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A whole new life

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pokémon_lover246, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Pokémon_lover246

    Aug 28, 2015
    Info- This is a story about a fenikin, that gets abandoned by her trainer.

    -Chapter 1

    It was a full-on day of training for the little fennikin, and she was getting pushed especially hard today.
    "Hurry up!" Her Trainer, Blake, shouted.
    "Feni!" The Pokémon shouted back, then Trainer Blake sends out a garchomp.
    "Flake. You are going to battle chomp, you better win," The Trainer said. Flake started shaking out of fear, she was scared as chomp always beat her. The trainer glared and nodded his head.

    "Feennnn!!" Flake shouted, sending a ember at chomp, but having no effect at all.
    "Chooomp?" Chomp teased, flake had had enough, so she ran.
    "Flaaaake!!" I roar of anger was heard but she ran faster, knowing that if she could reach the tree's she would be fine, "CHOMP CATCH FLAKE!" Blake roared out. Chomp nodded and took off, chasing the fennikin. Flake ran faster, and only just reached the tree line, she jumped in a large bush. The bush was wide and looked like only small Pokémon would fit.

    "She's stupid anyway," Blake said as he left the pore Pokémon in the bush.
    "Oh! Sorry!" A boy had just ran into Blake.
    "Stay of my way!" Blake did and barged forwards. Flake heard the new boy, and stepped carefully out. The boy had a pikachu on his shoulder and it glared at Blake.
    "Feni?" Flake asked. The trainer looked and saw flake.
    "Aww, hi there! I'm ash and this is pikachu, what's your name little fella?" The boy -ash- asked. The fenniken used her paw and wrote 'Flake' in the sand. That's the word her trainer made her learn to write.
    "Fenni," Flake said.
    "Ok flake. Do you wanna come on a journey with me and pikachu?" Ash asked. Flake nodded eagerly, then looked saddened and glanced towards where Blake had left.
    "Huh? Oh! I get it. You ran away from that trainer didn't you?" Flake nodded, "And he has your Pokéball?" She nodded again, "We'll find out how!" Ash said enthusiastically and Ash and Pikachu set off, with a new Pokémon.

    ~The ennd

    ~What do you guys think??
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