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A Teacher's Job

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pyr0Devil, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. Pyr0Devil

    Pyr0Devil Bug Catcher

    Oct 23, 2014
    A chapter from my fanfic 'A Teacher's Job'. Please check out my full fic and review, I greatly appreciate it! No flames please :)

    Note: I've shown you Chapter 8: School
    "O-Ok, daddy" He replied. Pyro smiled proudly at his adopted son. He then turned to face the girls
    "From now on. Vulcan here is my son, and you will do well to treat him like so. Understood?" The girls nodded,
    "Thank you"
    "Where will he stay?" Chrome asked
    "I can stay in any room. Maybe I'll stay with dad or Uncle Chrome" Vulcan replied
    "I don't recommend staying with Chrome, he can get a bit... hands full, for lack of a better word" Pyro said.
    "Then I'll stay with you" Vulcan smiled. Pyro ruffled his hair
    "Ok. I think there's a spare bed in the storage room. I'll bring it into my room and we'll share it" Pyro turned around and headed for the manor's storage room
    "I'll be in dad's room" Vulcan said and went away
    "So.... Pyro just adopted a child, now what?" Chrome said awkwardly, no one answered him
    "... Who's gonna be Vulcan's mother?" he continued. The girls looked at each other for a second before yelling simultaneously
    "ME!" Chrome sighed and shook his head. Everyone dispersed to their own rooms
    Vulcan shut the laptop and took of the headset. He was in Pyro's room and it was night time. The Mew was already asleep, snoring quietly. 'This is so awesome! I've been adopted by the Shadow Mew himself! Yet... Yet I still feel so out of place here. I wonder why?' He thought to himself. He was moving towards his bed when he heard a small giggle
    "Who's there?" He looked around the room. A dim light flashed throughout the room for a second above his head. He then felt a light weight on his head. Rolling his eyes up to see what the weight was, he saw a white face with golden eyes stare back at him
    "Ah!" He exclaimed. The face giggled again before floating off of his head. Vulcan took a good look and recognizes the mysterious being
    "I-It's the Light Mew!" He whispered to himself. Aqua, the Light Mew, giggled once more and changed into his pokemorph form. He looks almost the same as Pyro, just that his fur was white instead of black and his eyes were golden instead of red.
    "Oh, come now. There's no need to be surprised, you've met my brother!" Aqua said. Vulcan stayed silent so Aqua just walked around the boy, studying him
    "So... Pyro adopted you as his kid, eh? Hm... That was so kind of him! It's almost out of his character to do something this kind" Aqua squealed.
    "I guess you're my nephew now!" He continued
    "Hello to you too, Uncle"
    "The name's Aqua"
    "What is the purpose of your visit, Uncle Aqua?" Aqua pouted
    "Can't I visit my nephew? Anyways, I just want to say thank you"
    "For what?"
    "I've never seen Pyro this proud and happy for a long time now" They both looked at the sleeping person in question
    "Oh..." Was all Vulcan said. They stared at Pyro a bit more
    "So... I might visit you later. Staying at the Great Manor is starting to get boring. Maybe I'll visit the legendaries at the Hall of Origin and play poker again... anyways, I don't want to tire you out; you have a big day tomorrow, bye!"
    "Wait, what do you mean big da-" He was interrupted as another dim flash lit up the room. He stood there for a minute before deciding to go to bed, giving out a yawn
    Pyro woke up, yawned and stretched. He looked around the room and spotted Vulcan, still sleeping on the newly-added bed next to his own.
    "What's this?" Pyro spotted something on the nightstand. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was two necklaces. They were both made of gold, except the centre; one of them has an onyx embedded in it, the other has a ruby. The onyx seemed to shine as Pyro held it up. There was a note underneath both necklaces, it said:
    "Hi brother! I made these necklaces for you and nephew. You should know which one is yours and which is Vulcan's. Wearing these will allow you two to use telepathy at long distances. Tell Vulcan that to use it, just direct a thought at you
    "Figures its Aqua" Pyro muttered before going off to prepare himself for the day
    1 hour later
    "Come on Vulcan! Let's roll!" Pyro called out. Vulcan came down to meet Pyro at the main door
    "Where are we going?"
    "Enrol you into the high school near here. It's called Seion High School, or just SHS. Oh! Before I forget, Aqua gave you this. It allows us to use telepathy with each other no matter how far we are apart. To use it, just direct a thought at me" Pyro handed the ruby encrusted golden necklace
    "Thank you"
    "No problem, just passing the gift. Now, let's go" It was a short drive to the school, but before they got out, Pyro changed to his Zorua morph form. Vulcan was awed by the large size of the school. Pyro escorted Vulcan to the reception and enrolled him into the school as Vulcan Umbraculo. Just before they were going to leave
    "Hey! Wait up!" A voice called out. They turned towards a voice and saw a zorua morph panting slightly in front of them
    "Whew! You're joining this school, right?" He asked
    "Yeah" Vulcan answered
    "Nice to meet you, I'm Max! Max Smith! I'm starting my first year here too!"
    "I'm Vulcan, Vulcan Umbraculo. Nice to meet you too"
    "Just a reminder in case you didn't know. School starts in two days" He smiled
    "Thanks!" Vulcan replied
    "I get the feeling both of you are going to be best of friends! Ah, the memories of being at school" Pyro chuckled
    "Max! Come on!" A distant shout reached their ears
    "Got to go, bye!" Max said. They watch him run towards an awaiting Zoroark morph, presumably his mother. 'Strange, why do I feel a weird connection with that man?' The mother and son thought before deciding it was nothing
    "I'm starting to like this school. Will I be boarding?" Vulcan asked Pyro as they drove home
    "It depends. For now, you're a day student. But we can change that if you want, even during the school year. You can decide and tell me anytime you want! And I'm glad you've already taken a liking to the school" Pyro said, smiling. When they reached the manor, Pyro and Vulcan entered the living room to find everyone there
    "I'll be in our room" Vulcan excused himself
    "Ok" Pyro replied and Vulcan walked back to his room
    "Everyone!" Pyro called out. They switched off the TV and looked at him as he stood in his usual announcements spot
    "I just found a high school near here and enrolled Vulcan in it. I think that you should go there too. I don't know why your dad needs me to teach you when there's a high school near here"
    "Well... first things first. We finished high school already" Sylvy answered
    "Yeah, that's true" Laura added
    "What? You girls finished high school already?" Pyro asked in shock
    "Yep!" Jill said
    "Wait, question for you. Do you even know our ages?" Ellie asked
    "Umm...." Pyro didn't say anything. He felt stupid, he has been here for a relatively long time and didn't even know their ages
    "Thought so" Ellie sighed
    "For your information, we are all 22. We finished university last year"
    "Wow. I feel stupid for not knowing that..." Pyro mumbled
    "Don't be"
    "So... I still have to teach you"
    "Not if you don't want to. We would be good with some free time for ourselves" Umi answered
    "Ok... I don't really know what to teach anymore..."
    "How about some moves of yours. Classroom will be in my bedroom" Icy winked
    "How about no" Pyro turned and went back to his room
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