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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Jathemon, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    I'll go ahead and post this, since it kind of goes with The Beginning. I HIGHLY recommend you read The Beginning, first. The first two stories kind of go together. It gives the characters much more personality, and you begin to actually care about them. It's also much better-written, since The Beginning was mostly just a learning experience, for the both of us.

    Acceptance takes place about 3-4 years after The Beginning, and deals with the hybrids coming to terms with their new form and making lives for themselves. With the help of Ahti, Musashi learns how to forgive and move on. CT begins to show that he might actually begin turning around, and new villains are introduced, along with CT and Lash's young son, Nicodemus.

    Ahti always loved the ocean. His very name derived from an ocean god. It seemed only right, that he move to Slateport. It had been three years, since the incident that turned him and his wife into humans. It took a while to get on his feet, after the escape, but his heart belonged in Slateport.

    He and a handful went back to their trainers, and told them what had happened. Some of them, like Ahti, took on last names and went to make a life of their own. Others stayed. Some went looking for CT, but there had been no trace of him, since.

    Ahti wasn't sure he could face CT again, anyway. He was happy with his life. He had become a fisherman, selling his catch to the local market. It wasn't much, but he enjoyed it. Sometimes he would take little Clem, who they had adopted, on the boat with him. As time had passed, little Clem wasn't so little, anymore, and had become a big sister.

    They had all grown accustom to being human. Even enjoyed it. Ahti missed his trainer, but he loved his new life. Zero, Clem, little Kai. They were happy. There was still some part of him, however, that felt betrayed and hurt. Many of them felt that way.

    The Porter house was close to the beach, so it could easily be seen, as Ahti's boat was heading toward the shore. Somebody was at his house. A car, he didn't recognize. It was probably just one of Zero's friends, or a classmate coming to visit Clem. Ahti shrugged it off as nothing, as he brought his fishing boat into dock.

    "Daddy daddy daddy!" a high pitched girl voiced squeaked as Clementine burst towards Ahti, jumping and clinging onto him.

    The little girl, now older and able to speak, smiled at her adoptive father. "Guess what guess what?" she asked, beginning to talk a mile a minute, "There's a visitor I haven't seen before! And and and he looks funny and has green hair and stuff and and he says he wanted to talk to you. Also he looked at me funny and knew my name." she giggled playfully as she bounced on her tiptoes.

    Inside the home sat Musashi. His hair had grown shaggy and he was now closer to adulthood. His parting with his trainer was hard, like leaving a close family member. The sad look on Pen's face was still burned into the former scyther's memory. His blades were in their sheathes. He glanced at little Clementine and Ahti. Musashi also took on a last name, adopting the surname of the namesake Pen gave him. Before he left he had a talk with Pen about his name, learning that he was named after a Sword Saint who revolutionized Bushido. Pen then handed the now human Musashi a book written by that man, which Musashi carried wherever he went.

    "...Hello Ahti, it's been a while. A year? Two? I've lost count." He said softly, sighing. Unlike Ahti and others, Musashi couldn't settle down yet. He had been spending his whole time searching for CT, hunting the traitor wherever he could find clues. He searched all of the Kanto region first, deciding to take a break in Slateport while he was passing through.

    "Musashi..." Ahti grinned, as he scooped up Clem, in his arms. "Three years. It's been three long years." he traded a firm handshake, with Musashi. He thought it was pointless, hunting down CT, but he never said anything.

    Kai came bounding in, too. "Hi, mister!" she chirped, happily. She was just barely three years old, and didn't have a wide vocabulary. Ahti smiled, as he sat next to Musashi, Kai crawling in his lap alongside Clem. "So, what brings you all the way to Slateport?" Ahti said.

    Musashi smiled. "Ahti, I am merely stopping by for a short while. I've been traveling for quite a while and I have yet to sleep somewhere comfortable for all these years." he said. "I'm passing through because I've been following trails and leads. I think CT is here...in Slateport. He's so close Ahti, I can feel it. I want you to come with me, if he's here and we find him we can finally end it all."

    Clem was confused, cocking her head. "CT? Daddy what's a CT?" she asked, looking up at Ahti with her big brown eyes.

    Ahti sighed. "Musashi, you know you are welcome here, anytime. But please do not involve me, or my family, in your quest for vengeance. Even if CT was here, what would ending him accomplish? What is done is done, and it can't be undone. Things won't go back, the way they were. Killing him won't change things, and by doing so, that makes you no better than he is."

    Ahti paused. Could CT really be here? If so, why? There's no way he would remain elusive all these years, only to show up on his doorstep. Ahti ruffled Clem's hair. "Don't worry about it, Clem. He's somebody you'll never have to meet." he answered, with a warm smile.

    "But Ahti, what he did was unforgivable." he stood up. "He betrayed us all, and not everyone made it out alive. I..." he looked down. "I can't continue until he gets punishment for his actions. You continue with your life, but mine can't start until I've given him what he has coming. However, it is growing late. If you will have me, I would like to spend the night."

    Clem was curious, this person seemed pretty obsessed. Then Clem spotted something far better...

    ... His swords were very shiny.

    "It is always easier to seek vengeance, than to forgive." Ahti sighed. "I can't condone what he did, but I understand why, and I forgave him, a long time ago. It still hurts, but we can't live our lives, filled with hate and longing for revenge. By letting go, by forgiving, it makes you the better person."

    "You may stay here, for the night. I do ask that you keep those," Ahti nodded toward the blades. "Away from the little ones."

    Musashi sighed. Ahti was right of course, but what else could he do? He was never going to be the same again, never going to battle with Pen again. He stared at his blades.

    "Believe me Ahti, these were once my arms...I'd rather die than let anyone take these from me."

    Lash wandered through the marketplace. She had never been to Hoenn, before. She worked with CT every now and then, but she preferred to travel, to see the world. What he did...that wasn't for her. She didn't like hurting people.

    A young child stayed close to her, clinging onto her dress, as they shopped the huge market. This was the first time he had ever left Castelia, and he was a little afraid. His mother had traveled a lot, throughout the years, but this was the first time he had ever come with her. Everything seemed so...different.

    Bruce felt uncomfortable. He had come with Lash because he didn't like the idea of her heading out with just her child. What if something happened? Lash wasn't what many would consider a fighter, and the child was only three years old. He crossed his arms

    "Lash...I don't think it's wise to just be wandering around like this. I know there are some of the... people from before that might still be searching for us." he said.

    Lasciel waved Bruce off. "Oh, don't be silly. It's perfectly fine." she said, looking through an assortment of outfits that one vendor had. Lash didn't think she needed a bodyguard. Sure, she wasn't the best fighter, but she could hold her own; and she sure as hell wouldn't let anybody touch Nico.

    "Ooh!" she chimed, grabbing a dress and holding it up to her. "Isn't this just the cutest?" she grinned.

    Bruce grunted ."Yes, Lash, it's very nice. I just want to make sure you and little Nico remain safe."

    Lash smiled. "Bruce, I appreciate your concern, but what could possibly happen?"

    Bruce sighed. "You don't know Musashi like I do, he's probably been searching all his human life for us, seeking revenge. He's tenacious and knows how to hold a grudge."

    "Hmph!" Lash folded the dress over her arm, paying the merchant. "Well, I'm sure if we run into him, we'll be just fine!" She continued shopping, Nico still staying close to her. It was getting late, but not quite dark, yet. Nico didn't like the dark. He clung tightly to her, keeping an eye on the setting sun.

    Bruce looked at the setting sun. "It's getting late, Lash. We should head inside." he said, feeling worried. "I think your son agrees with me."

    "Oh..." Lash pouted. "I supposed you're right. Oh, well. There's always tomorrow!" she chirped, happily, picking up little Nico and carrying him off to their hotel.

    Bruce gave Lash a look. "Tomorrow? Lash, how long did you plan to remain here?"

    "Well, I don't know!" Lash said. "I may stay here another day, or another week. Who knows?" she continued, smiling. "Besides, it's good for Nico to get out. He's never been outside of Castelia, after all."
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  2. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    That night, Musashi tossed and turned. He eventually paced around the living room. Somewhere, possibly nearby, CT was giving that stupid grin of his and doing who knows what with the disc he took. He held onto his swords, anxiously.

    Kai had gotten up at some point in the night, and wandered over toward Musashi. It was curious, how he kept walking around in circles like that. And what were those shiny things? She stood and watched him, for a bit. She eventually piped up; "Whatcha doin'?"

    Musashi looked at the young girl. He didn't recognize her, so she must be Ahti's daughter. "Oh, nothing. I just can't get to sleep is all. You're young, you should be in bed."

    Kai blinked at Musashi. "I don't wanna.." she rubbed at her eyes, and yawned.

    After breakfast that morning, Zero was busy getting the kids ready to go to the marketplace. "So, Musashi," she said, struggling to get Kai out of her PJs and properly dressed. "Have you been to the marketplace, yet? You're welcome to come with us. You could stand to relax, a little." she smiled.

    Musashi sighed, fresh and clean from his first shower in he-forgot-how-long. Seemed everyone wanted to tell him to relax nowadays.

    Then again, maybe there could be some clues in the marketplace; CT might try to hide in a large crowd. "Well, I haven't been to the marketplace before, and I bypassed the Celadon mall." he said.

    "Come on, what could it hurt?" Zero said, starting out the door. "There's this new thing everybody's doing, nowadays. It's called 'fun'. Try it." she said, smiling.

    Musashi sighed, running his hands through his hair. "Yes, ha ha. Very funny, Zero."

    Bruce sighed. Lash was too carefree. However, maybe years of fighting made Bruce paranoid. Even if someone, namely Musashi, was searching, what were the odds they'd run into them now?

    "You know, Bruce," Lash said, heading for the marketplace, herself. "You don't have to tag along with us, all the time. We'll be just fine. You don't have to worry, so much."

    "I told Nico's dad I'd keep a watch over you two, just in case. " Bruce replied, walking beside Lash. "Besides, if I do fight, little Nico can watch and learn. Who knows, maybe he'll end up tougher than his old man."

    "CT is just overprotective. Slateport marketplace is perfectly safe!" Lash said, continuing her shopping spree. Nico, meanwhile, had wandered off a bit. There were other kids there, and they seemed a lot more interesting, than shopping.

    Kai wasn't much interested in shopping, either. She waved, at Nico, shouting "Hi!" He didn't wave back, but gave her a nervous "Hi....hello..." back.

    "Oh my gosh, Kai-Kai! Who've you found?" Clem came running into Kai, hugging her from behind, her bushy tail wagging excitedly. "I don't recognize him, do you, Kai-Kai?"

    Kai shook her head. "Whassyer name?" she said, to him. Nico just fidgeted. "Um....hi...." he said, again. He was a shy kid, and these were the first kids his age, he had ever met. Kai just giggled. "Yer silly."

    "He's very silly. Oh oh, Kai-Kai, let's take him to the beach cave with us!" Clem said, getting excited at meeting a new friend, and he was a boy too!

    "Oh, oh! Yeah! Beach cave!" Kai happily chirped, in agreement. She started to drag him off, but was abruptly stopped, by Zero. "Oh, no you don't. You're not going anywhere!" she said, grabbing at the both of them. "Who's your friend?" she asked, noting Nico.

    "......Hi.." Nico said, to Zero.

    "Owie, Mooom" Clem whined "We don't know his name, unless his name is 'Hi' but that's a silly name don't you think?"

    Zero smiled, kneeling down next to little Nico. "Well, hello there! What's your name?" she asked him. Nico just fidgeted, some more. "Shy, aren't ya? Where are your parents?" she said, noting the child seemed to be alone.

    "Um...." Nico said, still fidgety. He hadn't noticed how far away from his mother, he had wandered. Not seeing her around, he started to panic himself. "M-momma?" he whimpered.

    Musashi groaned as he looked at all the people. There wasn't that much in the marketplace, certainly a lot of food stands that smelled good. Musashi already had filled a bag with various honey related food items, an addiction he never got over. He then noticed someone, no, two someones. Bruce and Lash! Musashi glared as he moved towards them.

    Bruce sighed "I don't know..too many blind corners, lots of people, you could be mugged here." he said. "And as a further note, I think we've lost Nico."

    "Oh, please. I am not going to get mug-wait wha-" Lash turned around. Sure enough, Nico was no longer tagging along, behind her. "Ohm'god! Bruce! Find him!" she panicked, grabbing Bruce's shirt collar.

    "Relax, Lash. Don't worry, I'll find the boy." he paused, looking at the coming Musashi. "But it might have to wait, there's an angry former Scyther heading toward us, and I doubt he wants to make poffins."

    Musashi came right at the two. "...You two. Where is he?" was all he asked, his hands on his blades.

    "That's what I'd like to know!!" Lash said, still panicked. It took a moment or three for her to realize he wasn't talking about her son. She shook her head. "Look, whatever you want, it'll have to wait! I have to find my son!" she said, nudging past Musashi.

    Musashi paused, this was not how he expected things to go.

    "...Did she just say son?"

    "Yeah kid, she said son. Look I know what you want, but it's best you just move on with your life, for your own good. CT's not here, just me and Lash with her son. He's still very little and he's lost, so unless you're going to help find him, I'll have to excuse myself." Bruce replied, shrugging past the stunned young man.

    Man, that's how Lash was. If Bruce had to log Lash's priorities, he would have to note, like most mothers, little Nico was at the top of the list. The child couldn't sniffle without her freaking out.
  3. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    "Aww Mommy, he lost his mommy." Clem said, tugging at Zero's sleeve.

    "Well, then." Zero said, taking little Nico's hand. "We'll just have to find her, now. It's okay, she can't be too far." she smiled, trying to calm the young child down. Kai happily skipped alongside him.

    "Mommy, when will we find his mommy so we can take him to the beach caaave?" Clem asked, still tugging on her sleeve.

    "That beach cave could be dangerous, Clem. And I'm sure his mommy wouldn't want him out there, with strangers." Zero paused for a bit. "Y'know, it would help if we knew your mommy's name. Or yours." she said, to Nico.

    Nico was silent for a bit, but finally stuttered his mother's name; "L-Lashul.."

    Lashul? Zero thought. Wait. Oh, crap. Lasciel. Lasciel was his mother.

    Musashi sighed. CT was a father now? Where was he supposed to go, with this? People were moving on, like nothing had happened. Musashi carried his former arms on his hips and people were just...moving on. What did that say about his life?

    Bruce tried to calm down the panicking Lash. "Listen, Lash, he's probably just lost in the crowd. We'll find him. Nico! Where are you little buddy?"

