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A Type Chart Puzzle

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Duo, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Duo

    Level 2
    Jul 7, 2019

    So here's this - a randomly-generated type chart. This has gone around a bit on the Smogon subforum I'm in from a random type chart generator I made. If you were to fill this out with fanmade types of any kind, how would you do it?

    For example, here's mine...

    You can do what you want but for the project I did this for, I couldn't use existing types. Some stand-ins exist.

    - Rock, Paper, Scissors is a fun thing to center this around, so Stone, Paper, and Blade is the main type triangle here.
    - Crystal beats Stone and loses to Blade because Haunted suggested I put Ice here, and some crystals share similar properties. Easy to shatter, hard to slice.
    - There's potential for a type square here between Stone, Paper, and two others, and I felt Glass and Heat fit here. Stone shatters Glass, Glass is Heat-resistant, Heat ignites Paper.
    - Plastic is tough enough to make things like mallets that can smash glass, and you can use Heat to melt it.
    - You cut food with Blades and Plastic is used to contain them so I kept thinking of food-related types. Sweets would be fun to work with here.
    - Brawn is a stand-in for Fighting, like Heat for Fire and Stone for Rock. Brawn beating Stone is self-explanatory but muscledudes have to avoid Sweets.
    - Finally, the neutral type, Tooth. They decay, but I might change this, since the other way around could also make sense.

    This takes a while and is kinda difficult to make things fully cohesive, but try it out!

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