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A Sunfishy Fakedex

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by Sunfished, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. Sunfished

    Sunfished Youngster

    Jun 25, 2014
    Hello, and welcome to this messy compilation of fakemon :D

    My Fakedex: 12 Total
    The tails of Smoekin can fog out an area if it feels threatened.​
    They also live pompous lifestyles, making it a high-maintenance pet.​
    Class: Smoke Pokémon​
    Type: Fire​
    Ability: Blaze/White Smoke​
    Evolution Chain: Smoekin --> Blitzun --> Mysticore​
    Bouldappa wait at the bottom of ponds for a chance to swipe at prey.​
    Their rock like armor is rumored to repress their true power.​
    Class: Stone Tortoise Pokémon​
    Type: Water/Rock​
    Ability: Torrent/Solid Rock​
    Evolution Chain: Botappa --> Stonappa --> Bouldappa​
    A Fanshee's tendrils can detect whether or not a person is having good or bad dreams.​
    This is a rare task, however, as they are mostly sleeping around themselves.​
    Class: Sleepy Pokémon​
    Type: Normal/Psychic​
    Ability: Sweet Dreams*​
    *Sweet Dreams recovers 1/8th HP of all sleeping Pokémon in battle, at the end of every turn.​
    Evolution Chain: Fanshee --> Neuromoo​
    Umbrelala float gracefully through the air, led by the winds it is carried by.​
    They will help small Pokémon out of severe weather if the chance arises.​
    Class: Overhang Pokémon​
    Type: Grass/Flying​
    Ability: Overcoat/Drizzle​
    Evolution Chain: Bonnetsy --> Dressil --> Umbrelala​
    A Corbicutle's tentacles are extremely stretchy, allowing them to grab hold of things.​
    Their shell is actually fragile, despite the many spikes covering it.​
    Class: Shelled Pokémon​
    Type: Water​
    Ability: Poison Point/Suction Cups/Sticky Hold​
    Limbeleon are crafty cave-dwellers, often making false tunnels to annoy hikers.​
    It's said that their tails glisten with orange when it can sense trasure.​
    Class: Scaler Pokémon​
    Type: Ground/Dark​
    Ability: Inner Focus/Locksmith*/Intimidate​
    *Locksmith prevents the user from having locked moves.​
    Evolution Chain: Limbeleon --> Komolimbo​
    Bands of Staguaro usually wait until night to raid villages.​
    Their spikes are filled with many toxins, but they only ever use them in a pinch.​
    Class: Cacti Pokémon​
    Type: Grass/Poison​
    Ability: Poison Touch​
    Evolution Chain: Taktus --> Hombrero --> Staguaro​
    Crowfeur can carry things up to 5 times their weight.​
    This makes them a very needed companion when traversing large areas.​
    Class: Chauffeur Pokémon​
    Type: Ground/Flying​
    Ability: Quick Feet/Escort*​
    *Escort increases the user's Defense and Sp.Defense when Hail or Sandstorm is present​
    Evolution Chain: Droffy --> Carrow --> Crowfeur​
    Masamunya have a cult following in the Desert, as they're great thieving skills are a must for bandits.​
    Their claws are also solid gold, so don't expect regular band-aids to use against their cat scratches!​
    Class: Bandit Pokémon​
    Type: Dark/Fighting​
    Ability: Moxie/Sniper​
    Evolution Chain: Katnyap --> Purrowler --> Masamunya​
    Jokai are annoying little balloons that cause mischief wherever they go!​
    They're great party guests though, so you'll never see a party without them!​
    Class: Hearty Trickster Pokémon​
    Type: Ghost​
    Ability: Prankster/Blinding Light*​
    *Blinding Light lowers the opponent's accuracy when the user is hit by super-effective moves.​
    A Decorane's wreath always fall off at the start of Winter, so they fly off to warmer climates.​
    People usually pick up those wreaths and hang them up at their houses, as weird as it sounds.​
    Class: Adorning Pokémon​
    Type: Grass/Flying​
    Ability: Overcoat/Feather Veil*​
    *The User's speed can not be lowered​
    Evolution Chain: Friwi --> Decorane​
    Permafroth travel in colonies, leaving frozen forests as they past by.​
    At the brisk of dawn, their wings glow rainbow-like colors.​
    Class: Tundra Pokémon​
    Type: Bug/Ice​
    Ability: Mosaic*/Swarm​
    *Mosaic reflects back 2/3 of the damage received by Super-Effective moves.​
    Evolution Chain: Chrystik --> Permafroth​

    Other/Old Fakedex
    This is mostly fakes I drew for other various projects that weren't mine.
    And they're also really old, mostly from when I was in junior high.
    This is a huge compilation of the fakes that are being redone to fit a better style.​
    Grass/Bug: Leetle --> Scimantis --> Mantiscar​
    Ghost Eevee, Illuseon​
    Fairy/Flying: Fluffur --> Faeffur​
    Fire: Fricety​
    Water: Conchacha, the fat maraca hermit crab​
    These were based on Slenderman, a sort-of gift for an old friend.​
    Based on chemo-toxins​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    A Rock/Bug that wants a hug.​
    At first, it was a crow, but then turned into a robin somehow. Dark/Flying​
    Steel Eevee, Astroneon​
    It's name is also related to some Sentai-Ranger show, which influenced its design.​
    This was the Grass Starter for an unnamed region, named "Quiptile"​
    This is my signature 'mon, a Steel/Fire rocket-powered sunfish :D
    It has a signature ability, named "Detonator", which doubles the BP of all of its moves when it is in​
    critical health. It will, however, cause it to faint once the move does damage.​
    I'm contemplating as to whether make it Grass/Flying, Fairy/Flying, or Grass/Fairy​
    Final Evo is named "Umbrelala"​
    This was for a contest held at Pokémon Showdown, where you had to design a Mega Evo of an existing Pokémon.​
    Mega Persian is now Dark type, and gains the ability Mold Breaker.​
    This is a Poison/Rock type​
    Seriously Agous, you need to continue this project >:U​
    This was for another contest, which had a theme to create a pre-evo of an existing Pokémon.​
    Pre-evo of Skarmory, named "Skarpy"​
    Rock/Dark Moai Statue thing​
  2. Achromatic

    Achromatic #TeamMagikarp

    Eevee (KS)
    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 17
    Nov 21, 2012
    Deep Sea Scale ★★★Deep Sea Tooth ★★★Star Piece ★★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★
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