    "Just lost in the crowd?" Lash repeated. "Bruce, this place is huge! I don't even know which way he could've gone!" she said, still panicked, and frantically calling out for Nico.

    "Now Lash,you said not to worry, right? He's probably staying still, wondering where we are." Bruce said, trying to keep her calm while calling out to Nico.

    "Unless somebody snatched him up!" Lash said. "OhgodohgodWhatifsomebodytookhimohgod" she rambled, failing to calm the least bit down.

    "Lash, trust me, he's fine and will be fine. I'll crack anyone that means him any harm." Bruce said to Lash. "Oh look, there he is. See? He's fine."

    "Nico!!" Lash shouted, Nico promptly running up to her, clinging to her.

    "Lash..." Zero said, flatly.

    "Zero." Lash said, back. First Musashi, now Zero? She wasn't here, for trouble. She just wanted to have some fun. She shook her head, and sighed. "Thank you. For...y'know...keeping an eye on him."

    Ahti had gone on about forgiveness, and how they all needed to move on. Zero was one of those who moved on, but was unsure if she wanted to forgive. She nodded at Lash, but said nothing.

    "Mommy?" Clem tugged at Zero's sleeve once more, it got to the point where only Zero's left sleeve was getting worn out, due to the little Furret girl. "Do you know the boy's mommy? Huh huh? Our mommies know each other?"

    Bruce remained quiet. "Zero. So, um." He observed the growing Clementine and Zero herself. Man, this was awkward. "So, how is Ahti doing?"
  4. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    Zero didn't answer, for a while. It seemed a lot longer than it probably was. "Took a while to get adjusted, but he's adapting good. We all are." she said, quietly. She observed Lash, tightly hugging Nico. Neither Bruce nor Lash had anything to do, with this. Lash was only trying to save CT, from death. She had no idea what they were planning. It wasn't her fault.

    "We should be going. Ahti's out on the boat, right now...it's probably best if he doesn't know you're here. I should...find Musashi." Zero said. While it wasn't their fault, she still couldn't make herself be friendly, with those who sided with CT.

    "Right, good. Glad he's doing well." Bruce replied solemnly. "Musashi's near the center where we last saw him. He had some sort of shock, hearing Lash and CT had a child." He put a hand on Lash's shoulder. "We should get going now, Lash."

    "Can't imagine why." Zero mumbled, barely audible. She started off, to look for Musashi. Lash took notice of little Kai, waving at Nico. "Bye..." the little girl said, as Nico waved back.

    "Y'know..." Lash spoke up. "I heard the beach is nice. Maybe you could show us around? I'm sure the kids would enjoy it."

    Zero considered Lash's offer. She didn't particularly want to hang out and chat, with her...but the kids did seem to be fond of each other. She sighed. What could it hurt?

    "Okay. Sure. Fine. But this doesn't mean we're friends, or anything." she sighed. "I should probably let Musashi know, first." Kai happily jumped up and down. "Yay! Beach!"

    Meanwhile, in Castelia, CT paced across his lab. It was small, but it was functional. He walked past several glass containment areas, very similar to the ones he and the others were kept in, except there were two Pokémon in each area. In one, was a Sandile and Totodile. In another, was a Skarmory and Haxorus. In the third, a Scyther and Magmar. Those two didn't really get along. In the final one, was a Lampent and Infernape.

    At the controls sat a very shaggy-haired and skinny man, with bright blue eyes and bits of red, laced in his black hair. Shii had an expression of maniacal glee, on his face. He was CT's first transformation, and as such, his brain was a tad scrambled. He seemed to know what he was doing, though, and gladly served his "master", even though he had no idea what CT was planning.

    "Slowpoke and Shelder, Magnemite, Diglett, Deino...." he said, stopping next to the Lampent and Infernape. "All individual beings, who merge to create two or more beings, on the same body." Shii's grin never wavered, as he stared intently, at CT. "Who's to say other Pokémon can't merge, as well? Not only will they become human, but also hybrids."

    Shii began giggling, madly. "Can Shii push the button now, yes?" he hissed. CT grinned, and waved his hand in a gesture that said "go ahead". Shii continued giggling, even madder it seemed, as the Pokémon not only transformed, but fused together.

    The Scyther and Magmar growled as they started to merge, attacking each other violently. They fused into a red colored Scyther with black blades, before the combined creature howled in pain, swinging its blades wildly about. What came to be was a red haired young man, screaming and howling in pain. Flames emitted from his body and outwards as he screamed in fury.

    "Oh, my...that one looks angry." CT grinned, turning back toward Shii. The Skarmory/Haxorus thrashed about, as well. The Lampent/Infernape seemed more confused, than anything. The Sandile/Totodile was just a young girl, no more than five years old. She was scared, alone, and confused. Great. Another child. CT already had one bothersome child to deal with, he didn't need another. Perhaps one of the others would take her in, as Ahti did for Clem.

    The fusion blasted a fireball against the door. "Hey!! Lemme out of this tin can, you old fart!" he shouted. "Rather fry up than be contained by the man!"

    "Hey!" CT shouted, at the "magscythe". "I am not old!" he said, hitting a fist against the class. He straightened his jacket, and sulked back toward Shii. "I don't look old, do I?" Shii still had the same grin on his face. It was hard to tell what he was thinking, but CT just assumed it was a "No."

    "Yeah, whatever, Gramps." the cocky magscythe retorted. "How about you open this damn door, before you break your hip?"

    CT growled, furiously. "I am 29! That is not old!!" he slammed both hands on the desk. "Keep pushing it, and you won't be let out, at all!"

    The rebellious magscythe clicked his teeth, at CT. "Tch, 29? Sheesh, you're pretty much 30! Don't have a stroke while you're fuming at me, Pops. Open the door, before I bust it down and set your vcr for you."

    CT stared at the fusion, for a few moments. "Shii?" he said. Shii didn't say anything. "I think this one would be a good test subject, for a reversal."

    "Screw you Pops, I ain't your lab rat!" he blasted several exploding fireballs at the door, starting to cave it in. "I'll fuck you up, you old bastard, if you don't let me out now! You and your creepy boyfriend!"

    CT was starting to get less annoyed, and genuinely pissed, at this point. Shii continued to cackle. CT decided Shii's face would be good stress relief, and punched it. Shii let out a very dog-like yelp, but it didn't seem to bother him all that much.

    "I think you should calm down, now." CT said, as a gas began pouring into the containment unit. "Don't worry. You'll just sleep for a while. Though if you continue to test my patience, you will not be so fortunate."

    "What..the hell you spouting...augh it smells...like...." the magscythe slumped down, passing out "...fart."

    "Get him in a more secure room, Shii." CT demanded, checking the vitals of the other subjects. The Skarmory/Haxorus seemed to have worn itself out, thrashing about. The little girl had fallen asleep. The Lampent/Infernape was....gone? "Blast!" CT shouted. Right. Ghost type. "Find it!" CT pointed, at the Zoroark. "I'll take care of the pesky magscythe. Just find that blasted ghost!" Shii nodded, and bolted off on all fours. CT shuddered. God, Shii was creepy.

    Meanwhile, another angry Scyther was fuming. "We're going to what?" Musashi asked Zero. "You're saying we're taking his child to the beach, like we're all friends? Did you get hit in the head or something? Why would I be ok with that?"

    "Oh, come on." Zero protested. "It wasn't their fault what happened, and my god, he's just a kid. You can't punish him, for what his father did." She let out a sigh. "Besides, Clem and Kai don't have many friends, and I don't think he does, either. It'll be good, for all of them. Maybe even for you."

    Musashi sighed. He knew when he was defeated. "Fine fine, we can all go to the beach. It changes nothing though." he said.

    Bruce sighed "Good, it's all settled. However, none of us have any swimsuits."

    "Good." Zero said, still unsure about the whole thing, herself. "I'm not planning on making sandcastles or anything, so I don't really need a swimsuit." Lash bounced up and down, much like little Kai did. "Oo! Oo! I brought mine! And one for Nicky! And I packed one for you, too, Bruce, just in case!"

    "You...got one for me?" Bruce asked, a little shocked.

    "Well, yeah!" Lash chimed. "I figured since you were coming with us to a beach town, might as well!" she shrugged and grinned.

    Zero gave Lash a strange look. She had always been like a big kid. Some things never change, apparently. She shrugged. She wasn't really a swimsuit person, but might as well join them.

    "Mommy Mommy, I have a swimsuit right? Right?" Clem started to bounce happily.

    "Of course you do, Clem!" Zero smiled. "Me, too?" Kai said, tugging at Zero's other sleeve. She wasn't going to be left with sleeves at all, at this rate. "You, too!"

    "I...don't really mix well with water." Musashi said. "I suppose I'll just..relax in the sun or something."
  5. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    Later, at the beach, Nico kept stumbling around in the sand. He had never been to a beach, before. The ground felt funny, and kept tripping him. Stupid ground. He stumbled once more, and grabbed onto Musashi, to keep him from getting another mouthful of sand.

    Clem bounced around the sand in her swimsuit, picking up objects out of the sand singing a little song about 'shinies'. Kai was skipping alongside her big sister, collecting seashells.

    When Nico clung to Musashi, he stood still, staring at the boy. A part of him wanted to hate the boy because he looked so much like his father, but another side told him how horrible it was to hate a child.

    Nico looked up at Musashi. "...Hi." he squeaked. There was something about Musashi that both scared him, and made him feel...safe. Musashi let out a small sigh. Damn it, how was he supposed to hate a small child that was this bashful? "Hey there. Never walk on sand, before?"

    Nico shook his head. "Nuh-uh..." he said, quietly, still latching onto Musashi. This sand stuff was soft and squishy and kept moving around his feet. How could those girls over there be skipping along on it, like that? They must be magic, or something.

    "Well, it's tough to get used to, at first. You just have to remember that instead of being firm, sand gives more way to your walking. After you walk for a bit, you'll get used to the give." Musashi said, walking with the boy. What was this feeling he was having? A swell of pride? This felt like when he was training with the group back when they were all still Pokémon, before that incident three years ago.

    Nico wobbled alongside Musashi. He didn't quite understand everything Musashi was saying, but he got the idea. Kai bounced over to her mother, dropping her array of seashells in Zero's lap, then hopped over toward Musashi and Nico.

    "Le's get seashells!" she said, tugging at Nico. He didn't want to leave Musashi, and clung to him. This was a new place, and new places were scary.

    Clem giggled as she clung to Nico, as well. "C'mon c'mon, let's go! Lots of shinies." she chimed. Musashi sighed as he was now caught in a tug of war between children.
    "Ok ok, calm down, I'll go with you." he said, hoping the boy didn't rip off anything with how tightly he was clinging to him.

    Nico remained latched onto Musashi, but if he went with them, maybe it wouldn't be so scary. They started dragging him closer to the water, Kai picking up more seashells.

    The roar of the waves startled Nico, and he refused to go any further. Kai tugged at him, but he continued clinging to Musashi, trying to drag him back. Why did his mom have to bring him here? Castelia was nice and beachless. No squishy ground, no noisy water. Nico just wanted to go home.

    Musashi sighed. Why was he being so protective of his child? This child didn't even seem like any son of that traitor, he was afraid of his own shadow. Seriously, how did that sadistic monster manage to spawn such a timid offspring? If Musashi's father were here, he'd be making a cut on the little boy's face to 'toughen him up'.

    "Hey, come on, girls. He doesn't like it." he said. The girls were too young as well, they probably didn't even understand the boys fears.

    Nico stayed close to Musashi. He didn't know this man, but he felt safe with him. CT never let him cling, like this. Nico clung tighter, to Musashi. He didn't even know the guy, and he felt more like a dad to him, than his actual dad. Musashi protected him. CT would probably had just let him stumble, in the sand. Kai tugged at him, once more, then finally gave up and pouted.

    Musashi sighed, as he kept the son of his hated enemy protected. Who knows, maybe he could steer this child down the right path. One could only hope.

    Nico yawned, and slumped over, against Musashi. It was late in the afternoon, and he was up well past his naptime. Lash, meanwhile, was chatting with Zero. The two seemed a lot more friendly with each other, than they were a couple hours ago. What was it, with girls? He might never get out of here, at this rate.

    Musashi looked at the boy. He was really nodding off. He sighed as he picked up the exhausted child. "Come on, kid. I'll take you inside, for now. Young boys need their rest." he said as he carried him into Ahti's home and lay him down on the couch, fetching a blanket. "So um, you need a bedtime story or something?"

    Nico had fallen asleep, as soon as he hit the couch. Zero and Lash walked in, right after the boys, both carrying equally sleepy little girls. "Y'know," Lash started, as she laid the sleepy Kai on the opposite end of the couch. "You should come back to Castelia, with us. I could give you some tours, or something. It'd be fun."

    Musashi froze when he heard Lash talk. Back to Castelia? CT was in Castelia. If they all went, he could find CT and take him down! Finally three years searching was over!

    "I don't know Lash." Bruce said "Are you sure we should all be going to Castelia?"

    "Don't be silly, Bruce!" Lash said, cheerfully. "What could possibly happen? We don't have to be each other's enemies, here." Zero sighed. "I dunno, Lash. I mean...what about CT? Ahti's always going on about forgiveness, but I can't just walk up to him and pretend everything's okay."

    "I know." Lash said, quietly. "And I'm not asking you to. I don't even know where he is, most of the time. Come on. What'dya say. Forget about CT. Just us, hanging out in the big city."

    Zero was silent, for a long moment. She took a deep breath, and sighed. "Okay. Fine. I'll tell Ahti that we're going to Castelia." she paused. "And possibly leave out a few details."

    Bruce sighed. "Maybe it's best I wait somewhere else before Ahti showed up. Wait, nevermind. I already hear him coming in."

    Musashi was still frozen, he was one huge step closer to finding CT. He's in Castelia, in Unova! No more traveling; he narrowed down his search. Musashi spoke up. "Yes, let's go. I haven't really been to a city as big as Castelia before."

    "What," Ahti said, his tone stern. "Are you two doing, in my house?" Zero smiled, nervously. "Hi, honey. Bruce and Lash are in town! Fancy that!" Ahti knew those two weren't the ones who caused this. He knew they didn't side with CT, because they were evil. That didn't mean he was comfortable, with them being in his house. "Please. Leave." he said, quietly.

    Lash scooped up little Nico, who was still sound asleep, and headed out the door. "Today was fun." Lash said, looking back at Zero. "It's nice to have a friend." she said, before heading out the door. Ahti took notice of the sleeping child, in her arms. They had a kid? CT actually experienced emotions, other than anger? How strange.

    Ahti sighed, rubbing at his head as Zero told him about today's little adventure. "Castelia." he grunted. "You know he's in Castelia."

