'm rooting for you little bro!"

    "...Really?" Dis perked up, glancing to his family. "I should do anything for her?"

    "Yeah." Hardy joined his son. "Just make her happy, and things'll work out in the end."

    "You're right." Dis nodded. "Thank you."


    Gallant stood alone in the streets, gazing out to the moon. He ran his hand along his sword once again. He was the only one who knew... He was the one to carry the truth... the guilt... He sighed, continuing to walk down the street.


    "Enigma!" Dis ran to the door in the forest. "What do you want most?"

    "Dis?" Enigma gasped. "What do you mean?"

    "What is the thing you want most in the world?" He repeated. "I'll give it to you!"

    "I..." She paused. "Want to leave this room..."

    "Leave." Dis nodded to himself. He stood there for a long while, glancing around. "Alright." He accepted, holding his hand out. He placed his hand onto the door, causing it to glow. The door began to shine a bright green, covering every inscription on it. It shone, until the grey stone began to dissipate in a white light. Inside, a thin, white haired, green eyed girl sat in awe. She covered her eyes from the light. Her clothes were old, matching her long, ragged hair.

    "D-Dis?" Enigma muttered, bewildered. She slowly stood up, looking out to the trees surrounding them. She beamed brightly, hugging him tightly. "Thank you! Thank you!"

    "N-no problem." He chuckled. His eyes widened, the sound of steel being draw ripping apart the atmosphere.

    "Of course." Gallant growled. "Why can't you listen, Dis?"

    "G-Gallant!" Dis panicked, waving his hands around. "I... just wanted to help, Enigma."

    "Enigma?" He glared at Enigma. "A Nameless doesn't have a name. Explain girl."

    "That was the name that the one who locked me in there called me!" She explained. "He had white hair and red eyes!"

    "Red eyes?" Gallant paused. His face loosed up in confusion as he inspected Enigma. He clenched his teeth, angered. "No matter. Dis, for letting out a Nameless... I must eliminate you."

    "W-why?" Dis gasped. "She's no different than you or me!"

    "Quiet!" He wailed, preparing his sword. "But first, I must get rid of this Enigma!"

    "Gallant, no!"


    "So you eliminated them?" Sedu interrogated Gallant.

    "Yes." He answered.

    "Good." Sedu sneered, clapping his hands. "What happened to your weapon?"

    "I... lost it, Sir." He responded.

    "I'll make you a new one." Sedu informed. "Just wait a little while."

    "Sir... I must ask..." Gallant grimaced. "Why... Why was that girl no different than us!?"

    "You're really asking that?" Sedu insulted. "Do you really want to know?" He growled, pacing towards Gallant, causing him to walk back. "I'll tell you. She's no different than us, because she isn't. Her... Dis... They're all the same as you and me. But, aren't you happy that you blamed them? Aren't you happy when you had a branch to cut off to solve your problems? Are you telling me, that you would rather live in your own failure and sorrow?"

    "N-no..." Gallant cowered, bumping into the balcony at the end of the throne. "I just... I couldn't live with the idea of... what's happened..."

    "You couldn't live?" Sedu chuckled. "Alright. Then don't."

    "Wha-?" Gallant shrieked as Sedu forced him off of the balcony, falling into the streets below.

    "What a shame..." Sedu gave a twisted smile. "Looks like a Nameless tripped him..." He twisted to return to his throne, running his hand through his hair. He noticed a single strand of white hair, stoically plucking it from his scalp. "No one shall interfere."


    Alex sat at their dinner table. His father had cooked up a meal for him, placing two extra bowls on the table as well. "Dad? Why do you do that?"

    "Hmm?" Hardy glanced to the meals. "I... don't remember son... It just feels right."

    "I see." Alex sighed, standing from his seat. "I'm going to go for a walk, alright?"

    "Have fun." His father waved as he exited their home.

    Alex wandered down the empty streets, making his way to the forest. He paced down the normal path, pausing at a subtly beaten path connecting to it. He stared out to it, slowly wandering towards-

    "Hey, what are you doing, Alex?" Valiant, leader of the Scape Knights, interrupted. He was a welcoming man with black hair and blue eyes. "You know you shouldn't wander around so late. I mean, everything's peaceful and all but... Y'know."

    "R-right." Alex smiled at the knight, returning to town.

    Fun Facts:
    This was originally a Gijinka story about Arceus and Missingno. I'm still on the fence about making said Gijinka story. It was basically PMD with Gijinka instead.

    On the note of Gijinka, originally Gallant was a Gallade, Alex was an Axew, Hardy a Haxorus, Enigma a Missingno, Sedu was Arceus, and Dis was an unknown Pokémon.
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