    "I know, but," Zero protested. "Look, we can't avoid an entire city, just because he's in it, somewhere. Kai and Clem seem to like Nico, and Nico seemed terrified of everything. I kinda feel bad, for him. Come on. Let's just go have some fun. For the kids' sake."

    Ahti let out a deep breath. "Okay. Fine. We'll go to Castelia."

    Bruce left; "It was good seeing you, Ahti. Got a good family here." He said softly to Ahti, before leaving. "I think you can admit, this life is at least better than being dead."

    Meanwhile, someone else was behaving like the angsty teenage son from Hell. The magcythe, still unnamed, was spewing out a series of words that if they were said on daytime television would sound like someone communicating through Morse code.

    CT rubbed at his forehead. This magscythe was really getting on his nerves. To top it off, the skaxorus had to be kept sedated due to violent outburts, the infernamp was still nowhere to be found, and the little girl, Sotodile is what he called her, wouldn't stop clinging to him. That was the most annoying thing, of all.

    "This was a disaster..." he sighed.

    The magscythe had just reached the point where his words could be said without a form of censorship. "You slavedriver! Let me out of this cell! I don't even have name, you grouchy old fart!"

    "Please cease your childish behavior." CT said, rubbing at his eyes. "It really is quite frustrating." he sighed, pacing the lab. The little girl followed him. How annoying. He had to get rid of her, first chance he got. That infernamp had gotten out, and who knew where to and if Shii was actually pursuing her.

    "It really is hard to think, with you spouting off your childish insults, and this...creature...following me around." he sighed. "Blast it all. This is a lot harder than Blackstone made it seem..."

    "Who's Blackstone? Another old geezer? Ha! Knew you ain't no scientist! You work for the man! Let me out and I"ll be out of your hair!" the magscythe shouted.

    "Blackstone was a genius and a madman, and the reason I'm here. It's his research, I'm following. A real pity the old man had to die." CT sighed. "I wouldn't have gotten out of that hellhole, otherwise. Alas, we must move on."
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    Musashi waited to be alone with Ahti to speak up.

    "I'm going, too. You say you moved on, but I saw the anger in your eyes, Ahti. You want to crush his head as much as I do. I don't have a wife and kids like you do, I'm too young to try such a thing anyway." He stood up, looking at Ahti. "Can you still tell me it's so easy to just move on?"

    Ahti sighed. It hurt him, to see his friend like this. "I never said it was easy, Musashi." He folded his arms, and leaned against the wall. "I don't want to kill Ferrovax. I never did. And if you're going, simply to seek vengeance, you can go on your own. I don't want my children exposed to this sort of ridiculous behavior."

    "It's over, Musashi. Killing him won't make you feel any better, I can promise you that."

    Musashi shook, his fists clenched.

    "It's so easy for you to say, Ahti. You still have a family. I tried to return to my clan in Viridian and they attacked me. My own father attacked me. I lost everything. How am I supposed to move on? How can I just forget that he betrayed us all and ripped away everything, from me? Even my very identity was stolen; I don't know what I am, anymore. I don't have a woman beside me, I have no children, I have nothing. You...and him. He has a son, Ahti. A son! He's creating a family while I stand here with nothing."

    "And would killing him change that?" Ahti said, for the first time a touch of anger reached his voice. "Killing him will not make your clan accept you back! Killing him will not change things back the way the were! This isn't about you, Musashi! This happened to all of us! We all lost something! How do you think I felt? How the others felt? We have all lost something of ourselves, that we will never be able to get back. All we can do, is accept our fate and move on. Killing Ferrovax will not make you feel better. It won't help you move on."

    Ahti sighed, trying to calm himself down. "And you would strike down a child's father? The child doesn't understand the meaning of revenge. There is no need to involve him in your quest for revenge. If you want to go after Ferrovax, I won't stop you. But do not involve me, or my family."

    Musashi wanted to storm around the house, slashing everything in a fit of rage. <i>How dare Ahti talk about his losses when he has a family? How dare he suggest I was selfish! CT deserves whatever punishment came his way! CT deserved justice!!</i>

    However, Musashi didn't storm around the house, because deep down he knew Ahti was right, and damn him for it! He slumped down onto the couch.

    "What am I supposed to do? I have nothing going for me. Three years I've wasted, trying to find some sort of justice, some feeling that CT was suffering the same as I am. How can I get myself to let him go when he is living a happier life than me? How can I move on knowing the man who took everything from me is happier than me, is going unpunished?" he said calmly, with a sound of despair aching in his voice.

    "I've gone three years thinking if I could just punish him for what he did, I could go on living. What else do I have, Ahti?"

    "Just because you are human, doesn't mean you can't do what you love." Ahti picked up little Kai, who was still sound asleep, and sat next to Musashi. "You used to train others. You were good, at teaching. You still are. You could open your own dojo, train Pokémon and their trainers. Your life is not over, Musashi. It could just be beginning."

    Musashi looked at Ahti. "My own dojo. True, I could never have opened one as a Pokémon. Being human now, I could get some money, build up a dojo." he thought for what felt like ages. "I could do it."

    Shii returned, completely infernamp-less. "Where is it?" CT growled. "Shii could not find monkeyghost! Monkeyghost is gonegone, yes. Nowhere for Shii to find." Shii said, crouching next to CT as if he were a pet.

    CT groaned. This was not how things were supposed to go. "I'll send someone more competent after it. Meanwhile, you can take this creature someplace where it won't bother me. It's annoyingly clingy." he said, gesturing at little Soto. Shii eyed the little girl. "Oh, yes. This is Shii's treat, yes? Little girl looks very delicious." he said. "No, Shii. Bad Shii." CT nudged him over, a bit. "Soto is not a treat, and you will not harm her. Just....take her to her room. Or something. Preferably far away, from me."

    Shii whimpered. "Shii gets no treat?" CT sighed, and grabbed a dog biscuit from his pocket, tossing it to Shii. Shii caught it in his mouth, and giggled happily.

    The magscythe could not understand what the hell was going on. "The hell is going on, Pops? That dude's a dog, now? What, you switch his brain with a Growlithe or somethin? That's just twisted dude." he slammed his foot against the door.

    "What? That what you wanna do to me, huh? Huh? You sick old fart. Let me out of here! I refuse to be the man's mutt."

    "Oh, don't mind him." CT said, as Shii munched on the dog treats. "I'm sure all the kinks have been worked out, since then." He turned, eyeing the magscythe. "Although, I could be wrong." he said, smirking. Shii joined in, cackling. CT gave his foot a hard stomp, and Shii let out a yelp of pain, then began to drag the little girl off to her room.

    "You can't do that!!" the magscythe shouted. "Nazi fascist old fart piece of crap! Let me outta this room before I blast out and make you whine like the dog! Fight the power!"
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    The next couple days went by quickly, and the group had just arrived in Castelia. "Ugh," Ahti grunted. "Why did we have to fly? A boat would have been much nicer."

    "It also would have taken several days longer." Lash said, with a smile. "Come on, now. It'll be worth it, I promise!"

    Musashi was walking around with a new attitude. Ahti was right, all along. He just needed to set up a dojo and he'd be doing great, question was location. This city was way too big and loud for a nice dojo to be set up.

    "I had no trouble with the flying, the view was great. My only complaint was the security making me," he shuddered. "Check my swords as baggage."

    CT, meanwhile, was back in the small lab. The magscythe and skaxorus had yet to be named. With the infernamp still missing, naming the subjects wasn't exactly high on his priority list.

    "How hard could it possibly be," CT said, scolding his Zoroark "pet". "To find a bloody flaming ghost?" he growled. Shii shivered, terrified. He didn't like it, when he got in trouble. "Is not Shii's fault, no! Checked at Celestial Tower. Monkeyghost not go back, no. No monkeyghost in Pinwheel, either. Monkeyghost go poof, yes."

    CT grabbed at Shii's shirt collar. "You will find her. It's been two days. She couldn't have gone far." he growled, dropping Shii onto the floor.

    "Maybe you should send out some more brainless goons to search. Oh wait, you only have one." the magscythe mocked. He had already grown bored of all his shouting and had changed things up by switching to snark. He sat down, poking the ground with an aura of boredom.

    A tall, thin, hooded figure whooshed by the typical Castelia crowd, managing to avoid every one of them. The figure zig-zagged between people, leaving a trail of light purple flames, behind. What was this place? It certainly wasn't in Sinnoh. Unova, perhaps? Wait, what was Unova? There were so many thoughts and memories racing through her mind, that she didn't remember having, like two minds had merged. Was that what happened? Who was that man? Why was there a Lampent, no, an Infernape...or was it a Lampent? She didn't even know who she was, anymore.

    She tried to sort her thoughts out. Her focus was wavering, and she began to gently nudge some people, walking by. One of which was a very jetlagged former Nidoking. "S-sorry!" she squeaked, turned her head back. She didn't stop, and ran right into Musashi. "Hey, you were right." Ahti said, glancing toward Lash. "Castelia is exciting!" he said with a chuckle, then offered a hand to both the girl, and Musashi.

    Musashi was too deep in thought to notice the woman crashing directly into him. He winced as he took Ahti's hand, standing up. "Well, that's certainly a new feeling, someone crashing into you." he said as he brushed himself off, looking at the girl. "Are you all right?"

    "We..." she said, trailing off. "I. I am fine. I think. I will be. Thank you." she nodded. Her lavender-colored tail curled out from under her robes, which Lash instantly took notice of. "Oh, CT...you didn't." she said, quietly.

    He had mentioned fusions to her, before, but she didn't think he would actually attempt it. After what happened with that Magnezone...it was dangerous. Not to mention they hadn't even been in Castelia for an hour, and their fun was already being ruined.

    Musashi also noticed the tail. Old hatred started to boil up. "Miss, where did you come from? I hate to say this, but your tail is showing. " he said.

    Clementine poked out from behind Ahti, her own bushy tail wagging. "Daddy daddy, she has a tail just like me. Look look!" she chimed, pointing at the tail.

    "Oh?" the girl said, looking behind her. "Oh, oh this is so embarrassing." she said, tucking her tail back under her robes. Ahti rubbed at his head. "Lash..." he groaned. "Look, I didn't have anything to do with this! I had no idea he was-" Lash was cut off, as a voiced hissed, behind her.

    "There you are." it purred, softly. "Shii has been looking for monkeyghost, yes. Monkeyghost has been very naughty, yes. Running away from Shii, like that."

    Lash pouted. "Okay. You were right, Bruce. This was a bad idea." Little Nico clung tightly to his mother, as Shii approached. "You have made new friends, yes? Shii will take them back, too."

    Bruce, silent until now, groaned at the sight, hearing, and smell of Shii. Great, CT's new braindead mutt was chasing after what Bruce remembered he said to CT was a bad idea. Seems Lash wasn't the only one that refused to listen to him. Bruce started to step forward. Maybe if he hit fast enough, no one would catch on that Shii was with CT, then he heard a high pitched voice shout "You're a bad man!" and a little brown blur rush past his leg with its head lowered...

    ... right into Shii's groin.

    Bruce winced in sympathetic pain at the poor mentally diseased bastard's pain as Clementine backed up, observing the work of her very first attack. Bruce had to admit, that Headbutt caused quite a hell of a flinch.

    Musashi was stunned as well. He remembered Clem was a tough battler before her demise, but he didn't expect that'd carry through her revival three years ago.

    Shii dropped to the ground, emitting a very dog-like whine. Nico, observing the little girl's bravery, sent out a small pooflet of fire at Shii. "Bad doggy!" he said, then once again clung to Lash.

    "You are bad children." Shii whimpered. "Very bad children, yes." The girl, meanwhile, panicked at the sight of Shii. "No, no no no, don't let him take me back. I can't go back!" she said, scampering behind Musashi.

    "Hmph, bad man." Clem said, puffing her cheeks.

    Musashi stood protectively in front of the girl, crossing his arms and grasping the hilts of his blades. If this freak made any more moves, he'd be eating Musashi's best X-Scissor attack, one he wanted to save for CT, originally.

    Ahti stood beside Musashi. He had sworn off battling, but if this...creature...attacked, he'd be sorry. Shii looked at Musashi, then to Ahti, then to the girl. His eyes shifted from person to person, until he finally spoke up.

    "You are one of us, yes? Master will not be pleased, no. Not at all. You are protecting monkeyghost. He will come after you, yes. Is bad idea, to make the master angry." Shii wobbled up, and nudged through a small crowd, taking on the image of one of the passerbys.

    "Oh, dear." Lash said. "This wasn't a good start, at all."

    "No," Bruce said. "It was a terrible start. We probably have a lot of explaining to do, huh?"

    "You do, but not now." Musashi said, turning to the girl. "Who are you? Why was that guy after you?"

    The girl fumbled, for a bit. "I...I think my name was Lil-no, Lampent...no...I'm pretty sure it's Lilith." she said, trying to get her thoughts together. "Yes. It's Lilith. I know my name is Lilith." she stood up, dusting herself off. "Somebody...somebody took me away..to a lab, I think. There was another Pokémon. A Lampent, I think. No...Infernape." she grabbed at her head, tears beginning to form. "Oh god, I don't even know what I am, anymore."

    Lash put a hand on the girl's shoulder. Damnit. She couldn't leave CT alone for just a few days, without him causing some sort of trouble. "I'm so sorry he did this, to you." she sighed, and turned to Musashi and Ahti. Ahti knew what was coming, and let out a deep breath. "Just for a little while. Please?" Lash pouted.

    "I feel bad for her, but if that thing comes back, and attacks my family..." Ahti started, before Lash interrupted him. "He won't. I promise." Ahti sighed. He couldn't let that creature hurt this girl. But his hotel room was full. He looked at Musashi, and shrugged.

    Musashi looked back at Ahti. No, he couldn't possibly be. "Wait wait wait, I'm just a lone guy. And...she's a woman. You don't mean for us to, share a room? Hnng." Musashi's nerves said this was all improper, but this girl needed protection. He sighed. "Ok, fine. I'll sleep on the floor, then."

    Bruce nodded "All right, then. If you'll excuse us, Ahti, I have a fool-brained young man to smack upside the head. Come along, Lash. Say goodbye to the nice people, Nico."

    Ahti nodded at Bruce. Kai and Nico waved goodbye to each other, and Lash was off. Ahti glanced at Zero. "I know, I know. My fault." she said. "No," Ahti sighed. "This girl needed us to be here."

    Lilith's tail swished back and forth, and Kai was trying to catch it. It was very fluffy, and warm. "Thank you. Thank you all." she said. "You're like me, aren't you?" she noted Clem's tail. "Pokémon, but not. Did...did he do this to you, too?"

    Musashi's eyes lit with a flash of rage, when she asked that question. "Yes, he did. We once called him a friend, an ally. He betrayed us." He palmed his swords. "These used to be my arms." He drew closer to her, to whisper. He couldn't let Clem hear the next part.

    "The brunette girl with the tail? She was dead. They used living DNA from me and others to bring her back to life; she has no memory of it. It's like she was simply reborn. You're safe with us, we're all the same."

    "Oh, god..." Lilith shook a bit, with fear. Ahti put his hand on Musashi's shoulder. "She is scared, Musashi. She doesn't need you scaring her, any more than she already is. Now, come along. I think we could all use a rest." Ahti sighed. Damnit. Just when he thought he had gotten through to his friend, this happens. It's started, all over again.
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    Much later, the door to CT's lab was violently thrown open. "FERROVAX BLACKSTONE!" a very angry woman yelled. CT winced. "I told you not to call me that." he growled. "You fused Pokémon! After Bruce and I both told you it was a bad idea!" she continued to shout. Nico happily ran to CT, completely unaware of what was happening. "Daddy!" he said, with outstretched arms. "How did you....you found the ghost?" he said, ignoring little Nico. "And you didn't bring her back?"

    "No. And I'm not going to. She's safe, with friends." Lash said, sternly. CT narrowed his eyes, still paying no mind to Nico. "Friends? What friends?"

    "You lost the right to ask that." Bruce said sternly. "I told you not to fuse anybody. You saw what happened to Jean. Two minds were not meant to be fused like that. What if your three heads put different minds into yours?" he glared at CT, crossing his arms. "Dammit, Ferro! I should smack you upside your fool head."

    "Then what's stopping you?" CT stared back, at Bruce. Nico finally gave up, and just clung to CT.

    "Damnit, CT." Lash sighed. "Why are you doing this? What's the point? You're not a scientist, so I know damn well you're not doing it, for science!" CT glared at the both of them. "I don't owe either of you an explanation." he said, turning to walk away. Nico was left wondering what he must have done wrong. He had to have done something wrong. Why else wouldn't his dad at least say hi, to him?

    Bruce started to follow CT. He wanted a smack? Oh, he was gonna get a good hard smack. One so hard, the baby in Lash's womb would feel it.

    CT passed the containment areas. Two of them still didn't have names. The little girl was called "Sotodile", because, let's face it. That sounded cool. Nico followed Bruce and CT, unaware of where they were going. He had never been here, before. This place was kind of scary, but not nearly as scary as that squishy ground. Now that was scary. He swore that ground wanted to gobble him up.

    "You have to admit, Bruce." CT said, stopping in front of the magscythe. "It is amazing. Two completely different beings, fusing into one." he narrowed his eyes, at the fusion. "No matter how annoying they are."

    "Amazing? You're sounding like Blackstone, Ferro!" Bruce said. "You told me you would be different from that man. Don't forget he considered what he did to us amazing. You saw what happened to Jean. My god, they messed him up, and that was just a forced evolution using fusion. You actually took two minds and forced them to meld. Just imagine if you and Ahti went through that." he rubbed his eyes.

    "I can't leave you alone because you never think about the consequences of your actions. You're like a child. Isn't your son already an accomplishment in fusing two species? Did you know he started spouting fire from his mouth just today?"

    Blackstone. That man was a genius. That's why CT took his name. CT Blackstone. That had a ring, to it. Bruce's words were acknowledged, but largely ignored. Something about Nico, now?

    "Ah, yes. Nick. Troublesome child. He shouldn't exist, but he does. A fusion of two species, not meant to be fused. Astounding, isn't it? Why can't other Pokémon be fused? All the power of both Pokémon, fused into a single being." CT said, with a smirk.

    Nico, still unnoticed, understood the word "fire". He did that, today. He sure taught that doggy a lesson! He should do it, again. Maybe that would get his dad to notice him. He tugged at CT's jacket. "Daddy, look!" he said, spouting another small poof of fire. CT didn't appear to look down, at his son.

    "Daddy!" he whined, still tugging at CT's jacket, and still spouting tiny poofs of fire. CT never looked down, but he saw. The fact was, it was adorable, but he wasn't about to let anybody know he thought so.

    Bruce glared. "Stop talking like that, Ferro. This is something that should never have been done. You are robbing these pairs of living beings of their identity. My god, the girl didn't even know who or what she was. Can't you imagine how that would feel? Also, your son is trying to show you something. You know, it wouldn't hurt to give him the attention you give these mad acts, while you try to play Arceus." he said.

    Nico pouted. Was he not doing it, right? "Did I do it wrong, Daddy?" he squeaked. CT sighed. Damnit. He had a soft spot for the kid, and it was hard not to show it. "No. You did just fine." he said, with half a smile. Little Nico lit up with pure glee, and tossed more little poofs of fire, around. CT couldn't help but smile.

    It quickly vanished, as he turned back to Bruce. "I have told you not to call me that." he growled. "And don't worry about the girl. She'll get used to it. If you recall, it took us all some time, to get used to the changes."

    Bruce glared at CT, rearing up to his full height. "We never had to get used to two brains in our head! That girl has two completely different beings fused into her, how do you know this won't lead to something like split personalities, or worse?"

    "While you old farts are arguing, how about someone let me out?" the magscythe piped in.

    Back at the hotel, Musashi was alone with the girl. "So, Lillith. I'm sorry for my outburst I...still haven't gotten used to it after three years." he sighed.

    Lilith bowed her head. She took her hood down, revealing her whole face, for the first time. "It's okay. I understand." she sat on the edge of the bed, and was quiet for quite some time. "Why...why did he do this, to me?" she whimpered.

    "That, unfortunately, I don't have an answer to. I've summed it up to just him being a bastard who cared nothing for anyone. I don't think even Ahti understands what goes on in his head." Musashi replied, sighing.

    Lilith said nothing, and simply stared, for a few moments. "Please. Please, don't let him take me back." she whimpered, tears streaking her face. "I can't go back. And there were others. Oh, god. A little girl. There was a little girl, there." she said. She was tired. Afraid. Confused. Sleep sounded like a good idea, but her mind was racing too fast.

    Musashi cringed, in the hotel room. There were others. "Don't worry, you're safe with us. You'll never have to worry about being brought back, I promise. I'm a man of my word."

    Lilith tried to settle down. She rubbed at her eyes. "Thank you. Thank you, but the others. I can't...I can't go back...but I can't leave them. God, that little girl couldn't have been more than five years old." she said, quieter, as she laid down in the bed. She had been running for two days. She was tired. The bed was nice and soft, and it wasn't long before she was out.

    Musashi sighed, looking at the girl. "You leave that to us. Well, me. I'll go free them, but if you can just tell me where they are."
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    CT shrugged. "I wouldn't know. You didn't bring the girl back. If she has any lasting problems, it will be your fault, not mine." he sighed, glaring at the fusion in front of him. "Why couldn't it have been that one, that escaped?" he mumbled. The last few days had not been going too well. One fusion is driving him mad, and another escaped.

    Shii came bounding in. He gave Bruce a nod. He knew not to get on Bruce's bad side. He glared at Nico, narrowing his eyes. Stupid boy. He was here, before the boy. The master paid more attention to him, before the boy came along. Shii hated Nico. Hated him. One of these days, he was going to catch him alone, and get rid of him. Then the master will pay attention to him, again. Shii growled at Nico, causing Nico to stop tossing pooflets of fire around, and cling to CT. He was terrified of Shii. Who wouldn't be? The guy was creepy.

    "Shii knows where monkeyghost is, yes. Stayed behind. Listened. Not know Shii was there, because Shii was hiding, yesyes. Shii did not look like Shii. Monkeyghost is with bugman, yes. Green hair. Carries shiny pointies. Shii knows where he is staying, yes." Shii hissed.

    CT arched an eyebrow. Shii's grammar was atrocious. Bugman? Green hair? Shiny pointies? That sounded a lot like..."Musashi." CT growled.

    "It doesn't matter. Going after her would be pointless, now." Bruce interrupted. Damn this brain damaged mutt! Bruce knew things were going to be bad ever since he showed up.

    "Unless you think you can take down Musashi, Ahti, Zero, and the little girl that took down your dog here, with a single headbutt that is." The last thing Bruce needed was an all out fight between two groups that should have stayed separated for the rest of whatever lives they had left.

    CT thought things over, for a moment. Musashi was in town. Ahti was with him? He hated Musashi. He could leave Musashi for dead, and not lose any sleep over it. Ahti, though...Ahti was a friend. A former teammate. Something inside him wouldn't let him hurt Ahti, even if he got in the way.

    CT sighed. "Get the girl." he said, shooing Shii off. "You know what to do." he said, as he walked off. Shii cackled, his image turning into his master's.

    "You're making a mistake." Bruce said, watching Shii run off. "You're biting off more than you can chew. You know Ahti won't be able to ignore what you're doing, especially with you taking these actions. Maybe you could take Musashi alone, but even you know if they team up and come here, all this is going to come crashing down on your head."

    "Ahti doesn't know where to find me. I'm only after the girl, not a battle." CT said, following Shii. Shii used his Illusion ability to look like CT. The two would often team up, like that. Shii would go in, disguised as his master, while CT ambushed the target. It was a very effective method, and one Musashi wouldn't see coming. He didn't want to attack Musashi, but he wasn't going to go unprepared. Get in. Get the girl. Prepare for a fight, if need be.

    Nico started to follow them. CT stopped him; "Stay with your mother. This is business." he said. Nico pouted, but accepted it, and sulked back over to Bruce

    Shii had led his master, to the hotel. He had followed them, under the disguise of a bellhop. He knew exactly what room Musashi was staying in, as well as Ahti. Ahti was across the hallway, so he shouldn't be a problem. CT stayed a good distance behind, so as not to spoil the illusion. Ah, yes. That's why I put up with this fleabitten, braindead idiot. he thought. Shii may have had a few screws loose, but the guy knew how to deceive.

    The door clicked open. Shii had stolen Musashi's key card, while he was still disguised as a bellhop. The girl was on the bed, sound asleep. Shii, still disguised as CT, tried to sneak as quietly as possible, to her. She was out, cold. She probably wouldn't wake up. Musashi, on the other hand, was a bigger concern.

    Musashi was, indeed, a great concern. Musashi had already awoken at the sound of the doorknob clicking. His eyes were cracked as someone tried to sneak, but they failed. Then a twinge of anger rose inside his chest.

    It looked like CT, and this was a bad night to be CT.

    Musashi immediately sprang up "Traitor!" he drew his glowing green blades, pouncing upon his opponent with his X-Scissor attack.

    A shield of bright blue energy sprang up. CT had warned him about this. Shii's Protect deflected the X-Scissor, just long enough for a gooey, purple, bubbling liquid to be thrown at Musashi. Toxic. Shii knew Toxic, and he threw it right at Musashi. "Don't worry." Shii spoke, in CT's voice. "It's not deadly." he shrugged. "Probably."

    Even with the effects of Toxic, and Shii's Protect, this couldn't keep going on. Shii was very physically weak, and chances were his Protect would fail, before Musashi wore himself out. The girl. He had to get the girl and get out, and fast.

    Musashi became so enraged, his eyes almost turned red. He coughed as he started to shout, raising whatever alarm he could. Ahti had to hear, please hear!

    Musashi then roared as he jumped at the traitorous bastard once more, this time striking him down mercilessly with his X-Scissor. He then noticed Shii's illusion fade. A fake!

    Musashi backed up, coughing from the Toxic attack as he searched around for the real CT.

    The timing was perfect. CT slipped in, while Musashi was distracted. Musashi was weak, from the poison. He couldn't possibly last much longer. CT could endure whatever Musashi had left, in him. He grabbed the girl, but there was no way he'd be able to slip out, unnoticed.

    "You always were a hothead, Musashi. Your anger taking control, allowing you to miss something important." he said, with a smirk on his face. Ribbons of flames danced across his free hand, ready to attack, if Musashi made a move.

    "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be on my way. I didn't come here, for a fight. Simply the girl. Your beastly shouting must have awoken the whole floor. Won't be long before somebody comes running in here. Namely, Ahti."

    Musashi glared at CT, facing him down. He could hit CT fast and hard, he knew he could. His blades glowed green.

    "You bastard, weren't we enough treachery for you? How many more innocent lives must you ruin!? You're a coward, Ferrovax! A coward and a traitor. You sicken me worse than any poison your dog can spit up." he shouted.

    "Even if it's with my last breath I will strike you down, right here!" he charged with a third X-Scissor.

    CT grinned, watching Musashi. The Scyther was fast. Really fast. But CT was faster, and he knew it. Musashi was using X-Scissor. Bad choice. The flames around CT's hand grew brighter, hotter, and a stream of fire was thrown at Musashi.

    CT knelt down, next to him. "It is in your best interest, to stay out of my business." CT stood, carrying the still-sleeping Lilith out of the room. Shii wobbled to his feet, and limped out, as well.

    The whole ordeal happened too fast, for Ahti to react. By the time he had gotten to Musashi's room, it was all over with. CT and Shii had left, with Lilith.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Musashi lay on the floor coughing, his body covered in burns. He desperately clung to his swords. "The girl...Ferrovax. Took her." he managed to wheeze out, looking to Ahti with desperate eyes. "Couldn't stop him. Couldn't...Protect. Sorry."

    Musashi struggled to stay conscious, making wheezing gasps as his body curled up. "Some warrior I am...huh. It's laughable."

    Ahti's eye flashed with anger, but only for a moment. Ahti sighed, as he picked up Musashi and placed him on the bed, in his and Zero's room. A burn heal and antidote would clear up the injuries. They were still Pokémon, after all, and had a higher endurance than humans.

    Zero made a rush for the mart, to grab the medicine. The kids were sound asleep, and had no idea what had happened. "We'll find the girl, Musashi. It wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. We'll find her."

    Musashi groaned a she began to recover. "I wasn't the only one that got hurt. Should have seen his cannon fodder mutt." he chuckled weakly. "He bled like a stuck Tepig. We can follow the blood trail to here he's hiding out. Save them all."

    Clem whined as she stirred in her sleep.

    "Musashi," Ahti sighed. "I want to help you. I do. But there is no way Ferrovax would be so careless. He wouldn't have taken the time to dupe you, only to have his pet lead you right to his doorstep."

    "Besides," he said, glancing at little Clem. "If something happened to them..." he trailed off. "I can't involve them in this."

    "Ahti, what about the ones he has there? That girl? There are innocent people locked up, where he's doing Arceus knows what." Musashi looked into Ahti's eyes. "What if that girl were your daughter Ahti, what would you do then?"

    Ahti winced. If it was Clem or little Kai, there...man. He might just have to reconsider the whole forgiveness thing. He looked over at Zero. Zero shrugged. "Go on. Save them." she said, quietly.

    "Alright." Ahti sighed. "But it would be nice to know where to start looking."

    Musashi sighed as he sat up, running his fingers through his hair. "I feel too lost, in this city. There's so many people and buildings. If we were somewhere like Viridian, I'd find the place easy. I doubt Bruce or Lash will just tell us where he is."

    "Knowing him," Ahti said. "He's most likely hiding, in plain sight." he sighed. But where to start? Castelia was huge. They couldn't possibly search every buildling, hoping they might find CT. Musashi was right. Lash had a good heart, but she wouldn't rat out CT. She loves him, too much. Ahti shook his head. What did she see in him, anyway? And Bruce. Bruce was on CT's side. He didn't even know what Bruce would do, anymore.

    CT and Shii, meanwhile, had indeed split up. Mostly because CT didn't want Shii getting blood stains, all over his car. He hated it, when victims bled everywhere. Such a pain, to get blood stains out. Lilith was shoved in the trunk, and CT quickly hopped in the backseat. His driver took off, with Shii limping in the opposite direction. He was bleeding, badly. He wanted to go home, but the master told him not to. Couldn't have that pesky bugman following them.

    Hey, why is ground spinning? Silly ground. Stop that. Shii thought he was talking, but his mouth wasn't moving. He had lost a lot of blood. Sleep sounded like a good idea. Yeah. The sidewalk looks rather comfy. Shii plopped over on the ground, unconscious.

    Musashi was scouting ahead of Ahti. He followed the trail of blood. Sure it won't lead to Ferrovax, but he knew who it would lead to. Bingo, he found the mutt.

    He pulled out his swords and placed them at the freak's neck. "Wake up, you smelly rat. You and I are going to have a nice little chit chat."

    Ahti stopped Musashi, pulling him back. "You won't get anything from him, by threatening him. You've already very nearly killed him." he sighed, observing the wounded Zoroark. Couldn't take the creature back to his hotel room. No sense in exposing the kids, to this. Musashi's room it was, then.

    Musashi sighed. "He's in my room. Oh joy. So what now?" he asked, looking to Ahti.

    The girl had woken up, at some point during the journey. She threw a flame at CT, as the trunk opened, and sprung out. CT grabbed her, his arm around her throat. "You're not getting away, this time." he growled, tightening his hold on her, until she fell unconscious. Sure, Lilith was part Ghost type, but her mind had been fused with another. She had difficulty remembering what she was. She was either an Infernape, or a Lampent, but her mind simply could not accept that she was now both.

    The magscythe spotted CT walking past. "What Pops, you got a girl now? Need your Viagra for that poor girl you slipped a roofie to? Be careful you don't mix them up."

    CT ignored him. Or at least tried to. He was going to sic Shii after him, sooner or later. Where was Shii, anyway? He usually comes hobbling back, by now. Oh, well. Probably just fell asleep in a dumpster, again. CT shrugged, and tossed the girl back into her room.

    "It isn't Ghost-proof, so we'll keep you sleeping, until I figure out what to do." he said, shutting the door. Lash was standing behind him, arms crossed and eyes narrowed. "You're taking this too far." she said. "I agree. This is all going way too far." Bruce said. "This isn't any of your concern." CT growled.

    Nico was there, too, but paid no mind to his parents' conversation. He was never too far away from either parent. Bruce was okay, but it wasn't the same. He stayed as far away from Shii, as possible. Nico wandered over, to the containment areas. He tapped on the glass, and waved. "Hi." he said, quietly.

    The magscythe looked at the little boy. "...what you want? You gonna let me out?"

    Nico blinked at the strange man. He wanted out. The door wouldn't open? He'd help! Nico looked at his parents, and at Bruce. They seemed to be occupied. Nico reached for the door handle, to let the strange-looking man out. He was short, but if he stood on his tip-toes, he could just barely reach it.

    The door clicked. Nico tried pushing it all the way open, but it was too heavy.

    The magscythe smiled. Yes! This kid was going against the man! He pulled the door open. "That's awesome, little dude. Say, wanna come with me? No? Fine by me, peace." He ran quickly towards CT, flames flowing from his foot as he charged.

    CT gained the rude awakening of a blazing kick to the face before the magscythe bolted for the exit.

    CT stumbled, after the surprise attack. Fire was no big deal. He was a dragon, after all. The force of the attack hurt more, than the fire. How could that creature possibly have gotten out, though? CT turned, looking at the open door.

    "Nick..." he growled, clenching his teeth and fists. "CT, don't..." Lash grabbed at him, holding him back. CT nudged her away. Sheer terror was in Nico's eyes, as he ran next to Bruce. "I...I'm s-sorry." he squeaked, latching on to Bruce.

    Bruce towered his full size like a shield between Nico and CT. "You stop right there, if you're thinking of doing what I think you are. You know he's too young to know any better." Bruce warned, his large muscles flexing. "Now you calm down and count to ten, before you start a fight you really don't wanna be in."

    Bruce glared at CT. Even angry CT knew that facing off with Bruce was not even close to a joke.

    "Step. Aside." CT said, literal growling in his voice. He may have been mostly human, but a bit of dragon snarl still touched his voice, at times. CT couldn't take Bruce on, in a fight. He knew that. That's why he rarely crossed him. Anger does funny things to a person, though.

    Lash grabbed at his arm, pulling him back. "Don't you dare hurt him!" she snarled. "He's just a kid, damnit!" CT gave her face a good backhanding, pure rage filling his eyes. Okay. That was it. Now she was pissed. She didn't have swords, like Musashi, but damnit, she could unleash a damn good X-Scissor.

    Her hands glowed green, as she crossed her arms and attacked CT, knocking him to the floor. Nico was still terrified, and still latched onto Bruce. CT was weak to Bug-type attacks, but Lash wasn't exactly the best battler. This, of course, just made him even angrier.

    Bruce moved fast. Threatening his son and hitting Lash was way too far. Bruce's fist was quick, cracking against CT's jaw, it didn't take long for CT to fall unconscious.

    "Forget calming down, you go ahead and sleep for now." he said coldly, cracking his knuckles.

    "Daddy?" Nico squeaked. Lash scooped him up, in her arms, clinging tightly to him. "I think," Lash started, glancing at Bruce. "I think we should leave, for now. Just until he cools down." she headed out, before CT could wake up. He would probably be out for a while, but the sooner she left, the better.

    There were times when she wondered why she still stayed, with him. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and most likely wouldn't be the last. She was scared more for Nico, than for herself. But for some reason, Nico seemed attached to his dad. Probably for the same reason, she was. Somewhere, really deep down, he cared. He tried not to show it, but she could see it, sometimes. She wanted to believe that, anyway.

    Bruce stayed behind. CT's temper was too short of a fuse to be having this family. He watched the unconscious man slump against the wall.

    "What am I going to do with you?"
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    At the hotel, Musashi opened the door. It took a good forty-five seconds to register just who was standing right in front of him. "Lash, can I ask what you're doing here?"

    "I need someplace to stay. Just for tonight. Please." Lash replied, little Nico sound asleep, in her arms. She glanced over to the unconscious Shii, slumped over in a chair. "What is he doing here? Is he..."

    "He's down, but I highly doubt he's out." Ahti said. "Now, what happened?" Ahti asked Lash, who looked tired and frightened. If CT had hurt either one of them, he'd have to kick some ass, forgiveness be damned. Lash sighed. "CT just needs to cool off, a bit. No big deal."

    Ahti knew when she was lying. Lash was a good liar, but he could see it in her eyes. "You can stay with Zero. I doubt I'll be going anywhere, for a while." he said, gesturing at the sleeping Shii.

    The creature opened his eyes, observing the all-white room. Two minds had melded into one very, very angry mind. CT had been keeping the creature sedated, but CT was currently unconscious, himself.

    The fusion let out a low, angry growl, that erupted into a loud roar. The Skarmory/Haxorus hybrid had once belonged to the same trainer. What was his name? Something about death. Thanatos. That sounded familiar. His eyes glowed a blazing red, and he began to slam against the containment area, creating huge dents in the door and walls.

    The noise and impact was enough to wake up CT. He groaned, rubbing at his jaw. Bruce had hit him pretty good, but he deserved it. He wouldn't admit it, but he knew he did. Thanatos continued his Outrage, desperately trying to burst out.

    Bruce gave CT another rough physical contact, luckily it was just a rough shaking of his shoulder.

    "Ok ok, nap time's over. We have a problem." he said. Something was roaring and smashing the door to its room, and Bruce highly doubted he could talk it down. He assumed a fighting stance. "Looks like someone else needs a nap time punch."

    The doors flew open, after one final Outrage. The creature stepped out, a tall, slender man. He wasn't heavily muscled, but he had enough to know he wasn't one to be messed with. His eyes were still blazing red, and his long, silver hair fell in front of his face.

    He let out another loud roar, still Outraging, and slammed Bruce back with an Air Cutter. He ran past CT, who was still somewhat groggy. His head hurt. His jaw hurt. He felt like a complete asshole. There was no way CT could handle him, if he tried to go after it.

    "Blast..." CT mumbled, as he wobbled up. Bruce got back up with a groan, a gash going across his chest. "Ow." he glanced at CT. "Just what was that? What did you do?"

    CT tugged at his jacket, straightening it, and brushed the hair out of his face. "That," he said. "Was a bad idea." he continued, glancing at Bruce. "I suppose I'll have to add Skarmory and Haxorus to the 'do not fuse' list, along with Scyther and Magmar." he sighed. He was silent, for a good few minutes. "Where is Lash?" he finally said, quietly.

    "A what!?" Bruce shouted back at the lab. "A skarmory and a Haxorus? Are you crazy!? That guy has no weaknesses! What were you thinking!?"

    CT grabbed at his head. It hurt. A punch to the face will do that. Bruce's shouting did not help. "Yes, yes. I know. Consequences." CT sighed. "Now, where is Lash?" Bruce sighed as he rubbed his temples. "She left, decided to stay somewhere else until you cooled your head."

    "Where?" CT growled. Wait. She said the infernape was with friends. The infernape was with Musashi. "Son of a..." he snapped. "Nevermind. I know where she is." he said, as he started to leave. Bruce grabbed CT's shoulder. "Oh no, don't even think about going there, now. Are you trying to spark a big fight?"

    "No." CT said, sternly. He sighed, and his voiced softened. "No, Bruce. I'm trying to make things right." he said, shrugging away from Bruce.

    Bruce sighed. "Ok, but I'm coming with you, in case you try and do something stupid again." CT sighed, shrugging. "Very well. But Lash and I need to be alone." he said, heading out. He dreaded going back to the hotel. Musashi would be a problem, but he had to see Lash. He had to make things better.

    Thanatos burst out of the lab, stumbling onto the streets. His eyes were still glowing red, but he looked around as though he had no idea where he was. He looked around at the cars buzzing by, the huge buildings, the people running past him.

    "Confusion." a voice piped in, from the shadows. Thanatos turned toward the sound of the voice. "Your eyes. That's Outrage. Leads to confusion." a man stepped out from the shadows. He was of average height and build. His hair was light blond, and a streak of burnt orange ran through the center of it. His long, pale yellow and orange scarf trailed behind him.

    A smirk ran across his face, as he observed Thanatos. "You look like you could use some help. Come with me, why don't you?" he said, escorting the confused dragon away. "CT did this, didn't he? He never did think things through. Not surprising everything backfired, on him."
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    The magscythe stormed around. Already he had burned up a few objects, as well as people.
    He was so full anger and angst he didn't want control. He wanted to burn, to be free! Also, to hurt that bastard who caged him. "I know! I'll find his chick and do her, right in front of him! Yeah!" he grinned.

    A car pulled up, next to the raging magscythe. "You look distressed." a voice called out, as the window rolled down. The raging dragon had started to calm down, and sat next to the mysterious man. The man grinned, as he leaned out the window. "Another fusion, hm? You could form together, with my help. Rebel. Take him down. You want that, do you not?" he said, with a smirk.

    The magscythe considered the offer. On one hand, he handed organizing and working with others, but others helping to fight the man? "Hmm, I could be persuaded." he said, stepping into the car. "So, where to, Pops?"

    "Good. Very good." the man smiled. "I suppose introductions are in order. You can call me Elvis." Thanatos snorted a chuckle. "Yes, yes, glad you're amused." The young fusion scoffed. "Elvis? Really? Least you got a name. Last old fart I talked to didn't even give me a damn name. I've been walking around without a single name to call myself."

    "Well, now," Elvis said. "We need to fix that, don't we?" he gestured to Thanatos. "Thanatos here was named after mythology. The Greek daemon personification of death. Seems fitting that you should be, too. How about Vulcan? Roman fire god, I believe." he shook his head, and grinned. "I'm a tad rusty, with my mythology."

    The young fire-haired boy thought for a moment. "Vulcan." he said, testing the sound of the name on his tongue. "Fire god you say? I like it. Vulcan it is. Vulcan." he chuckled. "So, Pops, what is the plan anyway? We gonna go smash him?"

    "No." Elvis said. "We make him suffer, just as you did. He will feel pain, just as you felt it." Thanatos narrowed his eyes, growling. "The girl and the child. He has a soft spot, for them. We get them, draw him out-" Thanatos cut him off, "Then kill them all." he growled. Elvis shrugged. "If you wish. What you do with them is up to you. It eliminates my competition."

    Vulcan smiled. "Girl and boy? Boy you said, right? Little runt of a thing, looks a lot like him? I know where they might be. We find then, snatch them, then we can fry them right in front of the geezer. Let him watch as I burn them to ashes. Yeah, he blew his top, so she retreated to a hotel in the city, it'll be real easy."

    It was very near early morning hours, at this point. Lash had left the room, to check on Ahti and Musashi. Shii was still there, after all. "Still out?" she said, glancing over at Shii. Ahti nodded. "His injuries were pretty severe. I don't think we're getting anything out of him. He needs a hospital."

    Lash sighed, and leaned on the doorway. "Shii's sneaky, but a battler he is not." She was slightly startled, by a deep voice calling her name. Ahti knew that voice, too. It had been three years, but he remembered it, very well. He stood up straight, ready to face his former teammate.

    Musashi sighed. "If he's not a battler, he shouldn't have tried trespassing and facing me. He was nothing but cannon fodder." Then he heard CT's voice. Musashi kept his hands on his swords, ready for a fight, but he wouldn't make the first move this time. No, not with Lash here. Bruce stood beside CT, raising his palms. "Hey, we're not here for a fight." he said, calmly.

    CT traded a glance, with Ahti. This was the first time they had seen each other, in three years. This wasn't the time for confrontation, though. "Can we talk?" CT said, facing Lash. Lash sighed, saying nothing. "Alone? Please?" CT said, softly, touched his forehead to hers. Damnit, he was good. "Fine." she said, exasperated.

    The two had stopped, further down the hallway, out of ear's reach of Ahti, Bruce, and Musashi. CT started to speak, several times, stopping himself each time. Failing to get words out, he finally threw his arms around her, in a tight hug. "I'm sorry." he said, quietly. She was reluctant to return the hug, but eventually did, burying her face in his chest. "Damn you." she said, softly.

    Bruce let out a small smile as he saw the couple hugging. "One big dysfunctional family." he said softly, looking at Musashi and Ahti. "Well, dysfunctional is a bit of an understatement, I suppose. I'm sure your family is doing better than this one. I swear the guy is not ready to be a parent, yet. Still too immature."

    Ahti nodded, in agreement. "They are doing well." he said, to Bruce. "I wish they hadn't been involved in this, though." he said, sadness in his tone. Bruce sighed. "I'm sorry, Ahti. We never meant to involve your family."
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    The car had stopped at the hotel. "Now remember," Elvis said. "Get the child, and don't cause too much commotion. The girl will fight back. Get her if you can, but don't attract attention."

    In the car, Vulcan scowled. "Don't cause commotion? Do I look like some sneaky ass ninja or something? You want me to go in there and not burn the place up? Man, this bites. Come on you, let's get this kidnapping over with." he motioned to Thanatos, getting out of the car.

    Thanatos got out of the car, and towered over Vulcan. His fists clenched, making his knuckles crack. He said nothing, just more growling. Subtle? Peh. He didn't do subtle. He didn't even want to wait, until CT was watching. He'd crush the kid's skull, right then and there. And he wanted to. Badly. He wanted to crush CT's skull, too, and he could very well do it.

    Vulcan walked with the big guy next to him. He could sense it, this guy had the same aura as him, full of anarchy. "Hey, big guy, what say we just go into the front door? Cause our own little havoc? Let's just move through and take down anyone who gets in our way? Maybe that bastard's in there waiting for us."

    Thanatos liked that idea. He grinned, as he threw open the hotel door and barged in. Zero was in the lobby, getting breakfast for the kids. Thanatos glanced over at them. Bingo. He stomped over to them, shoving several people out of his way.

    Zero panicked, and moved herself between him and the kids, readying a Shadow Ball. Thanatos didn't like that. He swatted her out of the way, as though she weighed nothing more than a housefly. Zero slammed into the wall, hard, and slumped down. Thanatos grabbed Kai and Nico, who were both terrified.

    Kids acquired. He shot Zero another glance, smirked at her, and walked out with two very frightened children. Zero wanted to curse at him, and give him a good Blizzard attack, but she hit the wall pretty hard, and her head was spinning.

    Clem spotted the men sending her mommy flying. Her brown eyes widened. "Mommy! Bad men!" she charged, but stopped immediately as Vulcan's foot planted itself into her gut. "Ha! stupid brat. What were you gonna do, huh?" he said, hoisting her over his shoulder like she was a potato sack. He looked at Zero. "Hey chickie chickie, still awake? Let that old bastard know who did this." he shot a blast of fire onto the lobby desk, setting it ablaze, laughing. "Aww, not awake? Oh, well." he left before Zero woke up.

    "All right boss man, we got the kids. Now what?" Vulcan asked as he and Thanatos loaded into the car. "I think the two of us agree, we want the perfect moment before we actually do them in."

    "Desert Resort." Elvis piped. "It's a secluded location, and plenty of places to hide bodies." the tone in his voice was not at all joking. It sounded serious, like he had done it plenty of times, before.

    "Yeesh, the creep factor in this car just spiked up a bit there." Vulcan commented. "Oh well, long as that guy watches us roast his son alive."

    When Zero's vision finally cleared up, the two were gone. And so were the kids. "Oh god, no..."

    This wasn't good. This wasn't good, at all. Her gut told her this was all a bad idea, from the start. She bounded into Musashi's room, panicked and afraid, tears streaking her face. "They took them!" she shouted.

    Ahti stood up and rushed to her, trying to calm her down. "What happened? Who took who?" he stopped, for a moment, looking around. "Zero. Where are the kids?" he said, starting to panic, himself. "I don't...these men...they took the kids. Oh god, Ahti. They took them." she clung to him, tightly.

    Lash overheard the commotion. She ran to see what was stirring up Zero, so badly. CT rolled his eyes. Might as well. Zero continued her panicked rambling. "One was tall...huge..had long, white hair. The other was shorter. Tossed fire around. Oh god, what would they want, with the kids?"

    Somebody took the kids? "Nico..." Lash said, shocked. CT arched an eyebrow. This clearly wasn't any of his concern, but...where was Nick, anyway? Lash looked at him, eyes glossy. He got it. What was this feeling? Panic, is what they called it? That's a new feeling.

    Bruce moved close to CT and whispered. "Your son was just kidnapped by rampaging creations, of yours. Need I say more of the mistakes you have been making?"

    Musashi started to head out. "I'll get them back. Any of you coming along?"

    CT was good, at hiding his emotions. Really, really good. He almost always had the same expression, on his face. Rarely did he ever show a flicker of love or concern, toward anybody, and never was it long enough for anybody to notice.

    Of course, he had never had rebellious creations of his, kidnap his son. He was unsure if he felt more anger, guilt, or fear, as they were all storming inside him like an emotional hurricane. He stepped in front of Musashi, narrowing his eyes at him. Enemies be damned. They had his son. "I'm going." he said.

    Zero piped in. "You can't..." she was still too rattled to string proper sentences together. "That man. He was huge. Strong. Swatted me around, like I was nothing. The two of you can't handle them." Ahti stood. He didn't want to leave Zero, especially with Shii still there. But damnit, he had to go with them. He gave Zero a kiss on the forehead, and stood beside Musashi and CT. Man, was this awkward, or what?

    Bruce also stepped forward. "Big man or not, I haven't had anyone stand toe to toe with me, physically. You girls stay here and stay safe, we'll e back with the children." he said as the men headed out.

    CT didn't say anything, on the way out. In part, because he was worried about Nico, but also because this whole ordeal was so freaking awkward. Ahti felt the same way. All these years, he had convinced himself that he had forgiven CT, but now that he was face-to-face with him, he wasn't so sure. He had continued Blackstone's research. He attacked Musashi. But something in him was...different. He cared about Nico, and he was willing to side with his enemies, to get him back. It was almost like old times.

    "For what it's worth," CT finally chimed in. "I'm sorry. I never meant for you or your children to get involved, in this mess." he sighed.

    Musashi kept silent. He wanted to say a lot to CT. Mainly where he could take his late apology and shove it. He supposed CT also didn't mean to continue that monster Blackstone's work and put even more innocents in danger. He wasn't buying a single word of what he was trying to serve.

    Ahti remained silent, too. "By the way," CT continued. "That fiasco in the hotel room, earlier. No hard feelings, right?" he said, smirking at Musashi. Ahti winced. That was bound to stir up something. "Okay," he said, attempting to stop a fight before it began. "Let's just focus on the kids, here. Who took them, why, and where?"

    CT didn't want to answer that. He couldn't tell them this was entirely his fault. Maybe it wasn't. Those two buffoons weren't nearly competent enough to pull this off, on their own.

    "Yes, it's a shame I'll have to take out yet more of what I'm guessing is your garbage, Ferrovax." Musashi replied, glaring at the snarky CT. "Let's hope there doesn't have to be any more fiascos." he then added a last 'at least you should' quietly.

    Bruce sighed. "Yes, they are fusions. They are volatile, dangerous, and a very huge mistake that's bitten us on the ass, harder than a Trapinch. What we need first is to know where they were taken."

    CT scoffed, at Musashi. "Indeed, they are garbage. I'll have to fix that little kink. By the way, how have you been, the last three years?" he snarked. He knew Musashi. The last time he saw him, he wanted to take his head off. He knew Musashi had been hunting him down. That's what he did. Vigilante justice, or something.

    "I was searching for a particularly disgusting roach I had to take care of. It's amazing how well filthy, trash-eating scum can hide." Musashi jeered back.

    Ahti groaned. These two were going to be at each other's throats, the whole time. He wasn't sure what was worse, the fact that they were snarking at each other, instead of focusing on the kids, or that Ahti was almost at the point where he was more annoyed at those two, than worried about where to start looking.

    Bruce sighed, he knew he was feeling the same thing Ahti was. This ragtag group of battlers would probably tear each other apart before they even find out where the children were taken.

    "Roaches have remained unchanged, for millions of years, you know. Survived everything the world has thrown at them. Buggers aren't the easiest things to get rid of. No matter how many you squash, another, sometimes bigger, always takes its place." CT retorted. He was partially snarking back, to Musashi, but part of his voice was serious. Somebody had been following him, for a while. He never told Lash or Bruce, and shrugged it off as nothing. Deep down, he knew it was the same guy who took his kid. Something bigger was going on, here.

    Ahti finally stepped between the two. "Enough. My god, our kids were taken, we have no idea where to and by whom, and all you two can do is verbally slapfight!" he growled, facing CT. CT glared at him, eyes narrowed. He didn't want to say it, but it at least would give them someplace to start. "If it were me," he said. "They would either be at the docks, in town, or the Desert Resort. <i>If</i> murder was their intent, those are the ideal places to dispose of a body." The way he spoke, it sounded like he had done it, before.

    Ahti stood, shocked. He fumbled for words, but CT stopped him, before he could say anything. "But we don't know if that's their intent." he said, a very light touch of sympathy reaching his voice. He rubbed at his forehead, and sighed. "Somebody's been following me. I don't know who, and I don't know why. Arceus knows I've made plenty of enemies. I highly doubt they would have been hiding in the shadows all this time, then take my kid, without revealing himself. Whoever it is, they're doing this to get to me. I don't know why they took your kids, but damnit all, we'll get them back. I promise."

    "Hmph." Musashi turned away, feeling only slightly ashamed of himself. If CT's kid wasn't taken, too, Musashi would have been glad to be rid of him. "Well, if he wants to mess with you, it would seem odd to be this hidden. If I wanted to do something horrible like this, I would want the person I hate to be a spectator to my actions."

    "Musashi's right." Bruce said "Especially one of those fusions. He would want to hurt the children while we watched helplessly. So there must be a clue somewhere, left behind for us to follow. It will most likely be a trap waiting for us."

    CT ran his hand through his hair, trying to think. Whoever had been following him was subtle and sneaky as all hell. If he had left a clue, it sure as hell wasn't going to be left out in the open, especially since the police would be here at any moment. Police. Not exactly friends, of CT's.

    He glanced over at the stand, where hotels kept all those little sightseeing brochures. Maybe something would jump out, and shout "This is where they went!". Nothing did that, of course, because it's all just paper. Something came very close, though. Next to that, was a stand full of postcards. On one of them, was handwriting. Cursive, it looked like. It had his name on it. There it was. Subtle clue. Damn, whoever was doing this was good, and liked to play games.

    CT yanked the postcard from the stand, angrily. The picture featured on it, was of Relic Castle. Damnit. They did go to the Desert Resort. This wasn't good.

    Bruce came up behind CT. "Relic Castle, huh? Whoever it is thinks he's Moriarty or something. He probably already has a trap set."

    "We don't have much choice, we have to save the children." Musashi said. "I'll find this Relic Castle myself, if I have to."

    "Luckily, we know the way there, but we should be careful. The Relic Castle is full of sinkholes." Bruce said.

    CT crushed the postcard, in his hand. Relic Castle. That's where they were. As soon as he found that bastard, he was going to melt his face off. Ahti was generally a pacifist, but he had to have been thinking the same thing.
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    Relic Castle. There is was. CT's car wasn't exactly made to drive through a sandstorm, but it got them there. He started to barge in, but Ahti stopped him. "You know this whole thing is most likely a trap." he cautioned. CT clenched his fists, and shrugged away from Ahti. "I know. But they obviously have underestimated me." he growled, as he stomped inside.

    "Trap or not, we have no choice but to go inside." Musashi said. "I'm not going to let Clementine die a second time." Bruce followed behind CT. Inside the Relic Castle, Musashi looked around. "I hate these kinds of places. Couldn't anyone retreat into a forest, for once?"

    It was quiet, inside. Aside from a few hikers and tourists, the place was empty. They were here, somewhere. They had to be. And when he found them, he was going to make sure there was nothing left of them.

    Ahti remembered Relic Castle. He and Moe had been through here, years ago. They never went inside, though. The place was surprisingly huge, and majestic. Ruins of an ancient civilization, a historical landmark. One that was filled, with sinkholes. Ahti began sinking into the sand, and grabbed Bruce's arm, in a panic.

    Before CT could turn around, the two had vanished into the ground. He took a moment to ponder things. What was worse? Ahti and Bruce sinking into the sand, or the fact that he was now stuck with Musashi? "Blast it all..." he mumbled.

    "Ahti!" Musashi shouted as he moved towards the sinkhole. Damn! Bruce warned about sinkholes, and now he was alone with him. Musashi looked at the man he hated most, and sighed. "Guess we're stuck now." Musashi silently glared at CT. Soon as this was over, they could fight. Soon as all this was over.

    Well, this was a minor annoyance. "Indeed." CT said, in a low voice. He nudged past Musashi, purposely bumping his shoulder. CT hated Musashi, but he didn't want to fight him. There were bigger concerns, than continuing their childish bantering. CT sighed. Relic Castle was huge. He knew they were there, but where? The whole place was one giant maze.

    A fireball blasted past Musashi and CT. "Well well well, guess I'm the one who gets a crack at you, Pops." the familiar snark-filled voice said as Vulcan walked out of the shadows. "Nice reflexes." he tapped a rather large sized sword on his shoulder, his offhand covered in fire. "Guess what? I got a name now! That's right, the other pops gave me a name that you denied. How are them apples tasting? I hope you say sour."

    CT rolled his eyes. Great. This punk, again. Wait, does that mean..."You took him." CT growled, teeth and fists clenched. His hands began to glow a light turquoise, as he readied a good Dragon Pulse, to shove down the magscythe's throat. "You have ten seconds to tell me where my son is, then you're nothing more than a splotch on the wall." he snarled. He didn't mean to say "or". He was going to kick that guy's ass, regardless.

    Musashi drew his blades, the swords glowing with energy. "A punk? I can't believe you were a serious experiment of this guy."

    Vulcan smiled. "I ain't 'you', Pops. It's Vulcan, now. As for your scrawny little runt, well to tell the truth I couldn't point you in the right direction if I wanted to. The other pops wanted to make you work for it even harder. Now if it's a fight you want..." he swung the sword down, the blade glowing green as he blasted a greenish yellow shockwave at them. "You got one!"

    CT fell on his knees, clutching his head. Ow. That was most definitely Bug Buzz. Damnit, he hated being wrong, but this whole fusion thing really was a bad idea. Fancy that. CT's eyes lit with anger, as he shot Vulcan a glare of pure hate. This guy took his son, <i>and</i> had the gall to attack him, with Bug Buzz. That was it. He was pissed, now.

    CT growled, trying to stand back up. This guy was asking for a fight, then he's gonna get one hell of a fight. CT threw a barrage of Dragon and Dark Pulses, at Vulcan. Focus Blast was undoubtedly his most powerful attack, and his signature to boot, but it would do nothing more than tickle Vulcan, being double-resistant to it. He continued, not knowing how many of the attacks actually hit, or how effective they were, but he didn't care. It made him feel better.

    Vulcan laughed. "What, Pops? Didn't like that? Have some more!" he shouted as he blasted another Bug Buzz at CT. Musashi got between them, blocking the wave with his swords. "Hey you," Musashi said to CT. "Think you can get a good hit on him? What is this punk anyway?"

    CT blinked, in surprise. That was certainly an unexpected turn of events. "He's a Magmar and Scyther fusion, and he's surprisingly annoying." he answered, panting. That Bug Buzz weakened him, and he couldn't hold out much longer. But he had to. For Nico. Magmar and Scyther. Rocks. Relic Castle was full of rocks. A familiar, devious smile crept along CT's face, and his hands began to glow a bright orange.

    Focus Blast wouldn't hurt Vulcan. He wasn't aiming for Vulcan. CT shot an enormous blast of energy at the ceiling, and quickly grabbed Musashi, dragging him out of the way as the stones from the ceiling came crashing down.

    Vulcan watched as the energy last zoomed right past his head. "Ha! You should get your eyes checked, old man! That wasn't even close, and what did you think that'd do, huh?" his body emitted more flames. "How about a nice exploding Bug Buzz for you, huh!? You're so sc-" he stopped when he heard a loud crumbling. "...what was tha-" his next sentence was interrupted by him being buried under a ton of ruined ceiling.

    "Well, that was unorthodox." Musashi commented, blinking. "Seems like the same kind of logic that would make one think a Pikachu could fry an Onix after dousing it with sprinkler water."

    CT stood, dusting off his jacket, as he straightened it. That seemed to be a habit, the whole jacket-straightening thing. "Well, it worked, didn't it?" CT said, smirking at Musashi. "Suppose we should move on, then, before he digs his way out of that." Ceiling rubble or not, Vulcan was a Pokémon, a fusion at that, and had a higher endurance than human beings did. He'd get out of there. There was no way CT was lucky enough, to be rid of him.

    But where to start? Relic Castle was huge, and this guy liked to play games. It had to be someplace significant. Vulcan was sent, after them. Vulcan was essentially a Bug/Fire type. A Bug/Fire type, who stole his kid. CT dealt with a Bug and Fire type before, back in the Unova League.

    "I know where they are." he growled, stomping further into the sand-coated castle.

    Bruce dusted himself off. "Damn these sinkholes. Now we're stuck and we have two people alone, who fight more than a Seviper and a Zangoose." Ahti coughed, and shook the sand out of his hair and beard. "Great." he grunted. He was getting too old, for this. "Now what?" he sighed.

    Bruce sighed. "Guess our only choice is to keep searching, and hope those two don't throttle each other while we're separated."

    A loud thump was heard, behind Ahti. Something heavy had fallen down, with them. Heavy enough to send sand flying, several feet outward. The tall man stood upright, and glared at Bruce and Ahti. Ahti was a big man, but this guy made him look like a runt.

    "Bruce." Ahti said, staring at the creature that stood before them. "What is that?"

    Bruce took a fighting stance. "I hate to say, but that's what happens when you fuse a Skarmory and a Haxorus then make it human."

    Ahti groaned. Wonderful. If only there was a source of water, around. He'd give the big guy a nice good Ice Punch, to the face. He did that to Lance's Dragonite, back in Johto. It was awesome. Ahti sighed. Thunderbolt it was, then. Electricity crackled from Ahti's hands, as he shot a powerful bolt of lightning, at Thanatos. Thanatos winced, but it didn't seem to do much damage.

    The smart thing to do, would to be taking them on, individually, starting with the bigger threat. Thanatos wasn't known for his brain power, though. Ahti was a Nidoking, according to his sources. Bruce was a Sawk. Ice and Flying, then. Thanatos blew a frigid burst of wind, all the while his arm blades glowed white, releasing a powerful Air Cutter, along with it. Icy Air Cutter, and it was heading right toward the both of them.

    Shit! This thing was powerful. Bruce inhaled and charged, managing to dodge just well enough to be clipped by the attack before charging in, his fists a brutal flurry against the fusion's body. Bruce's Close Combat attack was unmatched when it came to powerful physical attacks, an attack even the others dreaded the threat of facing.

    Thanatos stumbled back, but still stood. He turned, facing Bruce, and grinned. He was also part Flying type, so that Close Combat wasn't quite as effective. Ahti, meanwhile, was shivering and his focus was wavering. He made a living, out of being on the water, and his strongest attacks were Water/Ice type moves. Ice didn't always do all that much damage, but Ahti was tired. He had hardly slept, the previous night.

    He turned, facing Thanatos. He stumbled back to his feet, and unleashed even more Thunderbolts. Thanatos dodged a few, others were nothing more than static. He slashed at Bruce, with his arm blades, trying to get him out of the way. Each slashing movement, unleashed even more Air Cutters. After Bruce was out, Ahti would be a piece of cake.

    Bruce knew he couldn't fall back, yet. If this monster broke through, Ahti would be defenseless. The big man braced himself against the flurry of attacks, hitting harder with his Close Combat as he let out a roar.

    Thanatos stumbled back, as Bruce continued to pummel him. He endured it, but he was getting weak. Close Combat lowered defenses, so he knew Bruce was getting weak, too. Thanatos grabbed Bruce's fist, and shoved him back. His arm blades glowed light blue, as he slashed at the air and sent another fury of Air Cutters, at Bruce. These two were a tough team, but they were getting weak.

    Ahti was tiring out, fast. He was running out of steam, and this guy obviously wasn't going down, easily. Flying types don't get affected, by Ground-type moves. Thanatos was no longer able to fly, however. Ahti stomped at the ground, sending one final attack in. The Earth Power sent geysers of sand flying upward, some nearly reaching the ceiling. Sand flew into Thanatos' face, stinging his eyes. Ahti had hoped that was enough, because he couldn't manage anymore attacks. Putting anymore power into them, and he might collapse out of sheer exhaustion.

    Bruce was fast and strong, but using Close Combat made him weaker to each hit. His body was sore, he didn't know how much longer he could last. He strained his body into a fighting stance. "One more, just one more." he groaned as he charged at the brutish Thanatos.

    Thanatos stood up straight, arms outstretched in a pose that said "Bring it!" As Bruce charged toward him, and Thanatos' eyes grew bright red. He unleashed a series of punches, slashes, kicks, and headbutts, as a reddish-purple aura surrounded him. His Outrage would lead to confusion, but as long as these two were taken out, he'd deal with it. As soon as he figured out which way to go.

    He hit Bruce and Ahti, hard, with fists covered in thick, steel gauntlets. He was after CT, but these two were a nice bonus. Ahti fell to the ground, not unconscious, but too weak to stand. The Outrage was brutal, but did indeed lead to confusion. Thanatos shook his head, trying to figure out where he was and what he was doing.
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    "What did you do? Take a Scyther straight from one of the Viridian swarms?" he asked. Honestly if one was to fuse a Scyther, it should be a much less violent one. "So where are they?"

    CT shrugged, ignoring Musashi's comment. Mostly because that's exactly what he did, but he wasn't going to tell Musashi he was right. He wasn't about to give him that pleasure.

    "Volcarona." he said, in a low tone. "A powerful Bug and Fire type Pokémon. The person who did this...he sent the fusion..." CT paused, for a moment. "He sent Vulcan after us, for a reason. Even the very name he gave him, is a hint. There's a shrine for Volcarona, in this castle. That's where they are. I know it."

    CT had plenty of time to mull things over, on the way to the chamber. This was all his fault. Bruce and Lash were right, it was a bad idea. But did he really want to stop Blackstone's research, just because couple of hotheaded fusions escaped? This research could change human and Pokémon's relationship, forever. He couldn't just stop, because of a minor setback. He had to keep going, but he couldn't do it, alone. There were plenty of capable scientists in Castelia, who would probably be more than happy to continue the research. Besides, there was something new, he had been toying with. Something Blackstone himself didn't dare try.

    Thanatos heaved Ahti over his shoulders, barely letting out a grunt. Bruce was dragged along, by the collar of his shirt. The confusion had worn off, after a few moments. He wasn't sure how long it had been, though, or how long it would take for Bruce to wake up and give him another Close Combat, or two.

    Volcarona's shrine was deep within the Relic Castle, and it took some time to get to it. Thanatos was strong, but he was also weak from battling. Carrying two equally muscled, unconscious at that, guys through a bunch of sandy mazes, wasn't exactly the easiest task.

    He made it, though, and dropped the two in front of Elvis. Elvis smirked, but it quickly faded. "Where is Vulcan?" he said. Thanatos shrugged. He didn't speak, much. He usually communicated with growls and fists.

    "Your flaming goon had a bit of an accident." Musashi said as he and CT entered the chamber. "He's probably going to be occupied for a while." He observed the man. He looked odd and yet somehow familiar. Don't tell me it was another Pokémon hybrid, perhaps a fusion like the other two?

    Elvis observed Musashi for quite some time, before a grin crept along his face. "Musashi." he said. "It's been a while. I haven't seen you, since the Kanto League. I heard you were roaming around town, but didn't expect you here." Kanto? Ahti was only barely conscious, but he felt a familiarity, as well. Who was this guy?

    "You probably don't recognize me." he said, stepping down. The kids were behind him, all three very frightened. CT stepped foward, but Ahti grabbed his jacket, stopping him. He was still playing them. Elvis shook his head, chuckling. "Deepest apologizes. I'm sure none of you remember me, it's been so long. Kanto League. Twelve, thirteen years ago? God, I've lost count. You were all so young, when we met. But I remember. I remember, very well. I was Atlas' right hand man, until you came along, Gunpowder."

    Oh. Oh, crap. "Elvis." Ahti snarled. It would have sounded hilarious, if the situation wasn't so dire. What the hell. It still sounded pretty silly.

    Bruce groaned as he opened his eyes. "What's going on? Who is this joker?" he asked.

    Musashi stood frozen, remembering way back then. Pen and Moe stopped by the game center. Pen spotted Musashi and determined to win him. Elvis, that name. Then his eyes widened. Moe's Pidgeot! "You. I've forgotten about you."

    Elvis' face twisted into a snarl. "Of course you did." he spat. "After Gunpowder came along, I was yesterday's trash. The last in line, the last resort. Without me, she would have never won the Kanto League. Then I was just pushed aside, rotting away on a shelf."

    He stopped, in front of CT, looking him right in the eyes. "You know that feeling, don't you, Ferrovax? Being the strongest, capable of so much, then scorned for it and tossed aside." CT's fists clenched. He hated being called by his real name. How did this asshole even know his real name? CT started to step forward, several times, but stopped. He looked over at Nico, who had sheer terror in his eyes. Thanatos stood next to the kids. This Elvis guy was playing them, taunting CT into attacking. CT stepped back. He wanted to punch this guy's face in, but now wasn't the right moment. Elvis wanted him to attack, that's why Thanatos was there. If he attacked Elvis, Thanatos would attack the kids.

    "Why am I involved?" he said, trying to keep the conversation going, trying to stall. Elvis continued pacing. "You're continuing Blackstone's research. I've taken a bit of an interest in it, myself. Give me the data, and your son goes free." A ransom? There's no way this guy would have gone through all this trouble, just for a ransom. No, he was going to kill them all, regardless. Eliminate the competition. That's something CT knew all too well, about.

    "Have you gone insane!?" Musashi shouted. "Just because you stopped being number one choice? News flash, many of us took a back seat in the later leagues! Hell, Pen didn't use me in any league after Kanto, and used me for one gym in what, Hoenn? Sinnoh?" Was Elvis nuts? "You have no idea how horrible that research is!"
    Bruce tried to stand up, his body aching all over. "Not even you know just how terrible the darker secrets are, Musashi. There's no way we can let you have those, whoever the hell you are."

    Elvis chuckled. "Insane? Perhaps. But there is data on there, that even you haven't unlocked." he glanced over at CT. "Isn't there, Ferrovax?" CT winced. God, he hated that name. "You're not getting the data." he growled. The data was encrypted, and CT had yet to figure it out. Blackstone had often talked to him, about Legendary Pokémon. If that data had something to do with Legendaries, he wasn't about to let Elvis get a hold of it. CT did a lot of crazy things, but even he knew messing with Pokémon that powerful, was a really, really freaking bad idea.

    Thanatos shifted, waiting for CT to attack, at any moment. Ahti stumbled to his feet, barely able to stand. If he threw any electricity at Elvis, it wouldn't be any more powerful than a static shock, when you shuffle your feet across a carpet, while wearing socks. Didn't mean he couldn't try, though. What kind of twisted game, was this guy playing?

    Elvis arched an eyebrow. "Are you sure? You're willing to trade your son's life, for scientific data?" he said, with a smirk. That was it. Fire danced around CT's hands, as he attempted to deliver a flaming punch, to Elvis' face. Thanatos sneered. He had been waiting for this, rather impatiently.

    "Go ahead, Pops! Make your move!" Vulcan's snark-filled voice shouted as he entered the chamber from the opposite side of Thanatos. "Make a move and we'll torch your precious little brat! Go on, sign his death warrant."

    Musashi glared. "Elvis, you're nothing but a coward, hiding behind children and hostages. If you're such a great battler why don't you prove it?"

    CT looked over to Thanatos, who was looming over the kids, arm blades in position. He clenched his teeth, and the fire around him died down. "I swear, if you hurt him" Elvis interrupted. "You'll what, hm? I'd say you're all outmatched." he said, taking up Musashi's offer.

    Elvis moved in a quick and graceful motion, sending a powerful blast of air, toward them. Hurricane. They were already weak, but Elvis had to make sure they weren't going to fight back. CT was already really weak, from that Bug Buzz. That was one of the few attacks, he didn't handle all that well. It was hard to stay standing. Musashi was sent flying back, grunting when his back hit a wall. Ahti tried not to lose his footing. He didn't have much left in him, but damnit, he was going to try. A large, crackling pulse of electricity went flying directly into Elvis. Charge Beam, it looked like.

    Ahti didn't know Charge Beam. Elvis fell to his knees, electricity crackling all over his body. "What the hell was that?" he snarled, looking toward Thanatos and the kids. One very frightened little boy still had static, crackling around him. CT couldn't help but grin.

    Clementine glared as her body glowed. Clem's Assist move activated, and she felt energy coming from Bruce. She levitated a large blade-shaped piece of rock and hurled it into Elvis. Needless to say, Elvis also had to worry about the Stone Edge attack.

    Vulcan glared, lifting his sword high. "That's it you little brat! You're de-" he stopped mid-word as he met the same fate that Shii once felt, the angry Clementine's skull bashing into his most private area. Vulcan crumpled to the ground as the little brunette girl puffed her cheeks. "Meanie poo faces!"

    Elvis was pelted with large rocks, and fell to the ground. Well, damn. This wasn't how he had planned things to go.

    Kai rushed over to Ahti, while everybody seemed distracted, and he welcome her in a tight hug. Little Nico started to rush toward his dad, but was abruptly halted, as a large hand grabbed his shirt, and dragged him back. CT narrowed his eyes. "Don't you dare." he growled. It was a deep, rumbling growl, that no human being could possibly emit.

    Thanatos lifted Nico by the shirt collar, his breath turning frosty. Nico was never an actual Pokémon, but he had power, and that meant he also had weaknesses. Being a combination of Ground, Dragon, and Flying, Ice type moves were a major weakness, and being that young, there was a very good chance it could kill him.

    CT wanted to give him a real good flaming Focus Blast, but that would risk hitting Nico. "Put him down. Right now." CT snarled. Thanatos chuckled. "Like this?" he said, using an Air Cutter to toss Nico. CT was fast, but he wasn't aware he could be quite that fast. He caught Nico, before he hit the ground, which is exactly what Thanatos was counting on. Two in one.

    Thanatos sent out another blast of Icy Wind, that would undoubtedly hit both of them, at the same time. CT turned, his back facing the attack. He took the entire force of the attack, to protect Nico.
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    Someone was quickly forgotten, but far from done. A tannish brown blur charged towards the large Thanatos, Clem glaring as she did a spin on the ground, her bushy tail turning into a silver color. Quick and unnoticed, Clementine taught Thanatos what an Iron Tail attack felt like when taken full blown to one's shin.

    Thanatos stumbled. He was part Steel type, but that still hurt. He turned, facing Clem, ready to give her a nice good Dual Chop. His blades glowed, as he readied his attack. Ahti set little Kai down, and shouted; "Don't you dare hurt her!" he yelled, shooting one final Thunderbolt at the fusion. He didn't have much left, but maybe it would focus his attention on Ahti, rather than Clem.

    CT was covered in frost, and violently shivering. Nico crawled out from under his arms, and desperately tried to get him back on his feet. It was useless. CT was half conscious, and shivering too bad to stand. He was out of this fight.

    Thanatos zero'd in on Ahti, hearing a high pitched voice shout. "Leave my daddy alone, you bully!" Clem shouted as she hit his leg with another Iron Tail.

    As Thanatos looked to Clem with rage, a Vacuum Wave blasted him in the back. He whipped around to see Musashi with his swords drawn, panting. "Come on, you bastard!" Musashi shouted.

    Thanatos growled at the sudden challenge, readying another Icy Wind attack. He then felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned with a glare to see Bruce standing tall, looking him in the eyes. "Good night." Bruce said, before he surged all of his muscles into a powerful uppercut straight into Thanatos' jaw.

    Thanatos stumbled backwards, standing for a moment, stunned. He finally slumped to the ground, unconscious. Thanatos and Elvis were unconscious, and Vulcan looked to be down, for the moment. Clem smiled. "Did I do good, Daddy? I was all whoosh and smack." she said, feeling chipper. Ahti scooped Clem up, in his arms. "You did very good, Clem." he said, smiling.

    Nico looked up at Musashi, with terrified eyes. CT was curled up, barely conscious and still shivering. He had taken two very super effective attacks, and he was down for the count.

    Musashi walked up, sheathing his blades. "He doesn't look too good." he said, plainly. The idea of helping CT anymore than he already had, sickened him. Bruce moved up and picked up CT. "He needs to get to the clinic. Come on Nicky, let's go." Musashi looked to Ahti, as if asking him what they should do.

    Nico bounded up to Musashi, once again clinging to him. The little guy didn't seem to talk much, but he could sure cling. Ahti sighed, as he watched Bruce drag CT out of the chamber. Bruce was strong, and CT wasn't exactly a heavyweight, but they were all weakened and tired. Ahti stood next to Bruce, helping support CT.

    Ahti couldn't make himself hate CT. After all they had been through, the fun times and the rough times, he still cared about his former teammate. Somewhere, deep down, he knew CT still cared, too.

    Bruce sighed. He felt like crap not being able to carry CT on his own. Musashi looked at the boy. "Well, come on, you." he said, walking behind the two.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    They reached a small health clinic, tended to by a single blue-haired young woman, whose eyes widened when she looked at them all. "Oh my my, you all look so terrible. Please come in, lay down right here on the beds." she said in a soft silky voice. "Thanks, Grace." Bruce grunted, setting CT down. Nurse Grace tended to them all, bandaging wounds and tending to CT. "This is terrible frost. I'll need an ice heal drip." she said, attaching an IV to CT's arm.

    Rest was good. They were all tired, weak, and sleep-deprived. CT didn't know how long he was out, but when he woke up, it was almost dark, out. He looked around the room. A hospital? When did he get to a hospital? He sat up, grabbing his head. It still hurt, from that Bug Buzz.

    He yanked the IV out, and swung over the edge of the bed. He had to get out of there, before authorities showed up. A bunch of people coming in here with injuries that severe, people were bound to be asking questions. He looked over, across the room. Nico had fallen asleep, in Musashi's lap. He had been through a lot. He deserved a good rest.

    He was still weak, but at least he wasn't frozen. He limped over toward the two, and sat down next to Musashi. There was a long, awkward silence, before CT finally spoke up. "Thank you." he said, softly. "For keeping an eye, on him."

    Musashi looked at CT with his green eyes. "Not a problem. Personally, I don't like you, and I feel I should do whatever it takes to stop whatever you plan to do. However, this one is just a child." he sighed. "To think you created such a diminutive boy, not like you at all."

    CT smiled, at the sleeping Nico. "He does take a bit after his mother." He stood, taking the sleepy child in his arms, and started to walk out. Nurse Grace popped in, gasping. "No no no, patients are not to be leaving prematurely."

    "Madam," he sighed. "My son and I have been through a lot, tonight, and I'd like to leave, before people come in and start asking questions. If you don't mind.." he said, shrugging past the nurse. He just wanted to go home, and forget about this whole thing. Lash and Shii were still at the hotel, though, so first thing's first, he supposed.

    Bruce groaned as he sat up. "Yes, thank you for caring for us this far. "

    "But, you're not fully recovered." Grace protested. "We're fine, nothing some more rest wouldn't cure." Bruce said, leaving with CT. "Little Nick too heavy for you? I can carry him."

    Musashi ran his fingers through his hair. Why did he help that traitor? Better yet, why did he let himself be thanked by him? Any other time he would have been attacking him, or something else like that. He sighed. "What's coming over me?"

    CT nodded, at Bruce. "The boy weighs next to nothing. I'm fine." He stopped, and turned back, glancing at Musashi. He took a deep breath, as though the words he was about to say tasted bitter. "Musashi, do me a favor and meet me in the Central Plaza, in two hours. Alone, please. There's one final matter, I need to discuss with you." he said nothing more, and turned to leave.

    Musashi raised an eyebrow. Had the moment he'd been waiting for finally come? Was Ferrovax finally giving him the duel he wanted? Was he going to end this in a mere two hours?

    Ahti was already back at the hotel, with the kids. His injuries weren't as severe, and all he needed was a good rest. CT walked in, with Nico, and Lash embraced them both in a hug. Everybody was together, and unharmed. Except for...

    "Where's Shii?" CT finally piped in. Lash sighed; "I don't know. He was here a few hours ago, then not long after Ahti got back, he was gone. No big deal, right? He probably just ran home, or is scavenging the dumpsters." Lash said, rolling her eyes. Shii didn't matter, right now. What mattered, is that everybody was safe.

    Clem smiled as she tugged on Zero's sleeve. "Mommy mommy, guess what? I helped Daddy fight! I was all hyaa take that meanie poo faces and they were all like owie owie and I was all cha! This bug meanie was all 'rawr I'ma hurt yo daddy' and I was all no take that!" she chimed, pantomiming how she apparently viewed the scene.

    Zero listened, intently. Her little Clem had become quite the battler, and brave, too. Ahti chuckled, as he watched Clem's reenactment of the battle. "If it wasn't for Clem, we'd be toast." he said, as he ruffled her hair. Clem giggled happily as her tail wagged. "Nico, too." he continued. Lash regarded him with a warm smile.

    Two hours later Musashi was ready, waiting as he sat cross legged. When he saw CT coming he stood up, putting a hand to his swords.

    CT stepped out of the car, and started toward Musashi. CT noticed Musashi's hands on his blades, and quickly held up a hand, in protest. "I'm not here, to fight. If you truly wanted to kill me, and I, you, we both had the ideal opportunity, back in Relic Castle." Musashi relaxed. "You weren't calling me out to duel? Then what, pray tell, have you called me out here for?"

    "I need you to do something, for me." CT sighed, and he waved his hand, signaling somebody to step out of the car. Lilith and Soto stepped out, both looking very nervous. They had every right to be.

    "Unfortunately, the process can't be reversed. Somebody needs to help them. To guide them. To help them adjust. I want you to take them with you, Musashi." the tone in CT's voice wasn't at all snarky, but rather had a touch of respect to it. Musashi had the opportunity to kill CT. CT knew he wanted to, but he didn't. He stayed with Nico, while CT was resting, in the clinic. He may have hated Musashi, but he had earned a respect, for him.

    Musashi stood stunned, for a moment. "You. You want me to help them? Well..." He looked at the two girls. They were frightened and nervous, entering a world they didn't understand, barely even knowing who they were anymore. "Ok, you got it. I'll help them. I don't really have a dojo yet, and this city still confuses me. However, I couldn't abandon people who were in a situation like I was."

    "Very well, then." CT nodded at Musashi, and turned back heading for the car. "By the way," he said, not turning around. "Have you been to Icirrus City? Nice town. Dragonspiral Tower to the North, Twist Mountain in the West. Also has a nice moor, further out." he said nothing more, and returned to his car.

    Back at Relic Castle, Elvis had woke up, and was quite furious, at the two fusions. Before he could open his mouth, to start scolding them, a familiar voice was heard, from the shadows.

    "You didn't get rid of boy." it hissed. Elvis stood up straight. "You didn't give me the data." he shot back. A tall, lanky figure stepped out, from the shadows. "We had deal. You get rid of boy, Shii gives you data. Boy is still alive, birdman doesn't get data."

    "We weren't planning on the Mystery Inc. coming after us." Elvis growled. "We'll get the boy." Shii chuckled. It wasn't his typical, maniacal laughter. It was a twisted, sadistic, hissing laughter. "Ferrovax is bound to be on high alert, after this. Not let boy out of his sight. Is very protective, yes. Birdman won't get another chance, so birdman gets no data."

    Elvis narrowed his eyes, at Shii. "We'll get rid of the boy. Whatever it takes. I need that data." Shii started walking out. "Long as boy is still breathing, Shii keeps the data. We will talk again soon, birdman, yes."

    It was good, to be home. After Lash and Nico were in bed, CT headed back down to the lab. It seemed quieter. Empty. The dim glow of monitors and various other electronic devices lit up the lab, in an eerie glow. Shii had returned, and fallen asleep in his nest, in a corner. It was almost like living in your parents' basement, but as long as Shii got the job done, CT didn't mind.

    CT sat in front of a monitor, and flicked it on. It stored much of Blackstone's research, as well as something CT himself had been toying with. Pokémon had extraordinary healing abilities. Reuniclus, Audino, Chancey, Altaria, and...an image flickered across the screen. Roserade. Roserade could heal status problems and wounds inflicted by such problems. Perhaps it was a cruel irony, that CT decided on a Pokémon that had a weakness, to fire.

    After all that happened, everything they had been through, the last few days, he still had to continue Blackstone's research. He just had to be more careful, about it. Certainly no more fusions, at least not outside the ones he and Lash created, together. He couldn't risk letting Nico get hurt, again. He had to be careful, from now on. Think things through. But he couldn't simply abandon this project.

    He walked over to a room, with a man in it. A human. He was a little under average height, and a very scrawny build. He had a short, round nose, and equally round face. He was also covered in burns, and most of his hair had been scorched away. CT held a serum, that would mix this person's DNA, with that of a Roserade. One of Roserade's abilities, after all, would cure things such as burns. If things went well, once this human's DNA had melded with the Roserade's, his burns would heal, and he would gain the Pokémon's power. Instead of turning Pokémon into people, instead of creating fusions, he was merging Pokémon with human beings.

    "Soon, Pokémon battling, gym leaders, and League championships will come to an end, as we know it. Humans will have the power of Pokémon, and Pokémon will no longer be under the control of humans. Imagine it. The next step in human evolution. Instead of using Pokémon to do their bidding, humans themselves can fight back, wielding the power of Pokémon. That is to say nothing, of Pokémon's incredible healing abilities."

    The man in the room had his back turned, the whole time. "You sound like Blackstone." he wheezed. CT grinned. "That's why I took his name. In honor of his mad genius." he said, readying the serum. The man grimaced. He was too badly injured, to stop it. "Please, don't do this. Haven't you hurt me, enough?" the man wheezed, again.

    "Don't be daft." CT said. "You can barely speak or move. You look like something from a bad horror movie. This will make you better, according to theory." The man winced, as the needle struck his arm. "I'm giving you a second chance at life, Dr. Porter. And you're the first of something, that could change the world, forever."

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